Re:mote Monitoring

GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech (GSVT) is an expert in blasting and vibration consulting and is the leader in collecting vibration, geotechnical, noise, air quality, and environmental data.

Whether you need to monitor vibrations from blasting, record data on plant noise levels, measure dust at off-site locations, the movement of a slope or just collect water levels, GSVT’s Re:mote Monitoring capabilities bring the field to you, saving you time and resources.

Remote vibration monitoring systems

Your site data – anywhere, any time. That’s what you get with a Re:mote vibration monitoring system that provides web-based data access.

GSVT’s proprietary Re:mote Monitoring uses on-site monitoring to automatically convert your site data into valuable engineering information. This information is then stored in our encrypted database, the Vault.

GSVT specialises in remote vibration, geotechnical and environmental monitoring and consulting services.
Our remote vibration monitoring systems uses on-site monitoring to automatically convert your site data into engineering information.
Our geotechnical monitoring systems provide data on slope movements, excavations, tunnels and adjacent structures.
We manufacture user-friendly seismographs for all mining and construction applications.

Since we provide a password-protected, customized project website for each client, you can access your secure information anywhere there’s internet. That means access to fast, reliable field data without being in the field.

Seismographs for mining applications

GSVT is a leader in manufacturing quality, user-friendly seismographs for all mining and construction applications. All our seismographs are complete monitoring systems with LCD displays and heavy-duty twist-lock metal cable connections.

The cases are manufactured with the toughest structural resin available, protecting the most water-resistant seismographs on the market. Basic compliance-reporting software is included with each unit at no additional charge and all units are proudly made in the US.

Environmental monitoring of mining sites

Mining and quarrying operations can be overwhelmed by the need to monitor multiple environmental conditions. GSVT’s Re:mote Monitoring units save time and money with their versatile configurations and capabilities.

Re:mote Monitoring allows you to record measurements in multiple formats, at multiple sites. Once the data is in our secure database our customizable website interface allows you to graphically view the data and annotate it for variables like heavy rainfall, spills or other conditions, thereby permitting more accurate analysis down the line.

Geotechnical mine site monitoring

Mining projects often require data on slope movements, excavations, tunnels or adjacent structures. These types of projects require multiple sensors at locations that are often inaccessible.

GSVT’s Re:mote Monitoring Technology gives you piece of mind, allowing you to see real-time data anywhere, anytime. If the data exceeds pre-determined warning levels alarms, emails and text messages are sent to alert project personnel.

Data analysis and consulting services for mine sites

At GSVT, we have the technical expertise necessary to provide reliable data analysis and consulting services. We offer:

  • Blasting audits
  • Vibration criteria development for structures, pipelines and slopes
  • Iso-Seis and Vibra-Map evaluations for controlling off-site blasting effects
  • Environmental impact assessments for blasting, dust and noise
  • Subsurface investigations using geophysical methods
  • Community relations consulting
  • Expert testimony

From permitting to reclamation, our professionals provide start-to-finish vibration, geotechnical, noise, air quality and environmental monitoring. We use more than 60 years of experience and leading-edge instrumentation to find innovative solutions for any mining or construction-related need. We also offer community relations consulting for litigation, hearings and meetings with the public.