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Mining Application Integration and Wireless Network Solutions
Bulk Material Handling Systems for Mining Sites
Additives for Extraction, Wastewater Treatment, Sludge Thickening and Rheology Control
High-Specification Laser Scanning Systems for Monitoring Mine Safety and Activity
World Leading Safety Hand and Body Protection Solutions
Portable Substations for Mining
Engineered Solutions and Equipment for Wet Mechanical Processing and Process Water Management
Screen and Filter Cloths
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
Steel Springs for Mining Equipment
Bolted and Restrained Couplers for the Mining Sector
Testing and Measurement Solutions for Mining Applications
LED ID Signs for Mining Vehicles
Anti-Slip Safety Equipment for the Mining Industry
Remote and Hazardous Medical, Health and Emergency Services
Earth and Ground Anchor Systems for the Mining Industry
Pumps, Mobile Lighting and Power Generation Solutions for the Mining Sector
Stemming Trucks for the Mining Sector
Project Management and Environmental Services
Fabrication, Manufacturing and Maintenance for Mining Machinery
Operation Optimisation Consultancy Services
Industrial Power Generation and Climate Control Solutions for the Mining Sector
Energy-Efficient Compressors, Light Towers, Generators and Pumps
Light Vehicle Replacement Solutions for the Mining Sector
Elevators for the Mining and Tunnelling Industries
Mist Removal Solutions for the Mining Sector
Critical Process, People and Material Flow Optimisation Systems for Mines
Powerful, Scalable LIMS for Minerals Analysis
Separation and Beneficiation Systems for Sand, Gravel, Ore, Coal, Lignite and Slag
Density Measurement Equipment for Mining
Environmental Consultancy Services for the Mining Industry
Advanced Industrial Equipment for the Mining Sector
Software to Maximize your Profitability
Corrosion-Resistant Solutions for the Mining and Industrial Sectors
Reagent Solution Specialists
Strategic Growth and Transactions for Mining Technology Companies
Sampling / Sample Preparation / Analysing of Bulk Materials for Mining and Power Plants
State-of-the-Art Aerial Surveying and Mapping Services
Air-Supported Belt Conveyors
Lifting and Winching Equipment for the Mining Industry
Customised Pumping Technology for the Mining Sector
High-Resolution Aerial Imagery Technologies
Extraction and Filtration Systems, Components and Accessories for Industrial Applications
Consulting Engineers for the Mining Sector
Mechanical Power Transmission Products
On-Board Weighing Systems for Loaders, Forklifts, Trucks and Excavators
Dustless Blasting Systems for Removing Industrial Paint and Coatings
Corrosion-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Wire Ropes
Self-Contained Lubrication Solutions
Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment for Industrial Applications
Geophysical Solutions for Cost-Effective Mineral Prospecting
Flotation Collectors
Composite Technology for the Mining Industry
Mining Consulting and Technical Department Optimisation
Tailored and Integrated IT Solutions for Mining Companies
Suction Dredgers
Cable Manufacture
OEM-Independent Mining Vehicle Automation Solutions
Plain Bearings for Crushing, Milling and Grinding
Mobile Trailers and Modular Buildings
Petrol, Diesel and Lubricant Additives for Engine Performance
Portable Mine-Spec Light Towers
Remote Solutions for Mining Offices and Accommodation Camps
Drive-Through Wheel and Vehicle Washing Systems
Prefabricated and Modular Turnkey Camps and Accommodation
Australia’s Leading Fogging Specialists
Protective Clothing for Hazardous Materials
Conveyor Monitoring, Control and Communication Systems
Modular Mineral Processing Plants
Electronic Breath Detector Equipment and Accessories
Safety, Health and Environmental Training and Compliance Solutions
Interconnect and Value Added Solutions by Design
Geophysical Surveying Services
Geophysical Imaging Instruments and Software
Solid and Liquid Separation and Refining Solutions for Beneficiation
Vibration Screens, Conveyors and Weighing and Measuring Technology
Tire Flatproofing Solutions and Wheel Conditioners
Steel Components, Systems and Solutions for Building and Infrastructure Construction
Power Distribution, Drives, Process Control and Optimization
Mine Hoist Systems
Conveyors, Dredging and Mining Pumps, and Rental Solutions
Cost-Effective Heating Solutions
Heavy-Duty Tapered Roller Bearings for the Mining Industry
Mining Drive Systems
Aftermarket Replacement Mining Vehicle Parts
Quality Spill Control Products and Bunding Solutions
Direct Tire Pressure-Monitoring System for Earthmover and Mining Vehicles
Mining Drills and Drill Equipment
Tire Reconstruction and Supply for the Mining Industry
Elution Heating Systems for the Gold Industry
Mining Excavation Machinery
Remote Modular Accommodations and Camp Services
Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps and High-Temperature Slurry Pumps
Roadheaders and Continuous Miners
Tunnel Boring Machines, Raise Boring and Full-Face Shaft Boring Machines
Evaluation of Proposed Mineral Development Projects
Cost-Estimation Programs for Underground, Surface and Placer Mines
Advanced Remote Sensing for Mining Applications
Custom Cast, Forged and Machined Steel Components and Wearparts, and Superior Tungsten Coating and Wear Protection Services
Automation, Engineering and Software for Mine, Mill, Smelting and Refining Operations
Remote-Control Wireless Technology, and Dewatering and Recovery Systems
Vehicle Fire Protection Equipment
Blast Optimisation Services for the Mining Industry
Remote-Controlled Demolition Robots and Machines
In-Line Grade Quantification Instrumentation
High-Performance Electrical and Mechanical Products for the Mining Sector
Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment for Underground Mining Applications
Environmental Risk Management Solutions and Training for the Mining Industry
Mineral Processing and Sensor-Based Sorting Technology
Tunnelling, Engineering and Construction Services
Mixing and Drying Technologies for Mining Applications
Seismic Data Acquisition Services for Mining Applications
Batching Solutions for the Mining and Construction Industries
Safe Chemical Products for Cleaning Applications in the Mining Industry
Risk Assessment and Consultancy Services for the Mining Sector
High-Performance Luminaires for the Mining Industry
Industrial Computer Solutions for the Mining Sector
Opencast Mining, Rehabilitation, Earthworks, Plant Hire, Crushing, Screening and Road Construction
Specialists in Mining Project Management and Financing
High-Performance Lubricants for the Mining Industry
Communications, Document and Risk Management Solutions for the Mining Industry
Pedestrian Safety Warning Systems
Drive and Control Systems for Mining Machinery
Explosion-Free Cracking Agent for the Simple and Targeted Demolition of Rock and Concrete
Cast and Fabricated Components for Mine Sites
Exhaust Extraction Systems for Mining Vehicle Production Plants
Conveyor Belt and Transport System Products for the Mining Industry
Unified Fuel Management Technology for the Mining Industry
Flocculants and Coagulants for Mineral Processing Industries
Materials Research and Quality Control for the Mining Industry
Shipping and Freight Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mine Ventilation and Refrigeration Specialists and VUMA Software Products
Cost-Effective Car and Truck Rental
Flocculants for Mining Industries
Compressors, Compressed Air Systems and Condensate Management Equipment
Conveying, Loading, Palletizing, Packaging, Sorting and Distribution Equipment
Abrasion Resistant and Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates for the Mining Industry
Safety Labels and Signs for Power Identification, Lockout Tagout Tools and Spill Control Products
