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Mine Refuge Systems

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ON2 Solutions build, supply and service a complete mine refuge system designed to provide a breathable air supply in the event of an underground emergency.

The TommyKnocker and award-winning Refuge One Air-Centre provide a safe haven with up to 96 hours of re-breathable air to both permanent refuge stations and mobile refuge chambers until rescuers arrive. Our mine refuge system is capable of operating independent of any external compressed air or electricity and is designed to affordably protect the lives of trapped miners while they await rescue.

Mine refuge systems for underground applications

Our complete mine refuge systems, including our mobile refuge chamber and breathable air unit, provide a safe underground refuge.

The TommyKnocker mobile refuge chamber can be custom-built to comfortably accommodate up to 20 people. The TommyKnocker has many optional features available, including air-conditioning, a carbon monoxide scrubber, and compressed air outlet stations.

ON<sub>2</sub> designs, builds, supplies and services the TK2 mobile mine refuge chamber for the underground Hard Rock mining industry. The TK2’s rugged, yet simple design, provides operational availability when you need it most.
Tommyknocker components.
The NEW TK2 design has an extended airlock entryway (2m), which will ensure fast and unobstructed access into the refuge chamber for two people, including a stretcher if needed. The new shrouded external battery compartment is capable of providing up to 96 hours of power and provides extra storage space inside the chamber.

The Refuge One Air Centre provides reliable, breathable air during an underground emergency by supplying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the air inside a refuge chamber. It is compact, sturdy, easy to operate, and is designed to function independently of the mine’s power or compressed air.

ON2 offers the Refuge One Air Centre either as a standalone unit for your existing refuge chamber, or installed in our TommyKnocker mobile refuge chambers.

Self-contained mobile refuge chambers

The TommyKnocker mine refuge chamber is a completely self-contained mobile refuge chamber for use where permanent refuge stations do not already exist, or where portability is a requirement. ON2‘s standard TommyKnocker model is a mobile mine refuge chamber designed to support between eight and 20 occupants, measuring 14ft to 30ft-long, 7.5ft-wide and 7ft-high.

All TommyKnockers are constructed with four built-in laser cut lifting lugs to facilitate lifting and hoisting; skid-mounted for easy relocation (pushing or dragging) and forklift transfer. The chamber’s size and portability makes it easy to move to different mine locations as the mine develops to insure its position is always in the correct location.

Breathable air systems for mobile and permanent refuge

The ON2 Refuge One Air Centres provide breathable air without external power or compressed air for both mobile refuge chambers and permanent refuge stations. ON2 Refuge One Air Centres ensure miners have breathable air while waiting for a rescue operation to reach them.

The Refuge One Air Centre replenishes oxygen using high-pressure oxygen cylinders at a metered rate based on the number of occupants. The unit also purges carbon dioxide (CO2) within the refuge chamber by passing the air through carbon dioxide scrubbers.

The Refuge One Air Centre is available in two sizes: a single bed unit, typically used for up to 20 people, or a double bed unit, typically used for 20 to 30 people.

OHS-compliant mine refuge chambers

To ensure strict compliance with all OHS Regulations in Canada, ON2 SOLUTIONS make structural design changes to the TommyKnocker as required. The newly designed TK2 now has a two-metre airlock entryway which provides easy and unobstructed access for two people, including a stretcher in case of an emergency.

In addition, ON2 has added a shrouded external battery compartment, providing up to 96 hours of power and extra storage space inside the chamber. The TK2 can also be fitted with two inches of ROXUL insulation to provide fire rating and better control the chamber’s internal temperature.

With the miners’ comfort in mind, and to eliminate any additional heat build-up within the chamber, ON2 now uses only high output dimmable LED lighting to ensure cool operation with maximum LED life. These design changes enhance the safety of the miners and provide an increased level of comfort for all occupants in an emergency while they await rescue.

Award-winning design and technology

The Refuge One Air Centre is recognised both nationally and internationally. In September 1995, the Refuge One Air Centre received the top honour in the International Field of Applied Research, the USA’s Research and Development Award (R&D 100).

In October 1996, the Refuge Once Air Centre received Canada’s OHS Innovative Product Award of Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety.

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    ON2 designs, builds, supplies and services 'The TommyKnocker' mobile mine refuge chamber for the underground mining. It typically includes the ON2 'Refuge One Air Centre', making it a complete mine refuge system.

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    ON2's Refuge One Air Centre provides and maintains a source of breathable air during an underground emergency.

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