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Industrial Computer Solutions for the Mining Sector

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Backplane Systems Technology (BST) is an Australian owned and operated provider of high-quality industrial-grade computer technology and systems.

We specialise in supplying fully assembled industrial PC systems, embedded rugged computers and board-level products based on industry-standard bus structures.

We also offer a large range of other industrial-grade computer hardware, including rugged tablets & PDAs, LCD displays, panel PCs and network appliances, as well as data acquisition & control modules and digital signage players.

SINTRONES ABOX-5100 embedded PC for AI GPU computing.
APLEX Technology ADP-1XX0A series industrial monitors.
APLEX Technology FABS series stainless-steel IP65 rugged panel PC.
iBASE Technology FWA8708 1U network appliance.
Neousys Technology IGT-21 IoT Gateway.
iBASE Technology IPPC1505-RE IPPC series expandable panel PC.
Neousys Technology Nuvo series Nuvo-5608VR mobile fanless surveillance system & Nuvo-7164GC compact rugged embedded computer.
iBASE Technology SI-614 digital signage player.
iBASE Technology MB995 ATX motherboard.
Winmate M101S sunlight-readable IP65 rugged tablet PC.

BST represents multiple manufacturers in Australia, including Neousys Technology, iBASE, Winmate, Sintrones, Innodisk, APLEX Technology, GETT Asia, Winsonic, MPL and Faytech.

In association with these manufacturers, we supply an extensive range of industrial-grade and embedded PCs that comply with up to IP69K ratings, MIL specifications, EN50155 Railway Certification and EC60945 Marine Certification, designed to meet a range of industry requirements.

We offer a standard two-year warranty on all products, as well as an option to extend the warranty to up to five years.

We are authorised to use the C-Tick compliance label, on top of offering an in-house repair service and superior technical advice to ensure a high-quality level of service and support.

Industrial custom PC builds for mining applications

BST’s custom PC builds are assembled and burn-in tested entirely in-house by experienced technicians, using high-quality parts to meet the user’s specifications and requirements.

We provide compact and fanless PCs for applications with physical space restraints, high ingress protection (IP) ratings for durability and much more.

LCD panel PCs, in-vehicle and embedded computers

BST offers a wide range of rugged LCD panel PCs, in-vehicle and embedded PCs.

We also offer a custom-design service whereby the PCs are built to your specifications and customised configuration.

Our range is suitable for wide-temperature fanless computing, machine vision platforms, ultra-compact fanless controllers, in-vehicle computing, surveillance, video analytics and GPU computing. They feature multi-mounting options (such as DIN, VESA and wall), support for multiple display monitors and Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports for video surveillance.

With military, railway and marine certifications, our ultra-rugged embedded PCs have been designed for transport applications such as emergency services, mining vehicles, public transport, aerospace & aviation, utilities, field services and shipping.

These ultra-rugged PCs have 10+ years of availability and 20+ years repairability for long-term reliability and consistent use, reducing the total cost of ownership and allowing for greater ease of mind through consistent product performance.

Rugged smart devices for adverse environments

BST provides a range of rugged tablets specifically designed for adverse environments where dust, extreme temperatures, moisture and vibration are common factors.

They have a protection rating of up to IP65 and meet MIL-STD-810G drop/shock and vibration standards. Available features include hot-swappable batteries (with up to 16 hours continuous use per battery set), GPS dead reckoning technology and vehicle docking systems, all supported by a wide operating temperature range and versatile I/O connectivity options such as USB type C & A, LAN, Micro SDs, SIMS and HDMIs.

These tablets have all been designed to meet challenging industrial requirements, and do so while featuring the latest operating systems to seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure.

Expansion cards and board-level add-ons

BST offers a ranged selection of boards, from Intel Atom® to Core™ i3/i5/i7, and from smaller form factors to Advanced Technology eXtended (ATX) motherboards. Custom board design and manufacture is available.

We also offer a selection of expansion pieces and add-ons such as PCIe cards, serial communication boards and other modules to enhance your existing system.

Gateways, data acquisition and control products, servers, digital signage players

Our portfolio includes components such as gateways, data acquisition & control products, servers and digital signage players.

We offer a variety of Fieldbus solutions to help overcome connectivity issues between various industrial systems.

In addition to Modbus TCP, RTU & ASCII, these comprehensively cover the majority of protocols such as CAN Bus, CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939, PROFIBUS, HART, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, BACnet/IP, PROFINET and ZigBee.

Furthermore, we have a diverse range of PACs incorporating different sizes and features in order to provide a method of assembling private protocols based on RS-232, RS485, industrial Ethernet, CAN Bus and Wi-Fi.

More than 30 years’ experience in the industry

Backplane Systems Technology has been operating as a trusted supplier of high-quality goods in the industrial technology sector for 30+ years from Mt Kuring-Gai, NSW.

If you have any questions about our range of products, require a quote or simply want advice from our experienced team, feel free to contact us through the enquiry form or contact details on this page.

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Backplane Systems Technology
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