Instant Boiling Water and Quality Catering Appliances
Design and Manufacture of Pipes and Piping Equipment
Mine, Quarry, Construction and Demolition Equipment
Specialised Medium-to-Heavy Fabrication, Precision CNC Machining, Steel Castings and Forgings
Planning, Research and Development Services in the Mining Industry
Analytical Equipment
Spare Parts for Mining Machinery
Integrated Mine Infrastructure Management
Wear and Spare Parts for Stone Crushers, Spare Parts for Conveyors and Meshes and Parts for Screens
Bulk-Material Handling Systems
Process Optimization and Enhanced Recovery Solutions
Effective Solutions Reducing Likelihood to Everyday Mining Hazards and Breaches
Energy and Data Transmission Systems for Mining Equipment
Containers and Mobile Space Systems
Specialised Risk Management Solutions for Mining Applications
Innovative Industrial Technologies
Digital Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering Innovation Solutions for Mining Applications
Lockout Equipment for Mining Applications
Component Identification and Digitalisation Systems for Mining Equipment
Flange Locks, Kerb Sweepers and Pipe Preparation Tools for the Mining Industry
Air-Hydraulic Jacks for Mining Vehicles
Engineering and Consultancy Services for Underground Mines
Software and Services for the Entire Mining Cycle
Sea Container Buildings for the Mining Industry
Vehicle Batteries for the Mining Industry
Custom Designed and Built Underground Mining and Tunnelling Equipment
Surveying Equipment for Mining Applications
Compressed Air Products and Nutrient Treatments
Geotechnical Support and Consultancy for Mining Projects
Complete Range of Gases for Mining and Mineral Processing Applications
Washing Equipment for Mineral Processing and Construction
Fuel Measurement and Analysis Solutions for Mining Vehicles
Turnkey Augering Solutions for Coal Mining Operators
Vertical Lifting Fold-Up Doors for the Mining Industry
High-Performance Water Treatment Chemicals
Wire Ropes for Cranes, Open-Pit and Shaft Mining Operations
Industrial Chemicals for Mining Applications
3D Technology Solutions for Measured Survey and Design Applications
Airless Tyres for Construction, Agricultural and Industrial Mining Equipment
High-Performance Sealing Solutions and Equipment Protection for the Mining Industry
Analysis and Consultancy Services for the Global Mining, Metals and Fertilizers Industries
Industrial Component and Engine Rebuilds
Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems
Conveyor Weighing Equipment and Weighbelt Feeders
Research and Development Solutions Across the Mining Value Chain
Shipping Containers and Tanks for Transport and Storage
HDPE Equipment for Gas and Water Pipes
Cargo Transportation Services for the Mining Sector
Wet and Dry Grinding Technologies for Bulk Materials, Minerals and Ore
Flotation Reagents and Collectors
Conveyor Belt Systems for Bulk Material Handling and Load Transporting
Pipeline Flanges for the Mining Industry
Ventilation Equipment for the Mining Industry
Fabric Core Conveyer Belts and Rubber Mining Industry Compounds
Catering Equipment for the Mining Industry
Industrial Filtration Systems
Delivering Innovations for the Global Mining Industry
Industrial LED Lighting Solutions for the Mining Industry
Conveyor Belts and Systems
Manufacturer of Impact and Wear-Resistant Parts for Mining
Pneumatic Rock Drills for Mining and Quarrying
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Mining Industry
Connecting and Sealing Cables in the Mining Industry
Heavy-Duty Industrial Gloves
Safety Products for the Mining Industry
Shotcrete Technology for Mining Applications
Brushless Alternators and Power Management Systems
Site-Wide Product and Process Development for Mining Operations
Custom Built Steel and Pre-Fabricated / Flat-Pack Modular Shelters and Mining Camp Solutions
Measurement and Control Systems
Training and Safety Development Solutions
Light Pole and Pipe Fabrication Solutions for Mining Operations
Wireless Mesh Communications for Coal Mines
Sample Preparation by Fusion for XRF, AA and ICP Analysis
Chemicals for Mineral Treatment
Screen and Filter, Process Belts and Screen Print
Conveyor Belt Alignment Tracking Systems
Mine Haul Road Dust Control and Soil Stabilization Products
Remanufacture of Transmissions and Parts for Heavy Equipment in the Mining Industry
Mining Power Supply and Management Specialists
Underground and Surface Mining Equipment and Integrated Mine Site Safety Systems
Fluid System Components for the Mining Industry
Explosion Proof Electrical Motors for the Mining and Chemical Industries
Solvent Extraction Reagents and Services
Rock Bolts and Mining Machines
Tyre Retreading Machines and Moulds
Environmental Engineering, Civil Design, and Rehabilitation Construction and Environmental Management Consultancy
MEMS Motion Sensors for Drilling Applications
Milled and Atomised Dense-Media Ferrosilicon
Bulk-Powder Material Handling and Storage Silos
Air-Conditioning Units and Battery Coolers Chiller for Electrical Vehicles
Dust Suppression Technologies for Mining Applications
High Quality Fabric Structures - Engineered to Protect
High-Performance Screening Technologies
Self-Rescuer Devices, Oxygen Respirators, Chemical Gas Detectors, and Mine Rescue Devices
Optimising Plants through Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
Blasting and Explosive Services for the Mining Industry
Heavy-Duty Transport Solutions for the Mining Industry
Workplace Safety Assessment and Accident Investigation Services
Customised and Standard Cables for Dynamic and Static Applications
Mining Exploration and Development Company Generation
Supplying Geological and Mining Equipment to Make Life Easier and Unearth Discoveries Faster
Specialised Diamond Drilling Services for the Mining Industry
Independent Technical Consultants to the Exploration and Mining Industry
Heavy-Duty Suspended Dump Bodies for Mine Sites
Industrial Gearboxes and Lifting Equipment for the Mining Sector
Industrial Automation Solutions for the Mining Sector
Geotechnical Mining Apparatus
Disc Brake Calipers and Stopping, Turning and Locking Systems
TETRA Communications System
Bulk Material Handling and Separation Equipment for Mines
Underground Mining Equipment Worldwide
Industrial Ventilation for Adverse Mining Environments
Custom-Engineered Cable and Hose Reel Solutions
Technological Infrastructure Asset Management Solutions
Diamond Core Drilling and Raise Boring
Heavy-Duty Submersible Pumps and Dredging Units
Mine Equipment Fabrication and Installation
Radio Communication Solutions
Solutions for the Mining Industry
Dust Suppression Equipment
Heavy Engineering Components for Mining Applications
Prefabricated Camps for Mining Facilities
Hydrometallurgic Solutions to Improve Mining Effectiveness and Environmental Compliance
Directional Core Drilling and Borehole Survey Tools
Filtration Products for Every Phase of Mining
Medium-To-Heavy Fabrication, Refurbishment and Engineering Solutions
Heavy Mechanical Equipment for the Mining Industry
Quality Used Equipment for the Mineral Processing Industry
Buckets, Blades and Work Tools for Mines and Quarries
Electronic Equipment and Monitoring Systems for Harsh Environments
Dust Control Management Systems
Down-Hole Surveying Services and Equipment
Separation Plants for Coal Beneficiation
Mineral Exploration Consulting Services
Dust Control Systems for the Mining Industry
Mining Transportation and International Logistics Solutions
Conveyor Equipment Manufacture, Supply and Maintenance
Polyurethane Screens and Polyurethane Screen Panels
Dust and Explosion Suppression Solutions for Mining Applications
Autonomous Surveying Solutions for Mining Applications
Wear-Resistant Polyurethane Sheets and Components for the Quarry and Mining Industry
