dux machinery

With 45 years of experience, DUX manufactures four-wheel drive articulated underground mobile equipment designed to meet the needs of hard-rock mining and tunneling projects worldwide.

DUX offers a full range of equipment for underground haulage, concrete transport and shotcreting, utility applications and scaling. All DUX products come with on-site commissioning by factory technicians and intensive training, as well as fast parts service and technical back-up through a worldwide network of distributors.

DUX underground haulage equipment

Ranging in capacity from seven metric tonnes (Mt) to 50Mt, DUX four-wheel drive articulated underground mine trucks are available with custom dump, teledump or ejector box manufactured to suit the weight of material to be transported. These units feature high power-to-weight ratios for fast tramming up steep ramps and offer outstanding reliability.

DUX underground concrete transport and shotcreting equipment

DUX four-wheel drive articulated underground concrete haulers, remixers and shotcreters are designed and manufactured for concrete / shotcrete transport and ground support applications.

DUX DT-33N dump truck. DUX DT series dump trucks feature reinforced, wear-resistant dump boxes with excellent load retention and steep dumping angles for clean and rapid discharge cycles.
DUX S1-Remixers (4.5m3 capacity) are designed for the underground transport of wet shotcrete / concrete in heading as low as 2,235mm.
DUX S1-SL6000 scissor lift trucks provide a stable, elevated, mobile work platform for surveying, roof bolting, pipe installation, cable stringing, and more.
DUX DS30RB scalers are available with interchangeable ripping claw, hydraulic hammer and rotary cutting heads; DUX scalers are designed to safely scale loose rock from up to 9.14m-high tunnel backs and ribs.

DUX underground utility equipment

Available in cassette configuration, DUX utility vehicles perform a wide variety of tasks from materials, water, fuel / lube and personnel transport to roof access, AN/FO loading and lifting. These machines are extremely rugged and have a service life measurable in decades.

DUX underground scaling equipment

Proven in the field for more than 15 years, DUX underground scalers are cost-efficient, reliable, high-production machines designed to safely scale loose rock from up to 9.14m (30ft) high tunnel backs and ribs.