K+S KALI is a global leader in potash mining. We specialise in the extraction and preparation of heterogeneous crude salts, particularly those containing magnesium. We are efficient and environmentally aware, and use a unique technology.

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Dust binding system for mining, construction and demolition sites

MAXXsolute™ is the new solution for dust binding. When dust occurs in areas such as open cast mining, underground extraction, unmade roads, in quarries, at construction sites or during the demolition of buildings, MAXXsolute provides a sustainable solution for the collection of coarse and fine dust.

Using the latest technology on the market and giving you the highest possible performance per application, MAXXsolute uses a special environmentally friendly formula which ensures just one application will lasts weeks – saving you time, money and water.

Experience, perseverance and innovation have turned K+S Kali into a technologically groundbreaking producer of quality products.
For open-cast mining fields dust formation is a tremendous problem.
Vehicles cause a huge amount of airborne dust on dry, unpaved roads, making driving unsafe.
Very often dust at construction sites is a big problem within the mining industry.
Most water-based drilling muds in oil drilling and exploration uses potassium chloride as an essential component.

Micro dust-binding agent for coal mines

MAXXsolute is a very effective and long-lasting micro dust-binding agent, which can be used anywhere where there’s a risk of dust. Due to its hygroscopic and water-retaining characteristics, it keeps the surface moist, preventing dust formation.

In coal mines, unwanted fine coal dust is produced and carried away through air shafts only to be deposited on roofs and slopes as a dry layer. In this form, the dust can be easily stirred up again and, if ignited, can cause dangerous explosions.

MAXXsolute adheres to the walls and therefore minimises airborne dust. It not only makes the air clean and safe but also prevents the risk of explosions by binding the coal particles.

Dust formation control for open-cast mining fields

Dust formation is a tremendous problem for open-cast mining fields. Dust clouds can be carried several miles by wind gusts, annoying local residents. MAXXsolute is the perfect way to avoid complaints about dirty rooftops, cars and laundry, as well as health concerns.

Dust supressor and road stabiliser agent

Driving vehicles on dry, unpaved roads can cause a huge amount of airborne dust, making driving unsafe. Driving surfaces damaged by potholes make this even worse and result in expensive and time intensive road maintenance.

MAXXsolute works immediately as an effective dust suppressor, road stabiliser and compaction agent by giving a smooth and stabilized driving surface, while providing improved visibility. It also prevents wind erosion.

By penetrating several inches into the road, MAXXsolute causes a long-lasting, stabilising effect in the ground. This also reduces frost damage and therefore causes a better overall wear. One application can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months (depending on weather conditions). As a result, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Dust management at construction and demolition sites

Dust at construction sites is often a problem. Heavy truck traffic on unpaved roads swirls dust into the air and can be carried to surrounding areas by wind. MAXXsolute effectively prevents the formation of dust particles during building demolition, helping to keep the air clean.

MAXXsolute uses the latest technology on the market, giving you the highest possible performance per application. With its special environmentally friendly formula just one application will last weeks – saving time, money and water.

The dust and micro-dust binding agent is very effective and long-lasting, which can be used anywhere where there’s a risk of dust. Due to its hygroscopic and water retaining characteristics, it keeps the surface moist, preventing dust formation.

MAXXsolute is able to reduce the concentration of hazardous micro dust in the air. Its application saves time and work, and is the moderately priced solution
for clean air in the working environment.

Potassium chloride for application in oil drilling

Potassium chloride is an essential component of most water-based drilling mud’s used in oil drilling and exploration. During drilling it has a stabilising effect on shale and clay horizons.

Potassium chloride is a high-purity product and has a low content of secondary salts. It is almost completely soluble and has no organic additives.