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Cable Crane Systems for Mining Applications

We are a dynamic, medium-sized company that solves difficult transport tasks in rough terrain worldwide with the help of cable crane systems.


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LCS provides cable crane systems and winches for use in various industries, including the mining sector.

In addressing transportation challenges across rugged terrains, our expertise takes center stage. As specialists in cable crane systems and authorities in winch construction, we engineer tailored solutions to meet precise customer requirements.

Our cable crane systems and specialised winches serve as comprehensive solutions, facilitating and simplifying construction sites situated in inaccessible terrains. In doing so, we adeptly navigate and surmount every transport challenge for our clients – ensuring safety and maintaining a conscientious approach to the surrounding environment.

Regardless of the adversities posed by environmental conditions or the intricacies of project requirements, our complete systems enhance construction project efficiency, reduce costs, and guarantee the safety of all stakeholders – on a global scale and at all times.

Operating in diverse sectors, including hydropower, dam construction, mountain construction sites, bridge construction, oil and gas, and mining, our detailed project knowledge remains integral. We view our ongoing development and improvement processes as pivotal to our success.

With years of experience and a wealth of expertise, we proudly stand as one of the foremost companies in transportation and drive solutions utilizing cable crane systems and winches.

Our Commitment

At LCS, our unwavering commitment is to continually elevate our performance each day. We firmly believe that there exists an optimal solution for every transportation challenge.

Our team of seasoned specialists dedicates itself to refining our systems, tailoring them to precisely meet the unique requirements of our clients. From initial planning through production, assembly, inspection, and dismantling, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach from inception to completion.

Expertise and Heritage

With a legacy spanning over 70 years, LCS stands as a preeminent authority in cable crane systems and specialized winches. As the foremost supplier of temporary cable crane systems, we manufacture each component to the highest standards and subject them to continuous refinement. Our clients benefit from our profound expertise, receiving comprehensive project support that spans from meticulous planning to the successful realization of their endeavors.

Global Presence

Having successfully completed over 200 projects across five continents, LCS is well-versed in navigating the intricacies of international operations. We understand the importance of adhering to diverse regulations, comprehending foreign languages, and adapting to varying terrains, climatic conditions, and cultures. Our extensive global experience positions us as a reliable partner capable of meeting the unique challenges posed by different regions.

Our Commitment to Success

Whether engaged in hydro power, pipeline construction, mountain construction sites, or mining, our portfolio of realized projects is expansive. Our wealth of experience, coupled with our goal-oriented project management, ensures efficient, rapid, and secure outcomes for each construction site. We uphold stringent safety standards for all involved parties and maintain an unwavering commitment to the quality of our installations, reinforcing our promise of success.

Our Proficiency

Material Transport

Cable crane systems excel in transporting a diverse range of materials across various applications, irrespective of terrain complexities and payload requirements. Our expertise ensures seamless and efficient material transport in any setting.

Personnel Safety Systems

Ensuring the safety of all individuals involved in maintenance and surveillance activities is a paramount concern. Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems guarantee uncompromised safety at all times, addressing the challenges associated with personnel safety with the highest standards.


Our versatile winches serve multiple functions simultaneously, exhibiting efficiency and precision. Whether transporting materials, machinery, or personnel, our winches stand as reliable companions, demonstrating unwavering performance in transport, securing, and rescue operations.

Dam and Bridge Construction

In the realm of dam and bridge construction, our cable crane systems operate with precision, safety, and speed. They facilitate the transportation of materials, equipment, and personnel at considerable heights and over extensive distances, ensuring the success of projects with exacting standards.

Pipeline Construction

Extreme environmental conditions, steep slopes, and rocky terrains often pose challenges that push traditional methods to their limits in pipeline construction. Our cable crane systems provide efficient and sustainable transport solutions, overcoming these obstacles and delivering exceptional performance in demanding environments.

Our Diverse Sectors


The complexities of tight spaces, profound depths, and heavy materials define the intricacies of mining construction sites. Prioritizing the absolute safety of all individuals involved, our shaft winches play a crucial role. Deployed for material transport, as service, or rescue winches, they ensure the secure and efficient operation of mining sites. Our specialized surveillance systems further enable comprehensive monitoring and maintenance, reinforcing safety protocols.

Mountain Construction Sites

Navigating rivers, lakes, mountains, and steep terrains presents seemingly insurmountable challenges for transportation. Our cable crane systems provide weather-independent, eco-friendly solutions tailored to the unique demands of mountain construction sites. Offering cost-effective and efficient operations, they establish access precisely where needed, even operating around the clock, seven days a week.

Oil and Gas

In the dynamic realm of oil and gas, where pipelines seldom run straight, our highly professional cable crane systems offer well-thought-out solutions. Addressing curves, slopes, sheer terrain, and climatic differences, they contribute explicitly to project success and the long-term usability of pipelines. Their precision ensures optimal positioning of pipes and facilitates required excavation and reinstatement work.

Bridge Construction

The distinctive challenges of long distances, great heights, and the diverse materials and machinery required characterize bridge construction. Through meticulous project planning, maximum precision, speed, and unwavering quality, our cable crane systems guarantee a smooth process throughout the entire construction period. Safely transporting material, machinery, and personnel to desired locations, they play a pivotal role in the success of bridge construction projects.

Dam Construction

Dam construction sites, often situated in challenging terrains, benefit from our high-performance cable crane systems, inherited from ThyssenKrupp. Operating in all three axes of space (X-, Y-, and Z-axes), these crane units provide accessibility to every area of the construction site, significantly enhancing efficiency. The substantial transport volume they handle contributes to the overall success of dam construction projects.

Hydro Power

The construction of hydropower plants poses formidable challenges, including steep sloping terrain, wide gorges, impassable landscapes, and massive water masses. Our cable crane systems overcome these obstacles, serving as a safe and cost-effective long-term solution for accessing difficult project conditions and ensuring the success of hydropower projects.

White Papers

  • Tailing Dams: Forquilha III - Brazil

    For a major project in South America, LCS was asked to develop a maintenance system using winch technology to allow safe access to the tailings dams around an ore mining area.

Press Releases

  • LCS Launches New Patented Personnel Safety Solution

    LCS Cable Cranes GmbH was commissioned to find a solution for maintenance and monitoring activities on tailings ponds or a conventional dam in mining. For these activities, entering the work area is life-threatening due to dam breaches or earth movements.

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