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Innovative Utility Products Corporation (IUP Corp.), founded in 1996, specializes in the design and manufacturing of cable fault location equipment for medium to high voltage cables used in the utility industry.


The Fault Wizard is an arc-reflection system, which is considered the best technology available for locating failures in medium to high-voltage cables. An arc-reflection system is the combination of high-voltage impulse generator (also know as a ‘thumper’) and a TDR system.

A TDR system is basically a high frequency, low-voltage pulse generator in combination with an oscilloscope. The TDR pulse is sent down the cable and the voltage reflection (echo) from the cable is recorded as a waveform. The method behind arc-reflection technology is to “thump” the de-energized cable to produce an arc at the fault point and simultaneously send a TDR pulse down the cable to reflect off of the arc.

The time it takes for the TDR pulse to travel down the cable to the arc and return is used to calculate the distance to the arc (fault). Arc-reflection systems work best on shielded cable because a low-resistive return path is needed for the TDR pulse to see the arc. Good results are typical with Mine Power Feeder (MPF), miner and trailing cables.


The Fault Wizard was designed to be easy to use and truly portable, weighing only 23kg. Minimum training is required to use the unit. Earlier arc-reflection systems required the user to interpret the TDR waveforms for determining the distance to the fault. The Fault Wizard uses a microprocessor and sophisticated programming to analyze the TDR waveforms and give an automatic readout of the distance to the fault. The Fault Wizard has a variable voltage output from 0 to 10 kV and can also be used as a cycle thumper, which is used to produce a periodic ‘pop’ at the fault location.

The Hi-Pot mode (DC output) is used to quickly test a cable to see if it actually contains a fault. It can also be used to produce continuous “buzzing” at the fault location. The unit also contains two standard 7AH rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries. The internal battery charger can be set to 115VAC or 230VAC, 50Hz-60Hz inputs. An auxiliary battery pack or AC pack can be purchased as backup. The unit is built to be rugged and comes with a one-year warranty. Hundreds of Fault Wizards are presently being used by the electric utility and mining industry.


Like the Fault Wizard, the auxiliary battery pack contains two 7AH, lead-acid batteries. The batteries are connected in series for an output of 24V. A supplied cable is used to connect the battery pack to the 24 volt input port on the panel of the Fault Wizard. A 24V lead-acid battery charger is also provided along with an equipment cord used to plug the charger into an AC outlet. The battery charger automatically switches to trickle charge once the battery pack reaches full charge. The battery
charger accepts 100VAC-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz input.


An AC pack can also be purchased to provide 24V, 10A to the Fault Wizard. A supplied cable is used to connect the AC pack to the 24V input port on the panel of the Fault Wizard. An equipment cord is supplied to plug the AC pack into an AC outlet. The AC pack accepts 100VAC-240VAC, 50Hz-60 Hz input.

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Innovative Utility Products Corp announces the release of the Fault Wizard, the industries finest cable fault locating system, into the South American and other export markets. While distribution is being established, the company's web site now includes company information, product descriptions

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