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Ventilation Solutions for Mining Projects

We offer a comprehensive range of high-pressure ventilation systems for tunneling and mining operations.

Protan’s heavy-duty PVC-coated ducting can be highly customized and we can provide your project with straight ducts, adapters, reducer, Y and T pieces, bends and branches.

The result is a tight, lightweight system that is easy to install, repair and extend.

We provide very durable ducts with knitted polyester fabric which makes it extremely durable and strong for installations with extra high-pressure requirements. Protan ducts can be delivered with or without anti-static performance.

All Protan Ventiflex ducts have low internal friction which helps to reduce energy consumption, leading to a lower operational cost for the whole ventilation system.

Protan range of waterproofing solutions for tunnels and underground structures has been created and designed to meet the requirements of designers and installer respectively. Protan range of synthetic solutions, offers an excellent weldability, flexibility, mechanical strength, resistance to microorganisms and perforation by roots with an excellent service life to accomplish the most engineering projects.

Protan waterproofing membranes are manufactured in our factories and have UNI ENISO 9001 and 140001. The products fully comply with all relevant EU and D standards as well as having many other local accreditations.

Our T&M Team

A waterproofing and ventilation team that works exclusively on civil engineering projects. They are technically astute to ensure you receive the correct support at the project design stage and during implementation. Working closely with the R&D department, the T&M Team develops new solutions adapted to and compatible with various construction materials. Across the globe, these specialists work closely with designers, engineers, general contractors, and applicators, providing support for the successful completion of waterproofing projects.


Protan is a Norwegian industrial group that is a world leader in waterproofing membrane technology. With over 900 employees, 150 of whom are based at our head office in Drammen, our turnover in 2022 was 2,6 billion Norwegian kroner. We have also specialized in tailor-made, flexible ventilation ducts for mines and tunnels. In addition, we supply multi-purpose technical textiles for a range of applications.

Protan has more 80 years of experience in developing innovative solutions that are adapted to a global market and demanding climates. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to stay at the forefront of technology, the environment, and competence. This gives us a unique experience and insight that means we can deliver flexible, tailor-made solutions adapted to local needs.

White Papers

  • Ventiflex Ventilation System: Save on Fan Energy Consumption

    To minimize the cost of operation and optimize the return on the investment, it is essential to ensure that the system is properly installed and maintained. The importance of adequate planning for installation and maintenance cannot be underestimated.

  • Ventilation System

    Our flexible ventilation systems for mines and tunnels are among the most innovative in the world. When Protan established Ventiflex in 1949, we were the first in Europe to supply flexible ventilation ducts for mines and tunnels.

  • Waterproofing Solutions

    For tunnel structures are faced with very stringent requirements regarding durability, exposure and stress conditions, demanding construction methods and sequences, ease of application and total cost management.

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