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Mining Simulation Software, Modelling Services and Simulators

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MeVEA provides mining simulation software, modelling services and complete simulators using real-world control systems and immersive virtual reality environments.

Real-time simulation of mining dynamics

MeVEA is specialised in real-time simulations with special know-how of multi-body dynamics and using a multi-body approach. We base our simulations on highly advanced calculations and we provide our customers with realistic simulators in realistic operating environments, in order for them to develop, test and train. The mining industry utilises MeVEA’s solutions in machine-building, R&D and training.

Training simulators for mines

MeVEA offers three different packages of training simulators for mines: Basic, Advanced and Pro. The differences are in the amount of exercises and the training environment. Simulators can be used in trainee selection, training and advanced training of professionals, including evaluation.

Various different scenarios can be simulated in a safe environment without the risk of machinery damages. Besides the realistic scenery and environment, the software provides exercises and evaluation of the user. In an advanced level of training even productivity can be increased.

Basic mining training simulator for the Sandvik LH410
Screenshot of a tunnelling jumbo R&D simulator made for Sandvik.
Professional training and R&D simulator for an RTG crane delivered to Brazil, including four large screens, motion platform and an evaluation desk with two PCs.
MeVEA Modeller mining software, used in this case to develop a tunnelling jumbo.
MeVEA real-time mining simulation environment.

For training centres it is crucial to be able to select and guide the best trainee with a realistic simulator. Getting familiar with the machine and executing the basic exercises are a great way to start the training programme. Large screens, 3D sounds and a motion base offer a realistic environment for practice.

Later in the training process, using more advanced exercises combined with a realistic environment with a motion platform will result in trainees being ready for the real machinery. Additionally, with the MeVEA training simulator the real machinery can be kept in productive work during the training period.

R&D simulators for mining machinery

MeVEA’s simulators for mining machinery are perfect for research and development. When it comes to developing an existing machine, simulation based on multi-body dynamics is everything. With MeVEA’s tailor-made R&D simulators even hazardous situations can be simulated. Everything is based on real-time simulation of dynamics, which is the only basis to develop accurate solutions. Developers are able to test and develop various interactions and find the correct solution for the future.

The need for prototypes can be reduced as the simulator can be modified with the customer’s controlling platform. Evaluation of constructions and components can be performedly cost-effectively throughout the machine’s lifetime; from planning, to marketing, to developing. The accuracy of MeVEA’s R&D simulators is at the level used in highly detailed product development projects.

The software MeVEA has developed has been used successfully for machinery in the mining industry. The key to success has been the accuracy of the software, which is based on real-time simulation of dynamics, not guesses like in the gaming industry.

Mining simulation and modelling software

We offer mining simulation and modelling software. MeVEA Modeller software is a tool for editing simulation-model parameters of components like rigid and flexible bodies, joint constraints and actuators.

MeVEA Solver software is implemented using modular library architecture, consisting of libraries for dynamic simulation and visualisation, and interfaces to connect users and hardware.

Mining real-time simulation software

The MeVEA simulation software is well suited for real-time simulation of various systems. The efficiency of the software is based on advanced modelling methods and using algorithm solutions and computing dispersion. The software provides a realistic view of the system’s dynamics, including the interaction of mechanical parts and machinery.

A customised package of a combination of different modules can be produced to meet customer needs and it can also be expanded later.

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