Greenhouse Strategies, a US company, is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for the mining and heavy construction industry. From LED fixtures to the industry’s first LED light towers, we build the most efficient and durable light products on the market today.

LED light towers for mining

Work in more places with silent operation and zero emissions with battery operation and hybrid models. LED light provides five times the bulb life with instant on with no heat up or cool down delays. Environmentally friendly LED fixtures reduce dangerous glare to drivers and workers in construction zones.

Hybrid LED light tower

The industry’s first hybrid light tower offers over 40% in fuel savings on generator use alone. Extend run times with less fuel deliveries by charging and running the unit at the same time.

Battery operated LED light tower

With no noise, no fuel and no emissions during battery powered operation, our light towers can work in places other light towers can not. Indoors, concerts, public speaking events, construction in rural areas and countless other sensitive applications are all made easier with up to 10hrs of runtime on a single charge. These units eliminate the inconveniences of fuel delivery and the dangers of spill risks. Up to four units can be charged by one generator.

An industry first: hybrid operated LED light towers for the mining industry.
Silent run battery operated light towers can work indoors and out.
LED light fixtures that range from 100W to 1,000W of comparable light and operate on up to 80% less energy.

LED lighting fixtures

LED fixtures provide up to 80% in energy savings over comparable lighting technologies. Other benefits include the elimination of uplight (dark sky friendly), custom color rendering, add on technologies and communication, extremely durable and last over 50,000hrs. These fixtures operate on a wide range of both AC and DC voltage. Solar, wind, motion sensing, dimming and custom controls add even more efficiency and longer life.

Custom LED mining solutions

Greenhouse Strategies has been providing the world’s largest mining facilities with the highest quality and most efficient led light fixtures available. Our LED solutions are available for interior, exterior and heavy mining equipment. The world’s most durable fixtures are manufactured with our most demanding customers in mind.

Solar LED lighting

Solar LED applications eliminate the need for expensive wiring and electricity costs. Each solar LED light system is custom built to meet the needs of the customer in any location around the world.