The Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2016 conference will take place in Berlin (Germany) on 2nd- 3rd March 2016

Now celebrating its 12th annual edition, the educational two day conference will focus on discussing the most relevant industry topics, ensuring you gain expert understanding to successfully improve your fire protection system and strategy.

This year, the programme new topics of high interest such as: new guidelines for fire testing on seats and toxicity, comparison between US and EU norms, and the controversial change of Italian national norms that differ from the EN4545.

Confirmed 2016 presentation

Comparing U.S. and European approaches to train fire safety in order to identity areas of overlap and ease manufacturing and supply processed

  • Outlining key differences as well as similarities between European EN and American NFPA standards to pinpoint areas of overlap
  • Exploring ways to combine the two standards in order to optimise manufacturing and supply process
  • Assessing potential impact of a shared standard on different rail infrastructures within Europe as well as the US
  • Emphasising numerous benefits of a shared US – EU standard on a global scale, considering most countries are currently following either EN or NFPA standards

Delivered by: Jonas Vedholm – Manager Fire Safety CTO Specialist Engineering – Bombardier Transportation

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