Stockholm Precision Tools is well-known for its downhole gyro-surveying systems, borehole survey instruments and subsystems used for directional surveying and navigation, including the GyroTracer Directional™ Continuous North-Seeking Gyro and the GyroLogic™ Fiber-Optic Gyro.

SPT systems are advanced, rugged, reliable and accurate downhole measurement tools designed for the global resources industry. From oil and gas wells to base and precious metals mining operations, our borehole downhole navigation tools are trusted across the globe.

High-speed continuous north-seeking gyro

The latest addition to SPT’s product range is the GyroTracer Directional North-Seeking High-Speed Continuous Gyro. This instrument can survey the wellbore at speeds of up to 150m/min while simultaneously sending data to the surface equipment.

SPT is a leading manufacturer of downhole gyro-surveying systems, borehole survey instruments, and subsystems used for directional surveying and navigation.
The GyroTracer Directional north-seeking, high-speed continuous gyro is the most versatile accurate downhole instrument in the industry.
The GyroLogic downhole directional survey tool is a rugged and reliable instrument.
Universal Calibration Stand for SPT Borehole Survey Instruments.
SPT downhole measurement tools are rugged, reliable and accurate.
Maximum production is important for all and with SPT's range of products; drilling accuracy and efficiency will be achieved.
Our skilled technicians offer ongoing customer support and training.

It can accurately survey all well profiles, from vertical to horizontal, and can carry out continuous surveying at high latitudes or inclinations with no drop in accuracy.

The GyroTracer Directional does not require any surface alignment or calibration prior to use, making it one of the most efficient and versatile gyro instruments on the market.

Fiber-optic gyro for borehole surveying

Another new product in the SPT range is the GyroLogic Downhole Directional Survey Tool. This rugged and reliable instrument uses a Fiber-Optic-based Gyro to find direction and can accurately survey all well profiles at all inclination angles.

The device is controlled using a tablet PC supplied with the system and can provide directional data (azimuth and dip) at any interval from inside all types of drill rods.

The GyroLogic is easy to use and can be employed in a variety of applications including shallow borehole and deep borehole surveying, single shot/multi shot and continuous mode.

North-seeking gyro

The GyroTracer Directional is a highly accurate, extremely reliable downhole directional survey and orientation tool. Comprising the latest technology, the SPT system uses the gyro-compassing method to find direction.

As it is a north-seeking gyro, all measurements are in reference to geographic north and measure earth’s rotation directly. Unlike other downhole survey tools that use an indirect method or magnetic tools, the GyroTracer Directional North-Seeking Gyro is not affected by magnetic interference. It can be run inside casing, tubing, drill pipes and magnetically disturbed ground.

Borehole surveying instrument

The easy-to-use, 42mm diameter GyroTracer Directional system can be used for a variety of applications including shallow borehole to deep borehole surveying, high-speed continuous mode, single-shot / multi-shot applications, slim-hole casing, orientation, whip stock kick-off, and downhole motor orientation. The operating software used to run all SPT instruments is extremely reliable and user friendly.

The GyroTracer Directional package comes with both wireline and memory-mode option. It has become recognised as a benchmark technology when considering downhole gyro navigation.

Universal Calibration Stand

The Universal Calibration Stand for GyroTracer Directional is a simple to use, yet advanced design. This small, non-magnetic stand is light weight, durable and useful for testing many downhole survey instruments.

The purpose of the Universal Calibration Stand is to calibrate SPT instruments. Its second and just as important use is for highly accurate testing. Simply set the stand facing to geographic north. Once the frame has been leveled, place the tool in the stand and begin testing or calibrating.

The Universal Calibration Stand enables the customer to calibrate their own tools if required, on site, in a few hours. This saves on numerous days of down time and expensive freight costs. It also gives the customer the option of extremely accurate quality control checks of instruments in the stand and the option to simulate real situations as it has all the necessary positions.

Calibration of the SPT instruments is a very simple procedure. Tools can be tested in all inclinations (0-360º), toolface (0-360º) and azimuth angles (0-360º).

North-seeking gyro sales, rental and service

SPT’s other products include fiber-optic gyros, magnetic inclinometers with various diameters for different applications, and a portable calibration stand. With our experienced staff offering ongoing, non-stop customer support and training, the customer will always be working directly with the manufacturer and can always be confident when running SPT systems. For further information regarding sales and rental terms please contact us.

Gyro survey instruments for borehole applications

Our years of pioneering R&D and our wide-ranging experience in the industry gives us the expertise required to help you choose the correct gyro survey instrument for your requirements.

The GyroTracer Directional provides continuous reliable and accurate data for all types of borehole profiles due to the high sensitivity of a spinning mass gyro and its design. It can be utilized for various applications for the end user, including:

  • Borehole directional surveying
  • Wedge and motor orientation
  • Side tracking
  • Collision avoidance