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Surface Protection Materials and Plastics Engineering Services

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Steuler KCH Australia (Steuler KCH) supplies surface protection solutions and engineering services across a wide range of industries across the Australia-Pacific region.

The company offers industrial corrosion protection, refractory linings and plastic solutions as well as design, specification, material supply and comprehensive installation services.

Surface protection materials for mining applications

Steuler KCH develops, manufactures and installs lining systems for the mining industry.

The company incorporates a wide range of services, including:

Acid resistant linings
BEKASTEEL – this is our stainless steel lining system for applications with particularly challenging stresses.
Our rubber linings provide effective protection for steel and concrete components against chemical and mechanical attack.
The BEKAPLAST system uses conical anchor studs on the reverse of the plate, which create a permanent mechanical connection between the plastic lining and concrete.
  • Access to in-house and third-party R&D departments
  • Product specification, testing and consulting with clients
  • Purchasing, delivery and logistics
  • In-house engineering, construction and design services
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Training

Our proven lining technology increases plant availability and operational reliability and includes:

  • Acid-resistant brick lining of process equipment and vessels
  • Rubber lining systems (on-site or workshop rubber linings)
  • Coatings and acid-proof tile linings (combined linings) for industrial floorings in all areas
  • Coating systems with national technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (§§ 62/63) that are suitable for use in storage, filling and handling areas as well as collection basins.
  • Synthetic resin and water glass-based mortars
  • Mechanically anchored thermoplastic systems (BEKAPLAST® ) for trenches, pits and vessels
  • Mechanically anchored stainless steel lining systems for surface areas, plants and rooms subject to extremely high mechanical stress (BEKASTEEL®)

Steuler KCH’s refractory production line comprises shaped non-basic products on raw material bases, including fireclay, corundum, chromium corundum, zirconium and silicon carbide (SiC) materials, as well as unshaped products.

We develop, supply and install:

  • Refractory linings for sulphur reaction plants used in the copper, nickel, zinc and phosphate mining industries
  • Refractory linings for rotary kilns used in the rare earths and iron ore pelletizing industries
  • Refractory linings for travelling grate furnaces, annular coolers and fluidised bed roasters

Specialist plastics engineering services

Steuler KCH constructs plant and components from technical plastics, using its industry-related skillset and experience to help its clients meet their facility and processing technologies requirements.

The company advises clients on selecting the right material and on its suitability for specific applications, ensuring the best plant design, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to turn individual plans into reality, from the first idea to the final product.

Steuler KCH manufactures a wide range of products, including:

  • Duroplastic materials made from unsaturated polyester or vinylester resins, which are reinforced with E-glass (alkali-free textile glass), and carbon or synthetic fibres
  • Fibreglass-reinforced piping and tank with chemically protective coatings or thermoplastic inner liners
  • Mechanically anchored thermoplastic linings for basins, tubs, sewage piping systems, shafts and processing tanks
  • Polypropylene nozzle level and linings
  • Thermoplastic and duroplastic composites and customised structures
  • Thermoplastic materials: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and special grades
  • Wet electrostatic filter components and casing

Plant modernisation and optimisation

Steuler KCH specialises in the renovation and general improvement of existing plants.

The company offers a range of services, covering full and partial replacement of acid-proof lining and refractory lining systems, the dismantling and re-assembly of scrubbers and pipework, as well as retrofitting spray nozzle arrays and piping in flue gas scrubber installations.

Steuler KCH also offers a full concrete repair and rehabilitation service for areas that are to be subsequently protected with industrial corrosion lining systems

The company offers on-site installation and assembly, personnel who can monitor work at the site and, if necessary, training to plant workers. Comprehensive customer support is always available throughout the project.

Steuler KCH’s quality assurance meets the demands of worldwide standards throughout the manufacturing process, starting from raw materials to finished components. Appropriate testing is carried out at all stages of every project to ensure both safety and quality.

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