Measurement and Automation
Heavy-Duty Tyres for Industrial Vehicles
High-Resolution, Accurate 3D Point Clouds for the Mining Industry
Concrete Processing and Transportation Solutions for the Mining Industry
Personal Tracking and Emergency Evacuation Solutions for the Mining Industry
Height-Adjustable Maintenance Platforms for the Mining Sector
Fuel Storage, Handling and Pumping Systems for Mining Applications
LED Lighting and Warehouse Solutions for Mining Applications
High-Performance Blasting Solutions for Mining, Quarries and Construction
Automation and Electrical Systems and Engineering Services
Mining Asset Management and Maintenance Solutions
Mining Electrical and Electronic Cables
Rock Drilling Tools
Ventilation Solutions for Underground Mining Sites
Heavy Duty Commercial Caravans
Environmental Compliance Software for the Mining Sector
Advanced Prescription and Safety Eye Protection for the Mining Industry
Containment and Storage Wastewater Turnkey Solutions
Filtration, Auto Lubrication and Fuel-Filling Valve Systems, and Air Filter Pre-Cleaners for Mining Vehicles and Equipment
Hydraulic Cylinders for Transportation and Industrial Machinery
Environmental Monitoring Instruments and Services
Limit and Protect Switches for Conveyors and Cranes
Total Synthetic Fibre Solutions for Shotcrete and Concrete
Elevating Work Platforms for Mining Workshop Maintenance Pit
Item Cataloguing, Supply Management and Data Consultancy Services
Non-Sparking, Titanium and Piping Tools for the Mining Industry
Transformers and Kiosks
Engineering, Construction, and Material Handling Solutions
Eco-Friendly Remediation Solutions for Contaminated Soil, Water and Hard Surfaces
International Mining Technology Trade Fair
Mobile Equipment and Bulk Material Handling Systems
Emergency Response Training and Management Services
Mining Accommodation Centres and Catering Services
Soil Erosion Management and Revegetation Services
Bulk Material Handling and Dust Experts
High Frequency, High Voltage Advanced Winding Analysers and Surge Testers
Ventilation Equipment and Services
Resource Engineering and Project Management Services for the Mining Industry
Plastic and Metal Pipelines, Cables, Generators and Prefabricated Buildings
Warning Systems, Alarms and Work Lights for the Mining Industry
Inspection, Corrosion Management Control and Refurbishment of Industrial Plant Assets
Wear-Resistant Conveying Pipe Systems
Road Maintenance and Dust Management Solutions for the Mining Industry
Modular Workforce Housing and Drug Detection Tools for Mining Camps
Automation Systems for Mining and Industry
Non-Toxic Treatment of Water, Soils and Air
Used Crushers, Screens, Excavators, Dumptrucks and Other Vehicles for the Mining Industry
Premium Surface Core Drilling and Consulting
Mining Accommodation, On-Site Offices, Ablutions Blocks and Modular Buildings
Strategic Procurement Services for the Mining Industry
Affordable, Pre-Engineered Building Solutions for Mine Sites
Modular and Flat-Pack Style Building Units
Filter Presses, Filter Cloth and Dewatering Filter Press Systems
Power Supplies and Generators for the Mining Industries
Automation and Safety Systems
Underground Ventilation Ducting
Environmental and Waste Management Services
Tungsten Carbide Tools and Wear Parts Manufacture
Environmental Data Management Systems
Minesite Accomodation and ISO Containers
Electric Chain and Bull Lever Hoists, Jib Cranes, Heavy-Duty Winches and Pulling Machines
Mining Radio, Wireless Networks, Surveillance and Data Communication Technology
Container Shelters for the Mining Sector
Specialised Transportation Solutions for the Mining Sector
Conveyor Belt Splicing and Maintenance for Mining Operations
Flexible Containers for Lubricants, Greases and Liquids
Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Mining Sector
Heavy Machinery Shipping Services for the Mining Industry
Ecological Restoration Products and Services for the Mining Sector
Rubber Fabric and Steel Cord Conveyor Belts, Rubber Mixtures and Plates
Manufacturers of Safety Barriers, Hole Savers, Extinguisher Cabinets and Vehicle Brackets
LiDAR Surveying, Mapping and Data Collection Technologies
Breaking Technology Rocks, Steel Waste and Reinforced Concrete
Design and Consultancy Services for Fire Protection Solutions
Fuel Management Systems
Mobile Tools for Safe and Efficient Mining Operations
Consultancy Services for the Iron Ore and Metal Mining Industries
Process Ventilation Systems for Mines
Light Vehicle Conversions for the Mining Industry
Air Pollution Control
Machinery, Technologies and Services For Mining, Transport and Industrial Systems
Surface Crawler Drills and Breakers for the Mining and Construction Industries
Rubber Mill Liners and Lifter Bars for Grinding Mills
Software for Coordinating Mine Operations and Optimising Production
Design, Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Systems
Turnkey Operational Support for Construction Camp Management and Site Catering
Manufacture and Maintenance of Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Condensers
Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive and Mining Motive Power, and Miners' Caplamps
Mine Site Accommodation Services
Commercial Catering Equipment
Keeping Mining Employees Entertained
Fire Suppression Equipment
Industrial Installation, Manufacture and Maintenance
Training in First Aid, Firefighting, Safety and Occupational Health Risks
Supply of Primary and Secondary Metals for Mining Applications
MULTISAFE Double Hose Diaphragm Pumps
Australia-Wide Helicopter Services
Mining Equipment Upgrades, Electric Drives, Motors and Generators
Filter Media for Solid-Liquid Separation
In-Vehicle Video, Dashcams, Rear Vision Systems, Driver Fatigue and GPS Tracking
Tenure Management Software and Consultancy Services
Slurry, Process and Froth Pumps for Mining and Minerals Processing
Anti-Slip Solutions and Accessories for Forklifts
Digitisation Technologies for the Mining Industry
Portable and Temporary Inflatable Structures for Mining Applications
Dust Control, Erosion Control, Water Management and Soil Stabilisation Solutions for the Mining Sector
High-Productivity Mining Buckets, Dump Bodies, Water Tanks and Support Services
Blasting and Vibration Consulting Expertise
Remarketing, Financial and Advisory Services for Mining Assets
Advanced Job Costing and Quoting Software for the Mining Industry
Safety Technology Solutions
Monitoring, Surveying and Information Technology for the Mining Sector
Mining Equipment Valuation and Sale
Submersible Drainage, Sludge and Slurry Pumps
The World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™ to Monitor Stability of Underground Openings, Pit Slopes and Tailing Dams
Winch Technologies, Shaft Winches, Rescue Winches
Water Management Solutions for Industrial Applications
Mine Exploration and Geological Modelling Consulting, and Mine Engineering Software Training and Support
Rugged Mobile Handheld Tablet Solutions and Accessories
Mining, Road and Stockpile Dust Control Management
Hot Dip Galvanizing of Steel Structures
Helicopter Transport Service for the Mining Industry
Landslide Repair, Slope Stability Remediation and Rockfall Mitigation
Steel Wheel Rims
Petroleum Pollution Solutions and Manufacturer of Environmental Cleaning Products
Fall Arrest Personnel Protective Equipment and Industrial Load Arrest Equipment
Fire Protection Services for Mines
Waste Disposal, Parts Wash and Hot Wash Machines
Mining Application Components Manufacturer
Submersible, Centrifugal and Dewatering Pumps for Mining Applications
Laser Cutting and Engraving Systems and CNC Routers
Transport, Drilling, Blasting and Tunnelling Solutions for the Mining Industry
Multi-Stage Centrifugal Surface Pumps, Drives, Controls and Communication Systems
