Litesource is a proud family owned Australian company, committed to supplying quality washroom and lighting equipment, at industry friendly prices. We can also organize installation by master plumbers and electricians.

Our lighting range consists of floods, canopy fixtures, security, street and car park lighting. We also have an impressive range of LED down lights and LED fluorescent tube alternatives in all sizes. Our washroom range consists of commercial stainless-steel washroom fixtures and accessories. We supply environmentally friendly products because we care about the future of our planet.

LED lighting

Litesource’s LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and less than half the energy of compact fluorescent lamps. Consuming less energy results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in the amount of money you spend on power bills.

You'll never again have to choose between inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting that contain mercury and or lead. LED lighting is safe and environmentally friendly. Your business can save thousands of dollars on power bills while taking steps to help reduce our carbon footprint. Benefits of using Litesource LED Lighting include:

Litesource’s LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs, which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduced power bill.
We supply world leading LED technology at industry friendly prices to help your business cut its energy consumption.
Litesource’s lighting range includes floods, canopy fixtures, security, street and car park lighting.
Our commercial washroom range includes stainless-steel washroom fixtures and accessories offering quality, design and reliability.
  • No toxic substances such as mercury or lead
  • Long lifespan – 50,000 to 85,000 hours
  • LEDs use up to 85% less power
  • Save money on power bills and maintenance
  • Patented optical lenses for brilliant light output
  • Last up to ten times longer than conventional lighting
  • Higher efficiency than conventional lighting
  • Safe operation due to the low voltage
  • No ultraviolet light or frequencies produced
  • Barely any heat production
  • Instant start up
  • Made from Australian and American quality components

LED tubes

If your company changed 2,000 fluorescent tubes to LED replacements, you would save 325,020kWh annually, which equates to around $58,503.05, and reduce the amount of coal burnt by 10,032kg. The change would eliminate 27,999kg of carbon dioxide, 53.17 kg of sulphur dioxide and 28.08kg of nitrogen oxides from being released into the atmosphere.

At a total cost of approximately $170,000.00, a company which invested in 2,000 LED tubes would need around three years to recoup the total amount in electrical savings. After this, the company would then have over seven years of product life, realizing an annual cost reduction of $58,503.05 for a total savings of over $400,000.

Litesource is committed to helping Australian government and industry to cut up to 80% of their energy consumption. We do this by supplying world leading LED technology at industry friendly prices. A small and simple change can help you to save large amounts of money and will help to make a huge reduction in your carbon footprint.

LED flood lights

Excellent for use in workshops, warehouses, gas stations, sports centres, car parks, markets, courtyards, parks, advertising boards, squares, roads, buildings, etc, Litesource LED flood lights can help you save up 75% off your lighting power costs.

Commercial washroom equipment

We focus on environmentally friendly washroom products at industry friendly prices. All of our plumbing fixtures are watermarked and certified. Our product range has a fantastic history and track record, so when choosing our washroom equipment, you can rest assured that you have invested in quality, design and reliability.

Our washroom range includes commercial stainless-steel washroom fixtures and accessories, as well as brands such as Bobrick, Acorn, RBA Group and Luigi Boni.

Litesource can organise installation and custom make fittings to your requirements. If you have any questions or project requirements, feel free to call us for assistance.