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Research and Development Solutions Across the Mining Value Chain

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Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has one of the largest minerals research and development groups in the world, with a proven track record of mining innovation.

The organisation’s capabilities include exploration geoscience, process science and engineering, data analytics and decision support. In addition, expertise is available for online analysis and control, resource engineering, characterisation, social and environmental sciences.

Advanced technology solutions for exploration to metal production

CSIRO provides advanced solutions across the minerals value chain from discovery through to processing, mining productivity, environmental performance and community engagement.

With more than 40 years of experience, the company collaborates on large and small exploration projects, processing, and with mining equipment, technology and services (METS) firms worldwide, as well as working with additional industry stakeholders, local, state and national governments, universities and other research centres.

CSIRO provides a wide range of innovative research and development solutions for the mining sector.
Inside CSIRO’s bulk ore sorting analyser – one of the organisation’s ore management developments.
CSIRO’s modelling expertise can be used to better understand deposits and processes for better-informed decision-making.
The Maia x-ray microprobe detector and imaging system captures real-time, high-definition elemental images of complex natural samples.
CSIRO’s research provides positive social and environmental benefits for the mineral resources sector and community.

Mineral resource exploration and discovery

CSIRO’s research aims to increase rates of discovery in Australia and uncover the nation’s next generation of deposits.

This technology will lead to increased investment and greater success rates as new regions of Australia’s covered bedrock are effectively explored.

Advanced resource characterisation

CSIRO is developing and delivering onsite resource characterisation to enable optimum extraction.

Global resource companies can get an in-depth understanding of mineral resources in almost real-time, as well as use new sensor and data processing technologies to reliably predict downstream process optimisation and improve resource life.

The company’s advanced resource characterisation facility in Perth, Australia, houses a diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment used to analyse and characterise materials specific to the minerals and resource sector.

Industry professionals can access this specialised equipment, expertise and customised service to characterise mineral ore.

Selective mining technologies for increased productivity

CSIRO is developing intelligent ore extraction technologies so that global mine operators can exploit essential ore variability, increase productivity and reducing expenditure.

Ore management solutions for mine optimisation

CSIRO’s sensing and sorting technologies can be used to increase mine productivity and safety.

The vision is that global mine operators adopt high-throughput, no-contact sensor technologies and systems for high-tonnage ore sorting, as well as process management and optimisation.

Process productivity for global mineral processing

CSIRO is reducing processing costs with new energy and water efficient technologies, so that global minerals processing operations increase productivity and reduce health and safety risks.

Processing options to boost ore exports

CSIRO is delivering new, advanced processing options to ensure Australian ores are globally competitive commodities.

The aim is to make current uneconomic lower grade ores viable to mine and export.

Responsible metal production

CSIRO is creating a sustainable metal production industry through energy and water-efficient technologies, in addition to recycling options.

This increases metal production efficiency in order to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and increase industry productivity and competitiveness.

Social and environmental research for the mining resources sector

CSIRO’s research is delivering positive social and environmental outcomes for the resources industry.

Our aim is that communities and the mining industry have a shared approach to maximise resource value and ensure positive long-term social and environmental outcomes to underpin a healthy national economy.

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