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Environmental and Sustainability Compliance Solutions

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Greenbase has been providing specialised Environmental Accounting services to the mining industry for over 20 years. Environmental accounting applies financial accounting principles and best practices with scientific methods and deep regulatory knowledge to provide a compliance system to produce accurate and up-to-date solutions and reports.

Over 70 miners and over 250 Australian Mines now use the knowledge of our experts and our SaaS platform IGAN™ for their Environmental Accounting and Reporting needs across all territories of Australia. IGAN helps to streamline the audit process and reduce external costs, thereby decreasing the need for internal resources while still providing accurate data.

Our environmental accounting services include ESG and Sustainability reporting, NetZero reporting, pollutant inventories, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) reporting, water accounting and more. With this data, clients can work to improve productivity, lower costs, and increase environmental stewardship.

Greenbase helps to provide reports and data sets for business planning and optimisation. It has also been able to help with lifecycle assessments and GHG assessments which form part of the environmental risk assessment.

Sustainable accounting capabilities for mine sites

The company’s specialised processes and systems provide a targeted compliance system to transform complex data into clear and easily understandable reports to ensure environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance.

Greenbase has extended its IGAN platform into the Social and Governance Pillars to offer our clients a full suite of ESG accounting metrics. Greenbase now provides full ESG (SASB) and CSR(GRI) datasets for multiple clients with value-added mapping to UNSDG’s, TCFD Disclosure and tracking for NET Zero.

Sustainability reports

Greenbase has helped many businesses across a range of complex, resource-and-energy-intensive sectors such as the mining, oil and gas, and power industries to produce environmental standardised reports to disclose output and success.

A sustainability report contains information about a company’s material risks and opportunities that is useful for both internal and external stakeholders. Greenbase can assist companies to identify relevant voluntary and regulatory reporting frameworks and standards, as well as collect, manage and present data in an easy-to-understand format and support ongoing performance tracking.

The Greenbase way is a ten-step report-generating process. As part of the process, a personal environmental and sustainability accountant is available to their clients to provide advice throughout the process to guide clients through the reporting cycle.

Environmental Accounting Systems

IGAN™ is a unique environmental accounting platform. It is customisable to suit industry needs and gather calculation methods, data streams and results together in one location to help simplify the reporting process and assist with workflow management. Reports produced using this software are consistently accurate, detailed, and audit-ready.

Greenbase offers two customisable forms of IGAN services: an outcome-based service with a fixed price and a platform-based service based on the ‘pay per use’ model.

With a deep understanding of the resources sector, Greenbase’s IGAN™ system will help clients with many different report types from sustainability reporting to National Pollutant Inventory or tracking net-zero pathways.

Global capabilities

With clients all over the world, Greenbase provides businesses with location-specific advice supported by the IGAN accounting system and processes to create reliable accounting and disclosure reports that continuously adhere with auditing standards.

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Level 2
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