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Chemical Additives for Ground Support and the Stabilisation of Mine Roofs

Odtu Ikizleri Ar-Ge Binasi,
Odtu Teknokent,
Ankara 06531,

Odtu Ikizleri Ar-Ge Binasi,
Odtu Teknokent,
Ankara 06531,

OK Foreign Trade & Mining is a research and development company located in the technopolis at Middle East Technical University, which has served the mining industry with chemical additives for ground support and the stabilisation of mine roofs for 20 years.

Our mission is to provide chemical additives featuring innovative production and which have been designed for safe, economic application in the simplest way. We would like to establish collaboration and technical assistance agreements with companies in the sector of mining and civil engineering.

Isolation and consolidation foams for tunnels and underground coal mines

Isolation and consolidation foams are used in tunnels and underground coal mines. These innovative products can be easily used in the case of mine fires or for preventing air leakages.

Void filler for mines

Cavities at long wall faces and in entries create the problem of rock falls. The cavities must be filled securely. Our FERROFLEKS void filler can easily fill the gaps.

Consolidation of T-junctions or fault zones

When consolidation of T-junctions or fault zones on longwall faces or coal and pillar stabilisation is required, STEROPES will be the solution.

Air-leakage and methane-accumulation prevention systems

Spontaneous combustion has always been a problem in coal mines. Fires due to spontaneous combustion generally develop in the coal seam or gob areas.

To prevent gob fires, air should be cut off by sealing the area permanently. The ideal product to prevent air leakage and accumulation of methane in a gob area is the LUNAFLEKS air-leakage and methane-accumulation prevention system.

Pumps and auxiliary equipment for resin-injection systems

OK can provide the required pumps and auxiliary equipment for resin-injection systems.

About OK Foreign Trade & Mining

We are an aggressive and tough defending team against unexpected geological events. After coaching in the right way and finding the correct solutions we do the fastest application. When miners need us, our team are always together with them as a team philosophy.

When your mine has a problem with consolidation of cracked zones; consolidation of T-junction areas; consolidation of coal faces; filling cavities; fire dams; air leakages; fire suppression; insulation of old workings; or ventilation control, call on OK Foreign Trade & Mining for the most cost-effective solution.

Benefits of our products include:

  • Flame retardance
  • Flexible polymerised products
  • Ease of application
  • Less material transport
  • Economy of labour
  • Instant foaming
  • Good compressibility
  • Rapid treatment

OK Mining Foreign Trade Co Ltd

Odtu Ikizleri Ar-Ge Binasi

Odtu Teknokent

Ankara 06531