Frontier Helicopters specialises in mining and exploration helicopter operations.

We provide cost-effective solutions to remote area operations in this industry and we have ongoing relationships with mining and exploration companies in the Kimberley and Pilbara areas.

Mining and exploration helicopter operations

The services we provide include heritage surveys / clearance, geological surveys, environmental flora and fauna surveys, as well as roading and earthwork surveys.

We are also able to offer full drill rig support including:

Frontier Helicopters has a fleet of helicopters suitable for mining and exploration charter operations.
Services provided by Frontier include heritage surveys / clearance, geological surveys, environmental flora and fauna surveys, as well as roading and earthwork surveys.
Geophysical survey work requires specialised aircraft and underslung load handling.
The AS 350 B2 'Squirrel' is the largest and fastest helicopter in our fleet. It is well-known for passenger comfort and can handle up to a 900kg sling load.
Frontier Helicopters provides helicopters with proven reliability for remote area exploration.
  • Crew helicopter transfers
  • Rig resupply
  • Heli portable rig moves and support with experienced precision long line pilots
  • Drill site surveys
  • VIP helicopter transfer
  • Full standby medivac for remote area operations
  • Stretcher capable AS 350 B2 helicopter (see picture to right)

Geophysical survey by helicopter

Frontier Helicopters pilots have particular experience in airborne geophysics, also known as geophysical surveys. This requires specialised aircraft and underslung load handling.

Our helicopter pilots offer the precision skills and understanding of the system being flown for the best and most cost-effective data collection.

Geophysical aerial survey services include:

  • Gravity and seismic
  • Magnetometer
  • Electromagnetic

Frontier Helicopter pilots have skills specific to geophysical survey work, including:

  • Minimal crosstrack variation
  • The ability to maintain accurate heights whilst flying difficult contours
  • Smooth speed control and correct frame angles

Helicopter fleet

We have three helicopters available for airwork and charter:

  • the AS 350 B2 ‘Squirrel’
  • the Bell 206 ‘Jet Ranger’
  • the Robinson 44 Raven 1

Our fleet offers a range of capabilities.

Helicopter safety and management systems

The management of Frontier Helicopters believes that workplace health and safety is top priority.

Frontier Helicopters is commited to providing safe work conditions and a safe environment for our clients and staff. The health and safety of all employees, passengers and other physical assets of the company are of the utmost importance when conducting our business.

Working safely leads to efficiency and profitably. We remain proactive in strengthening our work practices and hold regular meetings to discuss safety issues. This keeps safety at the top of our thinking at all times.

A key factor in enhancing our position in helicopter safety is a management system that identifies key safety performance indicators and tracks them throughout the company.

Our clients work with Frontier Helicopters in the knowledge that we are absolutely committed to accident-free company operations.

As a leading helicopter charter in Australia, Frontier Helicopters has extensive insurance coverage for all our operations and certificates can be provided on request.