Lining Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mining Hydraulics, Industrial Hose Management Services and Transfer Hose Assemblies
Dewatering Pumps and Equipment
LED Lighting Systems for the Mining Industry
Tailor-Made Mine Training Courses
Electrical and Fire Safety Systems
Locomotives and Haulage Trucks
Conveyor Belts, Pulleys, Wear Protection Equipment, Accessories and Services
Geostatistical and Geological Services
Environmental Management, Auditing, Training and Consulting for Mines
Tyre Retreading
Diesel, Electric and Low-Profile LHDs for Underground Mining
Integrated Mine Planning, Production, Commercial and Safety Management Software
Rapid Deployment Mobile Field Shelters for Mine Sites
Satellite and Geophysical Imagery, and Remotely Sensed Data Processing and Analysis
Sustainable Mineral Project Development, Environmental and Engineering Consulting
Geosynthetic Solutions for Faster, Safer and Sustainable Mining
Innovative Equipment for Surface and Underground Mines
Hydraulic Systems and Components for Mining and Drilling Machinery
High-Performance Hearing Protection Solutions for Mining Environments
Physical Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry
Chilled Water Showers and Chillers for the Mining Industry
Hydraulic and Turnkey Control Solutions for the Mining Sector
Integrated Mine Hoisting Systems, and Complete Drive and Control Systems
High-Pressure and Water-Spray Pump Stations for Longwall Mining
Raw Materials Processing and Mining Equipment
Manual and Electric-Powered Lifting Equipment for Mining Applications
Bio-Based Erosion Remediation, Dust Control, and Insulation Solutions
Industrial Wear-Resistant Materials and Mine Asset Management Solutions
Remote-Operated Demolition Robots for the Mining Sector
Adhesives and Sealants for Mine Asset Maintenance and Repairs
Material Handling, Instrumentation and Power Generation Solutions for Mining Applications
Gear Units and Power Transmission Products
Tire Flank Puncture Protection for Industrial Mining Environments
Logistic Solutions for the Mining Industry
Seismic Services in Hard Rock Exploration for Life-of-Mine Planning
Haul Trucks and Maintenance Equipment
Calibration Services for Electrical Equipment, Measurement Instruments and Torque Wrenches
Technically Intelligent Screening Machines
Track and Undercarriage Technology for Heavy-Duty Earth-Moving Mining Machinery
Mine Ventilation, Ancillary Systems and Aftermarket Support
Mining Machinery and Special Solutions
Specialty Chemical Reagents for the Mining Industry
Conveyor Systems for Mining, Tunnelling and Bulk Material
Fall Arrest, Rope Access and Rope Rescue Systems for Working at Heights
Internal Pipeline Liner Specialists
Tyres for Earthmoving Equipment
Temporary Flood Protection Products
Industrial Vacuum Systems, Equipment and Trucks
Remote Effluent Management for the Mining Industry
Low Pressure Blower Systems
Self Driven Conveyors: the Flexihaul Haulage System and Heavy Equipment for the Mining Industry
Drilling-Fluid Systems, Solids-Control Equipment and Engineering Services
Quick-Building Modules for the Mining Industry
Specialist Engineering for Mine Development, Pit-to-Port and Freight Rail
Tire Supply, Testing and Maintenance
Mine Project Cost Management Software
Sampling and Analysis Solutions for Mine Grade Control
Construction Project Management Software for the Mining and Minerals Industry
Manufacture, Sale and Service of Electric Mining Shovels and Drill Rigs
Enterprise Software Suites for Mining Applications
Bulk Material Handling Machines for Mines
Heavy-Duty Mechanical Equipment for Mines
Concrete and Earthwork Civil Construction, Mass Gravity Stabilisation and Mine Maintenance
Radar for Mining Applications
Heavy Haulage and Transportation Services for the Mining Sector
Real-time Optimization Software for the Mining Sector
Mining Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultant Firm
Escape Chutes and Deployment Systems for Mining Machines
Cloud-Based HSE, Governance and Sustainability Reporting Software
Geophysical instrumentation for Exploration and Mining Sectors
Industrial Vacuum Systems for the Mining Industry
Milled and Atomised Dense Medium Ferrosilicon
Handheld Radios and Mining Communications Systems
Heavy-Duty Lighting Specialists for Mining Sites
Dredging Systems for Wet Mining
Roadheading and Tunnelling Machines
Cooling and Glass-Reinforced Plastics Solutions
Modular trailers, Self-Propelled Modular Trailers and Special Vehicles
Low and Medium Voltage Frequency Converters for the Mining Industry
Water Treatment, Seawater Desalination, Refrigeration Plants and Snowmaking Systems
Heritage Management and Archaeological Consultancy
Heavy-Duty Washing Products for Mining Vehicles
Undercarriage Solutions and Components for Tracked Mining Machines
Protective Coatings, Corrosion Prevention and Asset Protection
Steel and Seamless Pipes for the Mining Industry
Industrial and Emergency Equipment for the Mining Industry
Mining Market Research, Analysis and Forecasts
Mining Hoists and Complete Equipment for Vertical Mining
Geochemical Assay and Testing Services
Plasma Transfer Arc Welding, Design and Fabrication Services for the Mining Industry
Heavy-Duty Bulk-Material Handling Equipment
First Aid and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Equipment
Fault Wizard Cable Fault Locator and Accessories
Drive Control Systems
Mining Project Management, Inspection, Asset Maintenance and Training Services
Conveyor Belting and Conveyor Accessories
Underground Mining Contracts
Asset Protection and Vehicle Management Systems
High-Performance Braking Solutions for Industrial Applications
Cable and Hose Protection, Wheel Chocks and Warning Whips
Global Knowledge, Local Solutions
Wind Turbines and Solar Power Generators for Mine Sites
High-Quality Iron and Steel Cast Components for the Mining Industry
Shotcreting Technologies for the Mining Industry
Lubrication, Material Dispensing, Fuel and Flow Management, and Fire Suppression Systems
Underground Ventilation
Specialist Crane and Logistics Services for the Mining Sector
Heavy-Duty Equipment and Components for Trailers, Trucks, Lorries and Mining Vehicles
Winching, Lifting and Jacking Equipment Hire
Abnormal Load Specialists, Haulage, Cargo Handling, Lifting and Storage
Rugged Vehicle-Mount Computers
Mining, Infrastructure, Environmental Consulting and Feasibility Studies
OTR, Mining and Earthmover Tyres
Measuring Systems and Process Optimisation for the Mining Industry
A Partnership in Technology
Innovative Mining Equipment and Solutions
Ground Engaging Tools for the Construction, Mining and Quarry Industries
Engineering, Infrastructure and Management Services for Mining Operations
Recruitment and Equipment Hire Services for the Mining Sector
Galvanised and Stainless Wire Rope for the Mining Sector
Surface Treatment Solutions for Mining, Construction and Defence Applications
Polypropylene (PP) Filter Plates for the Mining Sector
Diamond Core Drilling and Down Hole Surveys
Loaders, Haul and Blast Trucks, Crushers, Castings and Steel Constructions for Underground Mines
Armatures, Hydraulic Hose Lines and Electrohydraulic Steerings
Diesel Engines, Pump Sets and Diesel Generators
New-Generation Ore Cars for Heavy Rail Transports
Mining Industry Welding Solutions
Monitoring Devices and Safety Switches for Conveyors
Rock Drilling and Excavation Equipment for the Mining Industry
Design, Engineering and Project Management Services
Prefabricated Modular Buildings, Containers and Porta Cabins
Plunger Pumps and Hydraulics for Underground Mining
Wear-Resistant Materials for the Mining Sector
Innovative Chemistries for Mining Applications
Process Control and Industrial Instrumentation, Flow and Level Measurement
Mobile Screening Equipment
The Authority in Potassium and Magnesium
Mining, Infrastructure and Construction Services
