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Commercial Catering Equipment

Fagor Industrial is an international, market-leading manufacturer of commercial catering equipment, offering quality products and competitive pre and post-sales service.

Fagor Australasia Pty Ltd has a unique position in the Australian market: it is the only major European brand with direct representation and a factory office in Australia that can offer a full range of cooking, dishwashing, refrigeration, combi ovens and food-holding equipment. Fagor Australasia is a fully supported extension of the Spanish Fagor Industrial factory.

Fagor’s One Brand, One Solution capability means that the company can meet any commercial catering need no matter how big or small the project is, and has years of experience of supplying the mining industry with commercial kitchen equipment.

Fagor is able to supply its entire range of products at very competitive prices and has an extensive warehouse ready to deliver stock and spare parts to your chosen location.

Fagor equipment is always easy-to-clean and care for and designed to be stylish, functional and reliable. The company’s range includes:

  • Combi ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Modular cooking equipment in two different sized series
  • Refrigeration
  • Ice makers
  • Blast chillers
  • Edesa food holding equipment
  • Custom-designed Symphony cooking blocks

Fagor Australasia: Advance Combi Ovens

Fagor’s new generation of Advance Combi Ovens is designed to be the most technologically advanced range of combi ovens available on the market, with highly competitive prices. There are three ranges (Advance Plus, Advance and Advance Concept), each available in five sizes and in gas and electric options.

Fagor Australasia: Cooking Equipment

Fagor offers two different sized series of modular cooking equipment: the 700 series is suitable for kitchens where room is at a premium, offering high-performance, space-efficient equipment, and the 900 series is ideal for more spacious or production kitchens.

Fagor Australasia: Dishwashing

Fagor dishwashers offer the ultimate value for money in an aggressive market. Fagor Advance dishwashers include many features as standard, including drain pumps, rinse dispensers and detergent dispensers.

Fagor Australasia: Symphony Cooking Blocks

Fagor's Symphony cooking blocks are entirely custom-designed and built to last a lifetime. Found in the very best restaurants in the world, including Mugaritz and Arzak, the sense of style evident in the blocks makes them particularly well-suited to prestigious, open-plan kitchens.

Fagor the Manufacturer

Did you know that Fagor Australasia differs from the competition here in Australia in one major way? The company is a manufacturer; not a reseller, not a dealer, not an importer but the Australian factory office of Fagor Industrial.

Fagor Australasia Pty Ltd

7 Boola Place (PO Box 466) Dee Why

New South Wales 2099