Mine Ventilation Services (MVS) is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in subsurface ventilation and environmental engineering. MVS has been providing engineering services and computer software to the mining and tunneling industries since 1983, including projects that pose special challenges due to unusual climatic or geologic conditions. 

MVS specializes in:

  • Diesel particulate matter (DPM) studies and laboratory analysis
  • Ventilation planning and design using modern computer-based procedures to control dust, gas/diesel and heat from underground facilities
  • Conceptual and engineering studies of subsurface environments
  • Troubleshooting ventilation or climate-related problems
  • Development of computer software for ventilation and air cooling design (VnetPC and CLIMSIM)  

Mine ventilation conceptual studies

We begin with conceptual studies to identify the most feasible overall plan. We then conduct detailed engineering studies using in-house computer software programs that have been developed specifically for the purpose of projecting optimal duties and locations of fans, cooling plants, main shafts and airways. The fan duties, and where required cooling and air filtration duties, are projected along with operating and capital costs.

Mine ventilation software programs

We have developed a wide range of software programs that have proven invaluable in designing ventilation systems for underground facilities. At MVS we believe that in order to develop safe, cost-effective ventilation and cooling systems we must use the latest technologies.

Mine Ventilation Services (MVS) provides subsurface ventilation and environmental engineering.
MVS has been providing ventilation engineering services and computer software to the mining and tunneling industries since 1983.
MVS specializes in diesel particulate matter (DPM) studies and laboratory analysis.

Diesel particulate analysis laboratory

MVS has also developed a DPM analysis laboratory. MVS now has the capability to analyze DPM filter samples and institute sampling programs at mining operations.

The MVS diesel particulate analysis laboratory is fully equipped for the analysis of DPM in accordance with the NIOSH 5040 method. Sample collection and analyses are also available in addition to compliance studies and optimization strategies for the measurement and control of DPM.

DPM thermal / optical carbon analyzer

Facilities at the MVS laboratory include a sunset laboratory thermal / optical carbon analyzer, with a dedicated computer with color laser printer. Refrigerated storage of samples is available both before and after analysis.

NIOSH 5040 DPM analysis

MVS adheres to the NIOSH 5040 method for the analysis of DPM. This method utilizes a thermal-optical technique to characterize the total carbon content of a sample as a useful surrogate for DPM. The elemental carbon and organic carbon fractions are also reported. The laboratory results are reported to the client in terms of total, elemental and organic carbon present on each sample filter in units of micrograms (µg).

The sampled concentration of DPM in terms of micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m³) then becomes a simple operation based on the pump run-time and flow rate. By request, MVS can provide a printout of the thermogram generated for each sample analyzed.

MVS maintains a full laboratory for the analysis of DPM sample cassettes in accordance with the NIOSH 5040 method.

DPM reduction technologies

We provide a range of DPM reduction technologies, including active-regeneration and passive-regeneration diesel particulate filters (DPF); low-sulfur diesel, bio-diesel and emulsions ventilation fuels; primary ventilation airflow-dilution system upgrades and auxiliary systems; specialized maintenance programs and specialized engine performance tuning to enhance efficiency and lower emissions; replacement of diesel equipment with electric equipment; and fully-enclosed vehicle cabs with filtered air intake systems.

DPM-compliance testing air sampling pumps and apparatus

Need sampling or support equipment for DPM compliance testing? MVS can design and deliver a full sampling package, which is delivered complete and ready to use.

DPM sampling cassettes

The standard DPM sampling cassette consists of a quartz fiber filter without an impactor. This is a budget-conscious sampling alternative for mines without carbonate interference. However, MSHA reports that sample results are generally approximately 25% higher than with the JIC cassette under similar circumstances.

The MSHA-approved JIC DPM sampling cassette manufactured by SKC contains two quartz fiber filters and a sub-micron precision-jeweled impactor.

DPM sample collection

MVS has ventilation engineers trained in sample collection techniques for DPM. We have established a sampling protocol that has been used for DPM sampling in the US and abroad. MVS will design a custom sampling program for both baseline and compliance sampling based on your individual needs.