Environmental, Quality and OHS Consulting and Monitoring for Mines
Custom Tensioned Fabric Steel Frame Building Solutions
Environmental Consultancy Services for the Mining Industry
High-Performance LED Strip Lighting for Adverse Mining Environments
Mining Equipment for Product Extraction and Bulk Material Handling
Deconstruction, Remediation and Civil Contracting Services
Grinding Mills for Ores and Minerals
Lightning Protection Services and Equipment for the Mining Industry
LED Solutions for Mining Applications
Automated Production Equipment for the Mining Industry
Passenger Transport Services for Mining Professionals
Dust Collector Servicing and Predictive Maintenance Solutions for the Mining Industry
Wire Rope Spooling Technology
Design and Manufacture of Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers and Portable Crushing Plants
Leading 3D Geological Modelling Software
Engine-Enhancing Additives for Mining Operations
Laser-Based Measuring Technology and Mapping Tools for the Mining Industry
PLC and SCADA Engineering Solutions for Mining Operations
Roll Compactors and Equipment for Agglomeration and Mineral Processing
Wear Protection Products for Plants and Mining Applications
Handheld, Automatic and Rapid Result Alcohol Breath Analysis Instruments
Mining Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment
TEREX O&K Hydraulic Pump, Cylinder, Gearbox, Motor, Radiator, Undercarriage and Bucket Spare Parts
Fuel-less Autonomous Energy Units for Inhospitable Environments
Real-time Online Analysis of Mineral Materials
Forklifts, Specialised Warehousing Equipment and Material Handling Fleet Management
Mining Training Simulators
Washroom and LED Lighting Equipment
Electric Mining Shovels, Draglines, Blast Hole Drills and Other Surface Mobile Mining Equipment Parts and Services
Intelligent Mine Management Solutions
Mine Maintenance Management Software
Suspension and Shovel Components for the Mining Industry
Filter Presses and Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Applications
Mineral Sizing Equipment, Technology and Services
Fusion Machinery for Joining Thermoplastic Pipes
Digital Fleet Management Platform for the Mining Industry
Tyre Repair Equipment and Conveyor Repair Equipment
Closed Side Setting Measurement Device for Ore Crushers
Industrial Valves for the Mining Industry
Geoscience and Environmental Engineering Consultancy Solutions
Filter Presses and Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Applications
Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling Services for the Mining Industry
Mining Data and Production Optimisation Tools
Productivity and Performance Enhancement Solutions for Mining Operations
State-of-the-Art Rock Drills Including DTH Hammers and Bits
Slag Processing Specialists in the Mining Sector
Rockfall Protection, Erosion Control and Soil Reinforcement
Mine Planning, Modelling and Optimisation Software
Digital Platforms and Applications to Enable Mine Digitisation
Attrition Scrubbers, Clarifiers and Thickeners, Linear Screens, Flocculants Plants, Mixers and Agitators
Material Characterisation Solutions for the Mining Sector
Heavy Earthmoving, Civil Contracting and Infrastructure Construction
High-Voltage Cable Repair, Connection, Coupling and Handling Systems
Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Mining Sites
Service Bodies for Mining, Emergency and Commercial Vehicles
High-Quality Blasting Equipment for the Mining Industry
Industrial Radiator Caps
Project Tender and Proposal Writing Services
High-Voltage Electrical Asset Maintenance and Optimisation
Electrochemical Post-Weld Cleaning Solutions
Mineral Processing Equipment
Collaborative and Industry Initiatives
Portable Conveyor Systems for Confined Space Working
Specialized Conveyor Belt Fasteners for the Mining Sector
Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things Communication Devices
Advanced Mechanical Polymers for Industrial Repair and Protection
Personal Protective Equipment and Gas Detection Instruments
Burning Bars, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic-Coated Pipe and Exothermic Cutting Products
Mineral Processing Solutions and Simulation Software
Drilling and Bolting Equipment for Underground Mining
MineSuite Information and Production Management Software
Explosives and Blasting Solutions for Mining, Quarrying and Construction Applications
Procurement, Project Management, and Quality Inspection for the Mining Industry
Injection-Molded TPR Work Gloves for the Mining Sector
LED Work Lights, Beacons and Accessories
Position-Based Decision Support Systems
Project Management Services for the Mining Industry
Implementation of Control and Automation Systems at Mine Sites
High-Performance Mining Work Gloves
Operation and Maintenance of Mineral-Processing Facilities
Bulk Material Handling Technologies for Mining Applications
Communications Technology for Mines
Manufacturing Spare Mining Parts and Compatible Alfa Parts for the Mining Industry
Conveyor Belts
Engineered Steel Fabrication and Marine Fenders
Security and Communication Systems for Mine Sites
Fire Extinguishers, Safety Equipment and Detection and Suppression Systems
Mine Planning, Design, Surveying, Scheduling, Production and Reconciliation Software
Mine and Subsurface Ventilation Consultancy Services, Mine Refrigeration and Training Courses
Mine Subsurface Ventilation and Environmental Engineering
Machines and Parts for Crawler Carriers
Process Plant Maintenance, Dredging, Mill Reline Services and Equipment
Mine Engineering Design, Underground and Surface Exploration Drilling, Raisedrilling, Shaftboring, Shaft Sinking, Contract Mining
Mining-Specific Interactive Training and Consulting
Pressure Filters, Filter Plates and Separation Equipment
Health and Safety Products, Lifting Equipment, Access Systems, Storage and Warehouse Fit-Outs and Storage and Logistics Products
Protection Systems and Wear Parts (GET) for Earthmoving Machinery
Blasthole Drilling Tools for the Mining Industry
Product Recovery and Air Pollution Control Technologies for the Mining Industry
Mobile Crushing, Screening and Stockpiling Products for Mines
Mill Liner Handlers and Cranes for the Mining Industry
Underground Support Systems
Site Data and Telecommunications Solutions
Rough Terrain Forklifts, Materials-Handling and Lifting Equipment
Peristaltic Hose Pumps for the Mining Industry
Advanced Communication and Safety Systems for Mining and Tunneling
Minerals Thermal Processing, Filtration, Separation, Materials Handling, Grinding, Screening and Crushing Systems
WEBA Chute System Bulk Materials Handling Solutions
Wear-Resistant Equipment and Grinding Media for the Mining Industry
Combustion Engineering Specialising in the Mineral Sands Industry
Aviation Services for the Mining Industry
Customised Coach, Bus and Transport Services for Mining Site Personnel
Heavy-Duty Weighing
Large-Scale Land Camps for Mining Projects
Customised Gold and Platinum Mine Software
Heat Transfer Solutions for Mining Vehicles
Mining Risk and Business Consultants
Truck Workshop, Wash Bay and Lube Bay Doors
Emergency Management Software for Mines
Emergency Response Training for the Mining Industry
Repair of Structural Components, Castings, Shafts and Gears for Mines
Rock Breaker Booms and Excavator-Mounted Mechanical and Hydraulic Attachments
Geochemical Analysis Services
Complete Modular Camp Facilities
Mining and Mineral Process Equipment
Rechargeable Hand Lamps, Cap Lamps and ATEX Lamps
Mining Simulation Software, Modelling Services and Simulators
Mining Cable Ducts and Soft-Wiring Technology
Mining Engineers and Consultants
Customized Heavy-Duty Mechanical Drive Solutions
Innovative Mining Equipment
Increasing Uptime and Reducing Costs for Mine and Quarry Operations
Anti-Corrosion Protection Solutions for Steel Wire Ropes
