Ward Operations High-Voltage Cable Jointing and Cable Nitrogen Purging

Ward Operations

Ward Operations specialises in high-voltage cable jointing services and has been operating for more than 25 years in the mining and heavy industrial areas of central Queensland, Australia.

The company also offers a number of additional highly specialised high-voltage cable services such as cable nitrogen purging and submarine cable repairs.

With its combination of high-quality products, installation techniques and high-voltage cable jointing systems, the company’s commitment to providing key services to mining projects around the world makes it one of the leading high-voltage cable jointing companies in Australia.

Jointing and termination of high-voltage cables

Ward Operations offers high-voltage cable jointing services with both paper-insulated cables and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). The company has more than 33 years of experience in the field and is the preferred contractor within Queensland’s mining and industrial divisions.

Its cable jointing services also include ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) in draglines, shovels, mining cable terminations and stacker / re-claimer reeling cables with fibre-optic components into slip ring compartments. The company has a large number of joints and terminations in stock to suit a wide range of cables, voltages and applications.

Ward Operations has carried out its specialist services at various basin coal mines, in addition to a number of port ship loaders around Queensland.

Submarine cable repairs

As island tourism is popular in Queensland, Ward Operations also performs specialised submarine cable joints and repairs.

Since the mid-1980s, the company has been carrying out island feeder cable repairs and terminations in the Whitsunday group of islands, including Daydream Island, Long Island, Hayman Island, Hamilton Island and South Molle Island.

High-voltage cable nitrogen purging

One of the newest services offered by Ward Operations is high-voltage cable nitrogen purging, which dries wet conductors and cables in situ.

This service enables its team of highly trained and licensed cable jointers to re-enter high-voltage joints and terminations, in order to establish entry points to pump 99% pure dry nitrogen with a dew point of -80°C through cable fillers and conductors.

The process takes place over a period of time, in order to remove any excess moisture from the cable conductors and fillers. The result is a longer cable lifecycle and a higher insulation resistance from wet conductors.

About Ward Operations

Ward Operations is equipped with a modern, fully compliant fleet of vehicles and a team of qualified paper lead jointers that are certified with Raychem, ABB and Siemens up to 132KV. The company has also worked on a range of major cable jointing projects both in Australia and overseas, with companies such as BHP, ANGLO and RIO.

Our personnel continuously train to improve their skills. By being trained and certified in a wide range of products through workshops and factory visits of various manufacturers, the team is able to implement and install joints and terminations to the highest industrial standards.

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Press Release

High-Voltage Cable Jointing at MESA 2015

Ward Operations will be presenting details about its high-voltage cable jointing services and cable nitrogen purging unit at the Mine Electrical Safety Association (MESA) expo.

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Ward Operations Brochure on Cable Jointing and Termination

Ward Operations Pty Ltd is a specialist high voltage cable jointing company that has been servicing the Central Queensland Mining and Heavy Industrial areas for more than a quarter of a century.

Ward Operations

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Press Release

23 June 2015

Ward Operations will be presenting details about its high-voltage cable jointing services and cable nitrogen purging unit at the Mine Electrical Safety Association (MESA) expo.

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3 June 2015

Ward Operations' latest adventure was not only to donate to the worthy cause of Variety, but also the privilege of holding the morning breakfast on Curtis Island, in Queensland Australia.

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3 September 2014

Ward Operations is a specialist, high-voltage cable jointing and cable nitrogen purging company that has been servicing the Central Queensland mining and heavy industrial areas for more than a quarter of a century.

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Ward Operations

PO Box 6330

Red Hill

North Rockhampton




+61 7 4935 4503 +61 7 4935 4487 www.wardoperations.com.au

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