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Strata’s proximity detection and collision avoidance technology has been developed in partnership with the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to reduce crushing and pinning accidents and collisions between machinery.

HazardAvert proximity detection systems for the mining industry

HazardAvert® is an electromagnetic proximity detection (PD) and collision avoidance (CA) system for surface and underground mining and construction environments.

It is designed to increase worker safety awareness and prevent equipment-to-people, equipment-to-equipment, and equipment-to-stationary objects collisions.

Near-field electromagnetic systems

HazardAvert generators installed on equipment create electromagnetic marker zones. Zones are designated as ‘warning’ and ‘hazard’, depending on distance from the equipment.

Workers wear a personal-alarm device (PAD) that detects these marker zones and calculates proximity to the equipment. Pedestrians are warned by LED lights and high-pitched buzzer alarms on their PAD, and equipment operators are warned by an On-Dash Display Screen that provides visual representation of the zone breached, along with an audible alarm. With the inclusion of wide-angle cameras on the front and rear bumpers of the equipment, operators have live video feed on the on-dash display screen as well.

HazardAvert electromagnetic zones are fully functional both on the surface and underground, ensuring that vehicles traveling between surface and underground locations are continuously armed and detectable.

There are a number of surface dangers for which HazardAvert is intended, including:

  • The large scale and volume of machinery
  • The diverse scale of vehicles and machinery
  • Significant blind-spots on large machinery
  • Requirement for people to work in close proximity to machinery
  • Large equipment starting up and/or moving in reverse
  • Restricted vision due to time of day and weather conditions

Studies show that a large majority of accidents and injuries occur when machinery and vehicles are traveling at lower rates of speed and in reverse due to close proximity. HazardAvert can be programmed to stop or disable equipment at specified speeds determined by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and customer.

There’s also a variety of underground application dangers for which HazardAvert is intended, such as:

  • Restricted visibility
  • Confined work spaces
  • Out of site pedestrians or vehicles around corners
  • Mobile equipment and pedestrians working in close proximity
  • Pedestrians interacting with numerous pieces of equipment at the same time
  • Difficulty determining travel speeds
  • Visual obstructions such as equipment, ventilation curtains and/or barriers

Data retrieval and system monitoring

A range of data is recorded by HazardAvert during operations and is available for reporting. This can be retrieved via Wi-Fi or cable, or wirelessly transmitted over StrataConnect™ wireless networks.

  • All interactions and events, such as pedestrians and/or vehicles entering and exiting zones
  • Frequency and duration of alarms activated
  • Frequency and duration of machine stop
  • Source, frequency and duration of remote stop
  • Safety and productivity data reports can be generated for training purposes
  • System health and analysis

HazardAvert 360° multi-range detection technology

Strata HazardAvert 360°™ is a surface proximity detection and collision avoidance system that seamlessly combines multi-range detection technologies, to provide close range, extended range and full-view awareness while working in and around heavy and/or highly mobile equipment. It is designed to detect pedestrians and other mobile equipment in the vicinity, display their location on an on-dash display screen, and emit warning alarms if there is a potential danger of collision.

HazardAvert 360° can be used on any type of mobile equipment for vehicle-to-vehicle detection. The system determines the relative location of vehicles and represents their position and movement on the on-dash display. If the system detects a potential collision, it will audibly and visually alarm and simultaneously alert all vehicle operators involved.

For vehicle-to-person detection, pedestrians wearing a PAD will appear on the on-dash display and be identified as a pedestrian. If danger is imminent, both the pedestrian and equipment operator will be immediately alerted.

Other features and capabilities of HazardAvert 360° include:

  • Multiple detection technologies for expanded coverage and safety overlay
  • Vehicle-to-fixed asset detection
  • Equipment and personnel function together without conflict
  • Individual recognition and identification
  • Audio and visual warnings to all parties involved
  • Real-time monitor displays in vehicle cab

Integrating HazardAvert 360° & HazardAvert capabilities

HazardAvert 360° and HazardAvert can be integrated to operate in conjunction and display information on a single user interface. Together the systems provide comprehensive detection and alarm capabilities, including the ability to automatically slow, stop or disable the equipment in an emergency situation. The system integration is seamless, requiring no interaction or input from equipment operators during operations.

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Press Release

Second Generation HazardAvert Pad Approved in Australia

Device awarded Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme for Explosion Protected Equipment – ANZEx 19.4164X.

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