Separators, Dust Collectors and Scrubbers for Air and Environmental Impact Control
Delivering Workplace Safety and Efficiency Through Innovative Products and Solutions For Heavy Industry
Automated Sample Preparation for Mining Analytical Laboratories
Equipment and Transport Services for the Mining Industry
Corrosion-Proof Fibreglass Tanks for Chemical Storage
High-Performance Maintenance Solutions for the Mining Sector
Superior Anti-Wear / Anti-Friction Lubricants for Mining Equipment
Flotation Chemicals, Frothers and Mineral Collectors
Equipment and Vehicles for Mining and Underground Construction
Metal Fabrication and Laser Cutting Services for the Mining Sector
Superior Dust Control Solutions for the Mining Industry
Industrial Progressing Cavity and Rotary Lobe Pumps
Communications and TV Solutions for Mining and Gas Sites
Mine Surveying Equipment and Monitoring Systems
Integrated, Customisable Software Platform for Application Management
Communication, Power Supply and Detection Solutions for Mine Sites
Heavy-Duty LED, HID (Xenon) and Halogen Work Lights
Pumps, Cyclones, and Mill Liners for Mining and Minerals Processing
Technical Inspection and Testing Solutions for the Mining Industry
Wire Rope, Attachments and Equipment for the Mining Industry
Drill Bits for Mining Operations
Metallurgical Testing, Geochemical Analysis and Plant Fabrication
Hands-on and Practical Skills-Based Training
Conveyor Belt Maintenance and Wear Protection
Drive Systems, Gear Units and Inverters for the Mining Industry
Occupational Risk Management Consultancy Services and Training Courses for Mining
Mining and Minerals Processing Expert and Water Treatment Solutions Provider
Secure Satellite Systems and Services for Mining Operations
Progressing Cavity Pumps and Mine Dewatering Equipment
Systems for Remote Monitoring of Machines, Water, Weather and Gases
Hydraulic and Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps
Haulage and Logistics Services for the Mining Industry
Raw Materials for Mining Applications
Security, Industrial Automation and Access Control Systems, and Electronics Manufacturing
Fibre-Optic Communication Networks for Mines
Crushing, Grinding and Hydrometallurgy Specialists
Sustainable Use of Earth’s Natural Resources
Data Management Platforms for Mining Blast Operations
Communications and Protective Equipment for Mining Personnel
Mine Ventilation and Planning Software for Underground Sites
Mine Refuge Systems
Digital Office Database Filing Solutions
Burning Bars, Lance Pipe, Calorized Pipe, Oxygen Hoses, Lance Holders and Safety Clothing
Ultimate Metal Protection Solutions for Contamination and Corrosion
Mine Planning and Optimisation Consultancy Services
GPS / GNSS Satellite Solutions to Monitor Deformation at Mine Sites
Exploration Drilling Specialists
Financing and Leasing Solutions for Mining Vehicles, Equipment, Camp Accommodations and Turnkey Mining Site Projects
Logistics Services for the Mining Industry
Heavy-Duty Camera and Monitor Solutions
Off-Road Mobility Training 4x4, ATV, Large Truck Training
Portable XRF Analysers for Mining Applications
Certified Welding, Fabrication and Inspection Specialists
Personal Safety Lamps for the Mining Industry
Lidar and Camera Survey Instruments
Drip Tubing, Emitters, Fittings, Pressure Regulators, Valves, Pipes, Liners and Leach Mining Components
Miners’ Cap Lamps and Loco Weighbridge Systems
Chemical Additives for Ground Support and the Stabilisation of Mine Roofs
Mine Site Health and Safety Management System
Hearing Protection Specialists of Custom-Made Ear Plugs
Auctions and Valuations for the Resources and Mining Sectors
Recruitment Services for the Mining Sector
Custom-Built Spatial Data Analytics and Reporting Software for the Mining Industry
Intelligent Machine Software Systems for Mine Sites
Tailored, Scalable Power Quality and Power Protection Solutions
Automated Mineralogy and Petrography Analysis Solutions for Mines
Project Consultancy Services for Mining Applications
Custom Engineering and Fabrication Systems for Mining Applications
High-Pressure Valves for the Underground Mining - Paste Backfill Sector
Universal Puller Systems for Removal of Gears and Bearings
Shotcrete and Tailings Solutions for Mining
Customised Polyurethane Parts and Drill and Blast Solutions
Heat Stress and Work Gear Solutions for Mining Applications
LED Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mining Soil Stability Systems
Self-Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter Systems
Engine Coolants for the Mining Industry
Pipes, Valves and Specialised Components for the Mining Sector
Site Monitoring Solutions for Operational and Environmental Compliance
Chemical and Saltwater Pumps for Industrial Applications
Emission Control Systems for Mining Equipment
Heavy-Duty HVAC Systems
Process Plants and Separation Systems
Coal Tailings Dewatering, Classifiers, Separators, Thickeners and Belt Presses for Sand Processing and Fines Recovery
Process Technologies for the Mining Industry
Technical Consultancy Services for the Mining Industry
Flotation Columns, Filter Presses, In-Line Guard Screens, Gas Spargers, Ceramic Valves, In-Line Mixes (Atomix) and Pachuka Valves (Multi Aerators)
Security and Consultancy Services for Mining Sites
Flexible, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Mining Software
Mining Software Applications and Data Management
Blast Hole Plugs for Air Decking and Through-Seam Blasting at Surface Mines
Shouldered Couplings, Flanges and Specialised Piping Systems for the Mining Industry
Mine-Site Defensive and Four-Wheel Drive Training Courses
Modular and Pre-Fabricated Buildings
Prefabricated Structures and Man Camp Services
Integrated Water and Effluent Solutions for the Mining and Resources Industry
Power Packs and Boosters for Industrial Vehicles
Conveyor Belt Design and Manufacture
Braking Systems for Static and Dynamic Applications
Fuel Containers and Filters, Jump Starters and Tyre Sealants for Vehicles
Audiometric Calibration Services, Audiometers, Hearing Booths and Training
Synthetic Fibre for Reinforced Concrete in Tunnelling, Mining and Flooring
Manufacturer of Polyurethane Components for Intensive Industrial Applications
Assisting Clients to Achieve Solutions for Complex Piping Systems
Spill Control and Pollution Prevention Products, and Environmental Response Training
Integrated Solutions for the Treatment of Mine Effluents and Gas Cleaning
Integrated Electrical Engineering Solutions for Mining
Next-Generation Aerial Image Processing Software
Tracked Utility Vehicles
Prevention and Treatment of Oil Pollution in Soil and Water
Ion Exchange Systems for the Mining Industry
Mobile Crushing and Screening Equipment Design and Manufacture
Cast-Steel and Cast-Iron Castings for the Mining Industry
Blasting Equipment, Remote Firing Devices, Seals and Accessories
Umbilicals, Thermoplastic and Steel Tube
Sales, Rental, Parts and Service of Used Construction Machinery
Mining Equipment Protection and Advanced Lighting Systems
Solids and Liquid Separation Testing and Consulting
Mining Engineering Services
Mine Water and Geosciences Services and Consultancy
High-Performance Tyre Protection Chains for Mining Vehicles
Tyre Protection Chains for Mining Vehicles
Recruitment Consulting, Management Consulting, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Mining Operations
Business-Critical Electrical Power Infrastructure Maintenance, Protection and Technical Support
Catalytic Water Filtration Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Mining Applications
Global Contractors for Mining and Tunnelling, Equipment Sales, Rebuilds, Components and Spare Parts
Sampling Systems for Bulk Materials and Slurries
Aftermarket Wear Parts and Crusher Spares for Quarrying and Mining
Conveyors for Material Handling Tasks in Mining Operations
