Half-Mask and Disposable Respirators, Protection Equipment for Miners

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SECURA B.C. manufactures a wide variety of protection equipment for miners: half-mask respirators with a full range of filters, disposable respirators of P1, P2 and P3 classes, insulating gloves for all voltages and hand protections: hydrophilic gel against organic liquids and hydrophobic cream against water soluble substances. SECURA also manufactures water filters for mining heading machines.

Production is based on SECURA’s own patented technologies. All products are CE certified.


The SECURA 2000 half-mask respirator is a lightweight respirator, made entirely of plastic with a bayonet lock cartridge system. It has the silicone or neoprene face-piece, providing soft contact with the face. The SECURA 2000 half-mask respirator is anti-electrostatic and resistant to flame. Two head straps assembly distribute stress equally to the face. The respirator can be assembled with:

  • Containers for particulate filters – replaceable filters of P1 and P2 class are made of triboelectric nonwoven material and have very low pressure drop and very high dust loading capacities
  • Encapsulated filters of P2 and P3 classes
  • Gas filters of A, B, E, K and ABEK type and classes: 1 and 2
  • Combined filters: A, B, E, K, ABEK with particulate filters of P2 and P3 classes

SECAIR disposable respirators are respirators designed specially for miners: they are made in a form that makes them flat and easy to put in an overall pocket when not used and build a bowl with excellent fit to the face when used. Their three-layer structure ensures very high dust loading capacity, low pressure-drop and comfortable contact with the face. They are manufacture in three classes: P1, P2 and P3, without exhalation valves, with one valve and with two valves. Valves with high opening area enable hard work at high dust concentration.


SECOL is an easy to use hand protection gel, which when applied to hands forms a tight, protective elastic film. It protects the skin against various aggressive agents such as organic solvents, varnishes and oil paints, pigments and dyes, crude oil derivatives etc. SECOL also provides disinfective properties, so it can be used even on small injuries. The film and dirt can be easily removed with soap and water.


SECOSAN is a hand protection cream, which when applied to hands, forms a hydrophobic layer protecting against water soluble substances: acids, bases and salts. The best protection when hands are in contact with these substances for a long time and using gloves is inconvenient. After work it can be removed with warm water and soap.


ELSEC insulating gloves are made of natural latex with cotton absorption or heat retention inserts and even with leather overall gloves. Made in five classes: for 2.5kV, 5kV, 10kV, 20kV and 30kV, they also meet requirements of CE standards for higher mechanical resistance (category M), ozone resistance (Z) and extreme low temperatures (C).


SECURA B.C. is leading manufacturer in Central Europe and markets its products through an international distribution network. SECURA’s staff of 40 includes four PhD specialists and eight senior engineers to provide ongoing R&D support for production and engineering services for customers.


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