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Pulley Lagging, Rollers, Frames and Motors for Conveyor Belt Systems

WA Belting Solutions is a wholly owned Australian company that is a market leader in the supply of conveyor belting, conveying accessories and Minet belt fasteners.

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WA Belting Solutions is a supplier of conveyor and synchronous drive belts for a wide range of industrial applications.

We stock and supply high-quality Australian-made and imported conveyor belts, as well as fasteners, power drives and splices for belt maintenance applications.

WA Belting Solutions is an exclusive distributor of solutions by Scanbelt, Minet Lacing Technologies (Minet), TuffStuff, Sanki, Adept Conveyors and Spain-based Esbelt.

High-quality belting systems for the mining sector

WA Belting Solutions distributes the most innovative range of all polyvinyl chloride (PVC) belt types, including bare fabric and solid woven variants.

Sanki is among our product distribution portfolio.
WA Belting Solutions supplies customisable conveyor belt solutions.
We offer flexible splices for easy belt repairs.
We distribute heavy-duty super screws by Minet Lacing Technologies.
The Kia Kaha splices are suitable for belts used in hot and cold vulcanising applications, as well as mechanical fasteners.
Kia Kaha belt splice.

We can address your belting needs in any colour, ply and cover thickness up to 2,000mm wide.

WA Belting Solutions also offers plied or monofilament belting or plastic modular systems, as well as heavy-duty flat belts for drives such as paper mills, timber mills and printing presses.

Power transmission drives

WA Belting Solutions supplies various power transmission drives, which are available in all denominations and feature the latest technologies.

They are compatible with a wide range of belts, including V, Polychain GT2, HTD timing and Poly-V belts.

Portable and easy-to-install conveyor belts

Sanki conveyors are quick to assemble and can be moved anywhere around your facility.

They are complemented by motorised head drums and can be quickly manufactured to any length.

We offer standard widths of 350mm, 450mm and 600mm, as well smooth belt or chevron patterns for severe incline conveying operations.

WA Belting Solutions also provides specialised belts, including crescent top, solid woven, and anti-static variants.

Adaptable conveyor belts splices for vulcanising applications

The Kia Kaha splices can be prepared to suit belts that are resistant to heat, abrasion, chemical and oil, as well as applications such as hot and cold vulcanising, as well as mechanical fasteners.

With shorter overlaps, the splices offer reduced belt wastage and early joint failure detection, resulting in decreased costs and planned repairs that suit your production requirements.

Suitable for tear repairs and both new and retrofit projects, no electricity or special equipment is required for installation.

Kia Kaha belt splices

WA Belting Solutions offers the Kia Kaha Belt Splices, which offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Only one more product for all conveyor belt sizes up to EP 1450
  • Reduction of stock and storage costs
  • Individually applicable – blanks possible on site
  • Reducing waste by reusing the blanks
  • Torx / Allen screws prevent wear of the screw head
  • Long life of the modules
  • Reusability after replacing the straps
  • Easy application of the modules
  • Time-saving installation: less than two hours
  • Easy to transport, handy, space-saving with only 4.4kg a module
  • Overlapping or pouring with Sika Bond R & B 100 is possible in order to close the resulting gap between the modules
  • Consistently smooth surface on the front and back
  • Immediate commissioning
  • Resistant to heat, chemical, oil, grease and abrasion

Modular plastic belting solutions

WA Belting Solutions is the Australian distributor for Scanbelt, which delivers tough, long-lasting, plastic belting systems for new and retrofit installations.

We can supply you with a modular system for a wide range of applications, including automotive, dairy, material, food and packaging.

Flexible lacing and fasteners for belt repairs

WA Belting Solutions provides versatile and flexible lacing for holes, rip repairs or belt splices.

Our hinge-free splices can be quickly installed with self-tapping screws, providing a long-term leak-proof performance in all climates. Our lacing offers an immediate restart solution for both fabric and solid woven belts.

Specialised versions are available for metal detectors, pipe belts and heat belts, as the splices are resilient to temperatures of up to 200⁰C.

We are also a distributor of Minet Lacing Technologies, a manufacturer of high-quality splice, fastener and belt repair solutions.

Minet’s solutions vary from light to heavy-duty super screws in either carbon or stainless-steel, as well as the necessary tools for self-installation.

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Products & services

  • Flexco and TUFF Belt Cleaners

    All Flexco and TUFF belt cleaners are interchangeable; the only difference is that the TUFF unit is made in Australia from cast stainless steel, is generally better priced and available.

  • Conveyor Trough Idlers, Rollers and Frames

    WA Belting Solutions is a stockist and distributor of trough idlers, rollers and frames. The company provides customers with quality products that meet all Australian standards and are manufactured to be directly interchangeable with other recognised manufacturers brands, all at extremely competitive prices.

  • Conveyor Belting

    WA Belting Solutions stocks a wide range of conveyor belting in its Perth stores.

  • Super-Screw Belt Splice

    Super-Screw belt splice has taken Australia by storm. It is the strongest belt splice on the market in the world today. This unique, patented product can be installed in a few hours without training, meaning no more long downtimes and high splicing costs.

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