Top Gun Paintball

Top Gun Paintball provides corporate paintball packages for mining companies at its extensive playing fields in Brisbane, Australia. Designed to develop strategy, teamwork and quick-thinking, this fun activity is ideal for teambuilding exercises.

With ten different playing fields and a range of strategies available, Top Gun Paintball’s playing fields are some of the best in Australia. The company has been providing corporate paintball sessions for over 20 years.

Corporate paintball packages to reduce stress and boost teamwork

As well as providing a fun experience for all participants, Top Gun Paintball offers a service that is designed to have a beneficial effect on employee mentality and skills. Paintballing is an excellent source of stress relief, making it an ideal ‘treat’ for teams working in high-stress environments.

Top Gun Paintball provides corporate paintball packages at its playing fields in Brisbane.
As well as providing stress relief, paintball can be used to improve teamwork, leadership skills, motivation and problem solving.
Our site consists of ten different playing fields, designed to improve a range of skills.
The Trenches field is designed to encourage teamwork and strategy.
The straight, narrow Gully field encourages tactical thinking and problem solving.
The dense-bush M.I.A. field is designed to improve co-operation and teamwork.
The open-bush Survival field encourages motivation and planning.
Hamburger Hill is a steep field where good teamwork is required.
Top Gun Paintball also organises game scenarios to encourage teamwork.
All participants are equipped with suitable safety gear and semiautomatic paintball guns.

A paintballing day can also boost employee skills and attitude. Many companies that have previously used our packages have reported improvements in:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivation and team spirit
  • Communication and co-operation
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Trust
  • Managing change
  • Goal setting

If you are experiencing morale or teamwork challenges, or are opening a new mine site, an employee paintball day is particularly suitable. A paintball session will build an instant rapport among new workers, and can reignite a strong workplace mentality in a struggling team.

Skill-targeted paintballing experiences

Top Gun Paintball has ten different playing fields, which are designed to develop a range of skills. These are:

  1. Trenches: different levels of play in a bush gully to encourage teamwork and strategy
  2. Gully: a straight, narrow field and small tyre barricades, to encourage tactical thinking
  3. Sup-Air: inflatable bunkers for fast, energetic, de-stressing paintball
  4. Ruins: bush tunnels and ‘bombed-out’ stone buildings to encourage co-operation and problem solving
  5. The Fort: timber barricades and a fort for close-quarter, energetic games
  6. M.I.A.: a dense bush field that requires close teamwork and co-operation
  7. Villages 1, 2 and 3: small wooden huts in a bush gully to encourage tactics and planning
  8. Survival: an open-bush field where motivation and planning is essential to survival
  9. Hamburger Hill: a steep hill requiring trust and teamwork for an effective attack
  10. Ambush: a dead-end, short space designed to introduce the principles of paintball

We also organise a range of game scenarios designed to encourage teamwork. Options include:

  • Ambush: one team tries to run a gauntlet to capture the flag without all being shot by the opposing team
  • Assasinate the general: players from one team must protect a chosen player, ‘the general’, from attacks by the opposing team
  • Capture the flag: two teams try to take out the opposition and capture the flag first

Flexible corporate paintballing packages

Top Gun Paintball organises cost-effective and highly flexible packages. Available for groups of 1 – 200, our packages start at $40 per person, with a special corporate package available at $90 per person. This package includes protective clothing and hire of Pro Carbine semiautomatic paintball guns, as well as a free pizza lunch and a trophy for the winning team.

We can create specially tailored packages to suit your organisation, available for half or full days, on any day of the week. These can include catering, photography and / or videotaping.

For employees wishing to attend but not participate, we also provide viewing areas for all of our playing fields.

Dedicated approach to safety

Top Gun Paintball takes safety very seriously and recently received a number one safety rating from public liability inspections. All participants are equipped with industry-leading face protection and camouflage clothing, with chest protectors provided to all female players.

Before starting, all players are briefed on safe conduct and weapon use, and all games are overseen by our referees, who have considerable experience and a high degree of professionalism.

Top Gun Paintball holds site liability insurance covering up to $10m.

Easy-to-get-to Brisbane paintballing location

The paintball playing fields are located only 10km from Brisbane, and in easy reach by road or rail. Ferny Grove train station is only ten minutes’ walk from the fields, and State Routes 22 and 40 are just down the road.

If you are interested in learning about Top Gun Paintball’s packages or services, please contact us using the details or form below.