Specialist Mining Equipment Design and Manufacture
Environmental and Social Consultancy Services for the Mining Sector
Visualization Software for Surface and Sub-Surface Mining Data
Components and Simulation Services for Underground Mines
Process Characterization For Dry Bulk and Wet Slurries
Online Bulk Material Analysis Solutions for the Mining Sector
Leading the Digital Transformation of Mining
On and Off-Highway Lowbed Semitrailers for Mining Haulage
Dust, Erosion and Sediment Control Solutions and Water Treatment for Mining Operations
Customisable Breaker Booms for Mining Applications
Excavator Buckets and Accessories for Mine Sites
High-Speed Laser Measurement and Survey Equipment for Mines and Quarries
Wireless Mesh Communication Network
Mining Structure Coating Inspection, Testing and Consultancy Services
Precision Positioning, Advanced Safety, and Automation
Conveyor Belt Maintenance, Wear and Corrosion Protection
Steel, Tube and Pipe Manufacturer for Mining Applications
Ex LED Manufacturer for Mining, Petrochemical and Personal Safety
Dust Control Systems for the Mining Industry
Special Purpose Automated Solutions Development
Top Hammer Rock and Ground Drilling Tools
Electronic Product Design for the Mining Industry
Enhanced Evaporation Systems, Industrial Fans/Ventilation and Above Ground Storage Tanks
Mining Tyre Protection and Mining Tyre Chains
Movement and Surveying Radars for Slope Stability
X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence Instrumentation
Engineered Cable Solutions
Filtration, Screening, Thickening and Separation Equipment and Processes
Pumps, Pipe and Filtration for the Mining Industry
Terrestrial, Mobile and Airborne Laser Scanners and Scanning Systems
Remote Site Modular Housing and Camp Services
Controlled Bolting Solutions for Open Cut and Underground Mining Applications
Specialised Metal Manufacture for Mining Applications
Rollers for Heavy-Duty and Harsh Mining Conditions
Centrifugal and Axial Fan Design, Manufacture and Maintenance
Mining Equipment Design, Fabrication, Welding and Structural Repairs
Mining Consultancy Services in Exploration, Development, Operations and Rehabilitation
Mining Mobility Services and Business Applications
Reverse Osmosis Equipment
Temporary Housing and Accommodation
Excavation, Drilling, Materials Handling and Automated Mining Solutions
Climate-Control Rooms, Air-Conditioning Units and Substations
Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Equipment and Splice Materials
Real-time Chemical Sensors for Mining and Recycling Equipment
Surface Protection Materials and Plastics Engineering Services
Bearings and Units, Seals, Lubrication Systems, Remanufacturing
Shot Tech Robotic Arms, Supplies and Expertise
Gyroscopic and Magnetic Borehole Survey Instruments, and Downhole Survey Tools
The Laddertube Escapeway System for Underground Mines
Aerial Land Management Solutions for the Mining Industry
Side Dump Trailers for the Mining Industry
Powering and Digitizing the Mining industry
Simulated Training and Digital Technologies for the Mining Sector
Solutions for Underground Communication, Tracking, Monitoring & Control
Proximity Detection and Avoidance Systems for Mines
Construction Equipment and Technologies for the Mining Industry
In-House Metallurgical Laboratory and Pilot Plant Facilities
Smart Technologies for the Mining Sector
Dry Bulk Storage and Handling Solutions for Mining Applications
Truck-Based Concrete Mixers for the Mining Industry
Virtual Reality Training Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mining and Geotechnical Consultants
Innovative Electronic Technologies for the Mining and Construction Industries
Mobile Materials Handling Equipment
Static Control Services and Equipment for the Mining Sector
Mine Mapping and Aerial Survey Specialists
Specialist Safety Recruitment Services for the Mining Sector
Hydrocyclone Systems, Multi-Gravity Separation and Lab Mineral Separation
Spill Response and Absorbent Products for Oil, Gas and Hazardous Waste on Land and in Water
Ultra-High-Reliability Sensor Products for Speed, Motion and Temperature Monitoring
Real-Time Mineral Analysers for the Mining Industry
4WD Vehicle Conversions for Mining Fleets
Heavy Duty Trucks, People Transport, Engines, and Services for Mining Applications
Plant Simulation Software for the Mining Sector
Environmental, Health and Safety Consultancy Services for the Mining Industry
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and 3D Mapping Technologies
Pumps, Agitators, Mixers and Fluid Dynamics Services
High-Performance LED Lighting for Industrial Applications
Ball, SAG and Rod Crushing Mill, Rubber and Steel Relines
Electrical Fittings and Components for Industrial Applications
3D Measurement, Optical Probe Inspection and Reverse Engineering Solutions
Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Wire Screens and Polyurethane Screens for the Quarry and Mining Industry
Filtration and Process Equipment and Solutions
Ultimate-Performance Synthetic Lubricants
Mine Airflow Sensors and Detectors
Mechanical Components for Mining Industry
Insulated, Portable Houses for Electrical and Mechanical Equipment
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Mining and Resources Operations
Hydraulic Components for Excavation Machinery
Advance Analytics Reporting and Data Management Solutions for Mine Management
Signs, Labels, Asset and Lockout Tags, and Personal Protective Equipment
Advanced Network Services and Satellite Communication Solutions for Mining Operations
Mining Machinery Modifications, Conversions and Repairs
Fluid Analysis and Measurement
Side Dump Haulage Trailers
Software and Fully Outsourced Fleet Management Solutions
Enhanced Evaporation Equipment for Excess Water Removal
Hoisting Technology, Shaft and Slope Hoisting
Water and Filtration Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mining-Specific Weighing Systems and Services
Mining Simulation Software
3D Measurement Systems for Real Time Mine Mapping
Mining Equipment Procurement Services
Rolling Bearings for Mining Equipment
Marine Environmental Impact Assessment and Deep-Sea Waste Management Services
Productivity and Work Site Solutions, Project Management and Tools
Bearings for Harsh Mining Environments
Mining and Refining Filtration Products
Power, Interconnect, Displays, Enclosures and Industrial Products
Specialised Industrial and Mining Equipment
Computer Simulation Models for Mine Sites
Facilities Management and Support Services for the Mining Industry
Construction, Management and Maintenance of Remote Mining Camps
Self-Sharpening Excavator Teeth
Automatic Lubrication for Mining Plants
Ventilation-On-Demand, Expandable Energy Control for Underground Ventilation, Pumps and Electrical Equipment
Secondary Containment Systems
Collapsible Fabric Fuel Tanks for the Mining Industry
Environmental Engineering and Scientific Consulting
Used Construction Machinery
Risk Management for the Mining Industry
Bulk Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Gearboxes, Reducers and Components
Environmental Services and Project Development for Mining
Crushing and Grinding Mills
Specialty Chemicals and Services for the Mineral Processing Industry
Half-Mask and Disposable Respirators, Protection Equipment for Miners
Completely Integrated Mining Solutions
Filters for Hydraulic Systems
Severe-Service Valves for Mineral Ore Processing Applications
Heavy Duty Equipment Liners
Rail-Bound Transport Systems
Borehole Logging and Surface Geophysical Services for the Mining Industry
Braking Systems and Overrunning Clutches for the Mining Industry
Helical Antennas for Mining Environments
High Performance Disinfectants, Dust Suppression, and Cleaning Solutions for Mining Sector
Tyres, Tracks, Wheels and Axels
