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SMT Scharf Group

Rail-Bound Transport Systems

Römerstrasse 104,
59075 Hamm,

SMT Scharf Group is the leading supplier of rail-bound transport systems. Extensive knowledge, worldwide presence, high-performance products and long standing competence in solving difficult transport tasks form the foundation of our worldwide reputation in mining, tunnelling and other industries.

SMT Scharf Group designs, supplies, installs and maintains systems for the transport of personnel, equipment and material. Primarily for use in volatile and dangerous areas, confined situations and on steep declines and inclines, including:

  • Monorail transport systems
  • Floor-mounted rail systems
  • Chairlift systems for mining personnel transport
  • Conveyors

Diesel-powered monorail systems

With more than 30 years’ experience of diesel-powered locomotives and more than 500 installations of our machines, we have made an essential contribution to the rationalization of transport in mining.

Monorails with diesel-powered locomotives are particularly designed for the transport of men and material in branched rail networks with varying gradients. By means of the diesel-powered monorail locomotive even difficult transport problems can be solved.

These diesel-powered monorail locomotives are type-tested and approved by EXAM, for use in explosive atmospheres with a methane content of up to 1.5%.

Product features include:

  • 125kW diesel engine with dry-type exhaust gas cooling system
  • Drives with parallel contact pressure system
  • Efficient generator for the supply of the intrinsically safe power supply
  • Modular design
  • Consistent captive guidance of all travelling gears by amply dimensioned lateral guide rollers

Diesel-powered rack-and-pinion locomotive

This system is especially designed for steep inclinations up to 30° and for high payloads up to 37.5t. The train configuration, consisting of drive unit, brake car and transport trailers, runs safely and trap-guided along the prefabricated and easy to install rail tracks.

The special design of the rolling stock and rail system makes this product safe from derailments. It can be used on a complete and independent rack-and-pinion rail network as well as for the transport of common mine rail cars with flanged wheels in steep inclinations. This floor-mounted transport system can be easily converted into a diesel-powered monorail system. The diesel power unit can be suspended from a monorail installation and can be used to operate monorail drive units for the transport of personnel, material and equipment.

Now we have an efficient and safe solution for the frequent transport of heavy mining equipment, especially in the underground coal mining industry.


Chairlift systems are the safe solution when it comes to transporting persons quickly over long distances including horizontal and vertical curves. Up to 900 people can be transported every hour in each direction at a maximum speed of 5m/s.

Depending on the individual operating conditions the following systems are available:

  • Apod I with detachable chairs for gradients up to 45° and vertical curves
  • Apod II with detachable chairs for gradients up to 18° and horizontal and vertical curves
  • Apod III with fixed chairs for gradients up to 45° and vertical curves

Belt conveyors

SMT belt conveyors are versatile and cost-effective. They can be integrated into any type of transport, loading and feeding installation and offer a high degree of economic efficiency, e.g. in building rubble separating plants, asphalt mixing plants, in the pit and quarry industry, in the cement industry and anywhere else where bulk goods have to be transported efficiently.

Basically any powdery to granular material can be transported. Grain size distribution, shape and hardness are the main factors determining the conveyor dimensions for handling larger grain sizes.

Masama Coal Project

The Masama coal project is a 2.8 billion tonne export-quality coal deposit located in the Kweneng and Kgatleng Districts of eastern Botswana.

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