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Custom Built Steel and Pre-Fabricated / Flat-Pack Modular Shelters and Mining Camp Solutions


Container World is the market leader in Africa for the supply of containerised and pre-fabricated / flat-pack complete mining camp solutions. Our mining camps generally consist of a mixture of converted containers and Multihouse© flat-pack units depending on the unique requirements of each mining site.

Established in 1983, with its headquarters based in Durban, South Africa, Container World has an experienced team of professionals able to assist you through the whole process of designing your camp, all the way through to the logistics of delivering the units to your site.

Pre-fabricated modular and steel containerised mining camps

Container World can provide accommodation facilities, ablutions, site offices, mobile storage units, mobile refrigeration units, kitchens fitted with high-quality catering equipment, dining and canteen halls, laundry units with heavy-duty washing and drying units, water and sewage treatment plants and tanktainers for bulk liquid storage of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

Our company slogan is "Instant Space Solutions", and this is what we endeavour to provide to our clients: quick, efficient service and delivery of their requirements.

Container World supplies containerised and pre-fabricated / flat-pack complete mining camp solutions.
Container World’s Multihouse container system provides a rapid solution for your mining camps.
Container World has new and used 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) CSC certified shipping containers for sale and for hire.
Container World maintains a fleet of bulk liquid tank containers.
Container World Offshore specialises in container equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Container system for rapid mining camp solutions

Container World’s Multihouse container system presents a superior quality space solution at extremely competitive prices. Multihouse packs are transported in bundles of four ‘flat-pack’ units which can reduce transport costs by up to 75%. Units are completely modular in design and can be joined together, with windows and doors positioned to suit almost any application. Bundles are also CSC certified, which makes them ideal for ocean freight, and hassle-free delivery to any international destination.

The standard Multihouse units vary from single open-plan offices/accommodation units, to units with en-suite bathrooms, ablution units, and accommodation blocks of 200 units or more, and can be joined into large modular structures to make canteens and recreation facilities.

Shipping containers converted for mining camps

Container World has new and used 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) CSC certified shipping containers for sale and for hire. Container World’s extensive branch network throughout southern Africa assists in getting the container equipment to our customer’s doorstep, as well as ensuring high container stock availability.

Container World has a professional team tasked with converting containers used in specific applications such as containerised ablutions, accommodation units, kitchens, offices and storage space. Container World has deployed modular container camps using the shipping container as the basic unit for the development of remote camp facilities for the mining industry and for the onshore oil and gas industry.

Refrigerated containers and container cold storage systems

Container World has a fleet of refrigerated containers, referred to as reefers, in 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) dimensions. The standard operating temperature for the refrigerated container is -20ºC (-0.4ºF) to +15ºC (50ºF). The reefer container also ships as a standard shipping container, which makes it suitable for inter-modal transportation options. These characteristics make the reefer the perfect solution for all cold storage applications.

Container World can also offer the option of modifying the reefers to make them suitable for freezing goods, or even modify them to allow two separate storage areas, or more, inside the same reefer container.

Tank containers and bulk liquid shipping containers for the mining industry

Container World maintains a fleet of bulk liquid tank containers. The Container World tank container is a large stainless-steel pressure vessel held within a 20ft ISO frame that is used for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. The 20ft ISO frame ensures that tank containers can be transported using most modern inter-modal transportation options, including container ships, trucks and rail. The tank container provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to transport and store bulk liquids. Capacity ranges are 20,000l and 26,000l, depending on the cargo, with a working pressure rating of 3 Bar to 4 Bar.

Container World sells tank containers and leases tank containers globally with specific emphasis within the African market.

Containers and containerised equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry

Container World Offshore specialises in container equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as certain specialised onshore applications.

Container World Offshore’s product range includes offshore cargo containers in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft variations, specialised offshore cargo containers that include 20ft offshore frames (skids), waste skips, baskets, toolbox units, freight open top containers, lukabaskets, insulated and heated containers, chemical offshore containers with capacities ranging from 300gal to 1,000gal, and offshore refrigerated containers.

Trust Container World to establish your remote mining camps

Container World’s team of professionals are always available, and more than willing, to assist you with the establishment of your remote mining camps. For more information regarding products and services please visit our website.

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    Drawing on our 30 years of industry experience, our highly skillled team of professionals have adopted a hands-on approach with our clients from consultation to final delivery and beyond, thereby ensuring conversions are manufactured to the highest of standards according to specifications and ultimate customer satisfaction.

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