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Mineral Processing and Sensor-Based Sorting Technology

A division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH, incorporating REDWAVE Technology,
Wolfgang Binder Str. 4,
8200 Eggersdorf bei Graz,
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BTW Plant Solutions specialises in mineral processing, material handling systems, and the REDWAVE optical sorting technology.

As an innovative partner for turnkey projects, modification and extensions to existing plants and powered by REDWAVE, we offer our own industrial proved in-house sensor-based sorting machines.

The company operates worldwide and headquartered in Austria. It maintains branch offices in Germany, the US, China and Singapore.


REDWAVE mineral sorting machine

The REDWAVE mineral sorter recognises the target material based on typical characteristics such as colour, transparency, atomic density (elemental composition) and conductivity.

Designed for mineral handling and sorting applications, the sorter aims to enhance the quality and identification of a wide range of minerals, ores and gemstones such as limestone, quartz, talc, gold, nickel, willemite, magnesite, emeralds and diamonds.

Advantages of using the REDWAVE sensor-based sorting solutions include:

• Single or double side scanning
• Up to 2,000mm working width by charge-coupled device (CCD) technology
• Identification and sorting of different materials according to colour, brightness, transparency, and element composition with the leading REDWAVE XRF technology
• High efficiency, recovery rates and availability
• High throughput with maximum recovery of materials
• Fast payback period
• Cost-effective dry and wet sorting technology
• Multi-sensor unit to sort minerals in the same colours

Unique advanced separation technology

The combination of the newly developed X-ray fluorescence technique with a high-resolution RGB camera offers unique opportunities worldwide for recognition at the REDWAVE sorting machine.

By combining the two techniques, it is possible for both the objects and their color and the elemental composition to be used as sorting decision.

Mineral sorting test centre

Our customers can test their products with different REDWAVE mineral sorting machines at our test centre. Using our REDWAVE advanced sorting units, we ensure the highest grades in your end products.

Mining and sand processing plants

Accurate raw material processing is a prerequisite for a high-quality product.
BTW Plant Solutions performs optimised crushing experiments that in collaboration with our innovative partners.

We are experts in:

• Drying / cooling
• Crushing
• Screening and sieving
• Conveying
• Control systems
• Sorting
• Sensor-based sorting powered by REDWAVE

Conveyor technology for bulk materials

BTW Plant Solutions performs the design, delivery and assembly of the crushing, screening, mixing and batching processes, as well as the realisation of rail car discharge stations, landfill sites, reloading points and terminals for trucks and rail cars.

We provide conveying systems within the mining, non-metallic minerals and metallurgical industries, as well as the power sector.

Our processes include:
• Curved belts
• Belt feeders
• Belt or chain bucket elevators
• Conveyors: vertical lift, apron, belt and chute

Mixing and dosing plants

The manufacture of dry construction materials such as cement, fillers, mortar and plaster requires a thorough knowledge of the dosing, weighing, mixing, packing, storing and controlling processes.

BT-Wolfgang Binder designs, assembles and supplies customised mixing plants within the specified time, ranging from materials handling and stockpiling, precise batching and weighing systems, to packaging plants.

We also offer drying, screening, weighing, dosing and storage services.

BTW Plant Solutions and REDWAVE are trademarks of company BT-Wolfgang Binder.

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BTW Plant Solutions
A division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH, incorporating REDWAVE Technology
Wolfgang Binder Str. 4
8200 Eggersdorf bei Graz

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