Heavy-Duty Lowboy and Haul Truck Recovery Solutions for the Mining Sector
Stainless-Steel Fabrication and Engineering Services
Liquid Thermal Insulations for the Mining Industry
Vehicles, Electronics and Systems for the Mining Industry
Off-Highway Truck and Excavator Components
Safety and Welding Equipment for the Mining Sector
Advanced Braking Technology
Critical Communications for the Mining Sector
Advisory Services for the Base and Minor Metals Industry
Sensor-based Ore-Sorting Technology for the Mineral Processing Industry
Workforce Compliance Solutions for the Mining Sector
Paperless Inspection Solutions for Mining Companies
Supplier of Goodman Locomotives, Eimco Rockershovels and Atlas Copco Loaders
Multi-Stage, Vertical and Submersible Pumps
Drilling Fluid Products and Services
Tyre Protection Chains
High-Quality Wet and Dry Hire Transport Solutions for Mining Applications
Drill Pipe and Accessories for the Mining Industry
Winches, Hoists and Tesioning Equipment for Mining
Drug and Alcohol Testing Services for the Mining Industry
Bulk Material Handling Equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Open Cast Mines
In-Situ Machining Equipment for the Mining Industry
Transforming the Way Mines Work
Mine Dewatering, Slurry, Industrial and Municipal Pumps
Custom-Tracked Undercarriages and Apron Feeders
Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Services
Electrohydraulic Control Systems for Underground Mines
Durable and Rugged Utility All-Terrain Vehicles for Mine Sites
Crawled Side and Body Frames for Mining Machinery
High-Performance Crushers for High-Capacity Quarries
Custom Plastic Injection-Moulding from Concept to Creation
Temporary and Permanent Prefabricated Camps
Safety Flags for Mining Sites
Rock Breaker Pedestal Booms and Hydraulic Hammers for Mine and Quarry Applications
Polyurethane Screens, Screening Panels and Rubber Quarry Products
Surface Mining and Bulk Handling Equipment
Complete Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Mining Industry
Mining and Exploration Analysers
Equipment Specialist: Filtration, Thickening, Flotation, Screening and Process Design
Turnkey Workforce Housing
Hoses, Hose Couplings and Mill Lining Components
Oil Filters for Increased Machine Reliability
Energy Industry Consultancy
Tunnel Heading and Loading Machines, Tunnel Excavators, Rapid Balast Loading Machines, Transverse Cutters, Custom Tunnelling and Mining Machinery
Flexible Ventilation Ducting for the Mining Industry
Corporate Paintball Packages for Teambuilding, Communication, Personal and Leadership Development
Prefabricated Buildings
Operator, Safety and Workplace Training for Mining Companies
Earthmover Tyre Repair System
Vehicle Roll Over Protection Structures and Fall On Protection
Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring; Vibration and Machine Condition Monitoring and Control
Percussive Rock Drills and Hard Rock Tools
TecknoSim Mining and Earthmoving Equipment Training Simulators
Temporary and Permanent Camp Buildings for the Mining Industry
Bearings and Steel for Mining's Toughest Machinery
High-Performance Aramid Yarns
Mining Supply Chain Optimisation Solutions
Accountancy, ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, and Asset Management Software for the Mining Sector
Dewatering, Pump and Pipeline Solutions for the Mining Industry
Total Service for Tanks and Vessels
Mining Mills, Crushers and Conveyors
Electric Motors and Generators
Tyre Temperature and Pressure Monitoring Systems
Test and Measurement Instruments for Mining Applications
Temperature Measurement and Control Technology
Global Independent Mining Consultants
Mining Equipment and Process Services
Mine Surveying
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Filtration and Automation Systems and Services
Specialists in Structural Geology and Ore-Structure Relationships
Coupling and Brake Systems for Drive Components
Wet Disc Brake Components
Fans, Fan Systems and Mine Ventilation Systems Manufacturer
High-Performance Monitoring Equipment for Mining Applications
Heavy Material Handling Equipment for the Mining Industry
High-Performance Industrial LED Lighting
Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications
Pre-Insulated Pipe for the Mining Industry
Mining Engineering and Construction Services
Die and Machine-Cut Shapes and Gaskets, and Other Sealing Services
Process Instrumentation Systems and Bulk Solids Sensors for the Mining Sector
Secondary Ventilation Systems for Underground Mine Sites
Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for Mining Applications
Mining Monitoring Systems Data Management Software Solutions
Material Handling Solutions for Mining
Level, Density, and Pressure Measurement within the Mining Sector
Mining Communication Systems
Manufacture, Installation and Servicing of On-Board Weighing Systems
High-Quality AC Drives to Improve Process Control and Save Energy
Wear-Resistant and High-Strength Steels
OTR Vulcanization and Repair
Mechanical Power-Transmission and Braking Systems
Bulk Diesel Filtration Solutions for Mining
Modular Housing Systems for the Mining Sector
Modular Camps, Fabric and Air Structures for Mining
Safety Solutions for Conveyors
Mining Operator Training Services
Heavy-Duty Equipment, Loaders and Haulage for Mines and Quarries
Heavy-Duty Slide Gates and Diverter Valves
Custom-Moulded Rubber Products
Water Processing for the Mining Industry
Graphics Programming and Virtual Models
Dust Control and Mine Water Solutions for Mining Applications
Wind Fences for Dust Control
Conveyor Equipment for the Mining Industry
Wind Fences for the Mining Industry
Project Consultancy and Management Services for the Mining Sector
Weather Stations and Handheld Wind Meters
Automatic Drive Through Wheel and Vehicle Cleaning Systems
Pulley Lagging, Rollers, Frames and Motors for Conveyor Belt Systems
Low-Voltage Switchboards and Switchgear for Mining Applications
Specialised Wear-Resistant Products for Mining and Aggregate sectors
Custom-Fit Vehicle Solutions for Mine Site Compliance
High-Voltage Cable Jointing and Cable Nitrogen Purging
Dust Suppression Systems and Odour Control Systems
Raise Climber, Diaphragm Pumps, Air Winches and Slusher Hoists
Brake Shoes for Mine Vehicles
Global Logistics, Abnormal Loads and Cargo in the Mining Industry
Water-Powered Drilling Systems
Peristaltic Hose Pumps for Mining and Mineral Processing
Bulk Off-The-Road (OTR) Tire Recycling
Indigenous Heritage and Native Title Services
Repair and Manufacture of Drives and Drive Systems
Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps for the Mining Industry
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Take-Offs, Clutches and Brakes for the Mining Industry
Automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems and Water Treatment Systems for Mining Applications
Formwork, Shoring, Scaffolding and Modular Sanitation
TD Rockwheel Hydraulic Cutting Machinery
Air Compressors for Mining Applications
Specialty and Extreme-Pressure Lubricants
Engineering Consulting Services for the Mining Industry
Wire Ropes for Underground and Surface Mining
High-Grade Steel Mining Tools
Mine OTR Tires, Radial OTR Tires, Giant Tires and Earthmover Tires
Visual Impact Assessment Simulation Software of Mining Environments
On-Stream Elemental Analysers
End-to-End Consultancy Services for the Energy and Natural Resources Sectors
Asset Management, Mine Digitization, Fleet Management Systems Selection and Implementation
Rugged Tablet PCs for Mobile Mining Operations
Membrane-Based Water Purification for the Mining Industry
Synthetic Mining Rope Manufacturer
Portable Line-Boring and Bore-Welding Tools
Flexible Protective Covers for Industrial Applications
Customised Production and Testing for Main and Auxiliary Mining Fans
World Leader in Instant Boiling Water
Mineral Resource Consultants