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Pedestrian Safety Warning Systems

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Body Guard Safety Solutions provide integrated risk reduction solutions that protect your people from the dangers of being hit by moving vehicles in the workplace.

Our solutions are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications and vehicle types (including forklifts, front-end loaders and other construction equipment).

Proximity warning systems for mining environments

BodyGuard Safety Solution’s i-Tag pedestrian safety warning system helps prevent dangerous physical interactions between pedestrians and on-site vehicles. This solution manages physical risks to employees and workplace hazards, as well as promotes a stronger safety culture.

The system alerts drivers when a person is detected too close to the vehicle, enabling them to stop the vehicle and avoid an incident, as well as offer a second chance to pedestrians that would otherwise not be seen.

Bodyguard Safety Solutions' primary product is the i-Tag proximity warning system that aims to prevent on-site collisions in the mining sector.
The i-Tag system comprises three components that are designed to interact with a vehicle driver or personnel.
Our systems are designed for applications in the mining, construction and logistics sectors.
The i-Tag reduces workplace accidents and staff downtime due to personal injury.
The system minimises vehicle repairs.
i-Tag sensors can also be attached to ceilings and walls, which help to protect buildings and temporary structures.

We’re consistently improving our solutions by using the knowledge and experience we gain on each project.

Features of the proximity warning system

The easy-to-use BodyGuard i-Tag system comprises of three components that interact with each other:

  • A personal tag: worn by pedestrians or attached to fixed plant
  • A sensor unit: fastened to the vehicle
  • A cab alert unit, which speaks to the driver

Simple to install, the BodyGuard i-Tag system has an effective driver alert that comprises highly visual and audibly clear alert system in a human voice that quickly gets the driver’s attention.

In addition, the Proximity Warning System’s personal tag can be placed anywhere, it can be attached to ceilings, walls or any high-value assets that would require protection from collision damages.

Solutions for optimal operational health and safety

The BodyGuard i-Tag reduces the risk of on-site collisions that can affect your business and staff.

The system enables you to avoid workplace accident investigations, personnel downtime, increased insurance premiums and repairs to vehicles and equipment. It also allows you to identify workplace hazards, promote a stronger safety culture and protect personnel from harm.

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