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Tire Flank Puncture Protection for Industrial Mining Environments

Hutchinson Defense and Mobility Division provides runflat solutions to industrial, military and security markets, including to the mining sector.

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Hutchinson Defense and Mobility Division provides runflat solutions to industrial, military and security markets, including the mining sector.

Tire flank protection solutions

Hutchinson offers protection to reduce the risk of unintentional punctures occurring on the flanks of tires.

The Tire Saver Shield TS2™ significantly reduces tire consumption, and the costs related to punctures, including the logistics required for spare parts, storage, and replacement, and also increasing the operational availability of the vehicle.

The T2 is made of a composition of special rubber mix and a high-performance fabrics reinforcement, creating a barrier in-between the tire sidewall and protecting it from potentially damaging terrain, such as curbs, rocks, metal objects, and rebar. It allows the customer to keep on working with minimal downtime.

Product highlights of the Tire Saver Shield TS2 include:

  • Tear / puncture resistance: protects the tire sidewall under various application and conditions
  • Reduced tire lifecycle costs: can reduce the overall fleet and maintenance costs by significantly reducing tire replacements
  • Improved safety: helps eliminate potential tire blowouts due to sidewall impact
  • High-strength / lightweight materials: minimal impact on overall vehicle weight
  • Ease of attachment: the Tire Saver Shield can be easily attached or removed from any wheel position

Streamlined logistics to reduce tire replacement costs

The company’s products, including its latest innovation, the Tire Saver Shield TS2, have proven their performance in applications worldwide.

Due to the sidewall protection, Hutchinson realised the Tire Saver Shield could expand beyond military applications and be implemented in mines, mills, industrial-type environments, and on transit buses.

As a result of frequently forced budgetary requirements, the company highlighted the need to streamline the price of the product, and optimise logistics flows.

Industrial tire protection within the mining sector

Hutchinson recently moved into the mining sector, and has since been developing industry-related products.

Products are now available from 20in to 51in to suit a variety of different tire sizes. The Tire Saver Shield has already been successfully evaluated in the US, German, Turkish and Kazakhstani markets.

Market conditions, as well as the consumer’s need to reduce costs, are a key driver in the product’s success. Miners and equipment operators are looking for innovative cost-saving solutions, and the Tire Saver Shield is proven to prolong tire longevity, reduce vehicle downtime and increase operability.

About Hutchinson

Hutchinson Defense and Mobility is part of the Hutchinson Group, a multi-business and multi-market group that is established in 23 countries on 95 sites.

With precision and body sealing systems; vibration, acoustic, and thermal insulation; fluid transfer systems; transmission; and mobility, Hutchinson aims to create innovative technologies to offer greater comfort and safety.

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