The Jeffares & Green (J&G) Group offers professional consulting services in all civil and structural disciplines, as well as geotechnical engineering, environmental services, earth sciences and integrated water and wastewater management.

After more than 88 years of serving South Africa, J&G has in recent years become increasingly involved in the field of mine infrastructure across Africa. Projects include the design of haul roads, road deviations, road crossings, water supply schemes, airports, civil infrastructure, geotechnical investigations, environmental services and construction monitoring.

Mine road and earthworks design and construction monitoring services

J&G is able to offer design and construction monitoring services for all types of roads, from freeways to gravel roads. Typical road projects undertaken for mining houses include the realignment of public roads to increase reserves, access roads, circulation roads and heavy-haul roads, including roads catering for 80t mine vehicles and others catering for 400t road trains.

The firm has also been responsible for bulk earthworks for mine and process plant infrastructure.

Dragline crossing constructed over Road P30 - 1 on behalf of Ingwe Coal, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
New access road for Goedgevonden Mine, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Tailings conveyor at Braken Diamond Mine, Northern Cape, South Africa.
Tailings dam inlet works at Buhemba Gold Mine, Tanzania.
Haul truck at Sishen South Mine, Kumba Iron Ore, Northern Cape, South Africa.

Heavy-haul railway lines

J&G has been tasked with the design of heavy-haul railway lines in narrow and standard gauge, including a 25 million-ton-per-annum line through challenging mountainous terrain in North Africa.

Professional expertise is available for modelling, simulations, the development of operating procedures and advice on locomotive power.

Water supply schemes for mines

J&G has undertaken a number of potable water supply and plant water augmentation schemes for mines both in South Africa and north of our borders. Water treatment expertise is also offered.

Bridge design and construction monitoring

The firm is well know for its design and construction monitoring for all types of bridges, including river bridges, road-over-rail and rail-over-road bridges, and has won many awards for excellence in this field. All types of civil engineering and building structures are also undertaken.

Wastewater treatment / tailings dams

J&G has the expertise to offer services in the collection and treatment / disposal of both domestic and industrial wastewater.

The group has also been responsible for the development and management of tailings dams.

Mining geotechnical engineering, environmental services and earth sciences

J&G offers geotechnical and environmental services, including slope stability, materials investigations, foundation investigations, environmental impact assessments, permitting and mine rehabilitation.

Expert teams also offer hydrology and geohydrology, groundwater monitoring and modelling, and contaminated land assessment and remediation.

Airstrips for the mining industry

J&G has undertaken the development of airstrips, including feasibility studies, planning, design and licensing, for mines in various countries.

Solid waste management for mine sites

J&G has a specialist division that deals with integrated solid waste management, including on-site development and management of waste dumps as well as the design of transfer stations.

A team of environmental scientists and civil, process and environmental engineers undertakes environmental footprinting, a measurement that goes beyond that of carbon footprinting, to include the potential impacts of water and waste, thereby establishing a holistic picture of the environmental impact.