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Shotcrete Technology for Mining Applications

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CIFA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of concrete machinery and equipment. The company, acquired by Chinese industrial group Zoomlion since 2008, is strongly international, with sales and after-sales networks on all continents. In addition to its range of reliable, high-quality products, CIFA also offers customers financial support through Zoomlion Capital Financial Services.

Telescopic shotcrete machine for underground mining

CIFA, leader for over 20 years in the world of tunnels and underground works, presents the new CST 8.20 (CIFA Telescopic Shotcrete) designed specifically for applications in the mining sector. This model goes into the compact machine segment, suitable for tunnels of heights up to 10m. The solid build, compact size and versatility are the key features that allow the CST 8.20 to tackle the most demanding working conditions.

Shotcrete machines for small tunnel mining

We are proud to introduce a brand new boom, designed and manufactured by CIFA and especially developed for mining and for small tunnels. Robust and at the same time versatile and extremely precise on nozzle placement, it has a vertical reach of 10m. A unique feature of the boom is that it can be unfolded and positioned in driving mode and once the machine has reached the work site. The boom has a horizontal slewing ring that allows the operator to follow the entire profile of the tunnel, at every height, with only one joystick movement on the proportional radio remote control.

The articulated turning chassis has small-width dimensions and high maneuverability. High clearance on front and back allows it to face off-road surfaces and serious slopes with great agility. The driving seat can be turned 180°.

CIFA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete machinery and equipment.
The CST 8.20 goes into the compact machine segment, suitable for tunnels of heights up to 10m.
The PCS 209 has a maximum production capacity of 20m³/hr of concrete.

The boom, the chassis, the pumping unit, and the additive dosing system UNIFLUX H1.0 are 100% designed, developed and manufactured by CIFA in order to ensure the best performance for our clients, on every site.

Concrete spraying machine

The PCS 209 machine represents the evolution of CIFA technology applied to manual spraying, fitted also for mining applications. The machine has a maximum production capacity of 20m³/hr of concrete, a large output for the manual Spritz category. The machine can run on electricity or diesel.

The structure is compact and all systems are integrated into the chassis. The single axle trolley is rigid and equipped with a front drawbar and two manual stabilisers.

The PCS 209 is equipped with the UNIFLUX H1.0 system, the new dosing unit for additives, which is suitable for all kind of liquid additives.

Crawler machine for concrete spraying in harsh environments

The CSS-3 Crawler, an evolution of the the mobile CSS-3, makes it possible to use the machinery on uneven surfaces and terrain. In our range of machines designed for tunnels and mines, this is the best for working on inclined surfaces.

The crawler can handle inclines of up to 75%. The pumping unit is transversal and is mounted on a tilting frame. With this device, the pumping unit remains horizontal even on extremely inclined surfaces, and this is advantageous in terms of quality and continuity of pumping performance.

Along with a pumping unit with variable displacement from 3m³/hr to 25m³/hr, the machine is equipped with a three-section distribution boom (with a 1.8m telescopic section). Crawler’s particular compactness makes the use of outriggers unnecessary, while the three-section boom (with the last section telescopic) has a double slewing rings turret (horizontal and vertical axes).

All movements of the boom are remote controlled. Operators are free to operate in an optimal position to understand the structure of the tunnel. All this results in greater safety and a more comfortable working environment.

The crawler (supplied by the Gemmo Group) runs on diesel, while the movements of the boom and all other operations related to pumping are electric.

The additive dosing system is called UNIFLUX EAS-2; a peristaltic pump, directly controlled by the main control panel, guarantees a continuous, precise additives flow. The display, housed in the machine’s electrical panel, not only controls the percentage of additive, but also monitors all of the machine’s other functions.

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