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Escape Chutes and Deployment Systems for Mining Machines

Ingström Escape Chutes Australia supplies the Ingström Escape Chute for emergency evacuation from industrial machines and vehicles.


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Ingström Escape Chutes Australia supplies the Ingström Escape Chute; permanent, fast-action deployment systems for emergency evacuation from industrial machines and vehicles.

A series of fires in the 1990s highlighted the dangers of operating large mining machines, as operators can be trapped metres above the ground while machines are partially or completely destroyed. Installing an escape chute enables the operator to deploy the chute in one to two seconds, enter it, and travel 5m to the ground in four to five seconds. Chutes have many advantages over a second door or hatch in the cabin, as they are made from durable, flexible, fire-safe material so can safely carry a person through a fire.

They don’t require a power source and the descent is controlled by the evacuee, for comfort and safety.

Escape chutes are designed for specialist mining industry operations but offer life-saving exits to staff working at heights in many industries.

Deployment in seconds from one easy action.
Vertical chute systems can be secured onto the outside of large mining machines and used within seconds of deployment.
The compact, fixed units are designed to drop into an opening, making installation simple.
Ingström Escape Chutes offers operator training to increase workers' confidence in using the systems and reducing health and safety risks.

Vertical escape chute deployment system

Ingström offers external deployment units that are mounted to the outside of an excavator, shovel, or drag line. The unit is small enough to be fitted to a vehicle’s walkway and does not interfere with access or operation.

The vertical deployment system is suitable for:

  • Large earthmovers, such as shovels, excavators and drag lines
  • Wheel loaders and push Cat loaders

Floor-mounted escape chute units

For industrial buildings, silos, sewerage digesters, coal-handling preparation plants and similar functions, a floor-mounted escape system is recommended.

The easy-to-deploy system is designed to ‘drop into’ existing platforms with minimal work required, and be low enough to not cause an obstruction.

Horizontal chute deployment unit

Ingström escape chutes are available with a horizontal deployment system should a vertical drop unit interfere with a machine’s functioning or an operator’s vision.

Safety training for using escape chutes

Ingström offers training sessions to optimise the effectiveness of its escape chutes and enable workers to act fast in emergency situations.

The basic operator course provides an overview of the escape chute, its usage, deployment and how to perform inspections. The course allows participants to practice using the equipment to increase their confidence, so that they are comfortable taking immediate action.

More advanced training is available for service personnel.

About Ingström

Mr. Ingström was a specialist in the textile industry with more than forty years of experience in technical fabrics. In 1982 he developed the Ingström Escape Chute® system and began marketing it worldwide through his company, Mobiltex. In 1988, the company expanded its operations by opening offices in Australia and Singapore, and developed close working relationships in the Asia Pacific region.

Since 1998, Mobiltex Far East Pty Ltd has distributed Ingström Escape Chutes throughout the Australasian region. The managing director of the Far East branch, Mr Zacke Waldeback, developed the chute’s vertical deployment system especially for the adverse mining industry environments.

Ingström Escape Chutes Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2012 to reflect the company’s core purpose: to be a specialist supplier and manufacture of Ingström Escape Chutes to the mining sector.

White Papers

  • Human Reactions to Using Ingström Escape Chutes: Report

    Ingström Escape Chutes Australia has released a survey of human reactions to using the company's escape chutes. The response covers users who have little or no experience of using the tool, as well as those who have used the chute up to three times.

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  • Ingstrom Escape Chute

    In the mid to late 1990s, larger machines in the Hunter Valley were experiencing an increase in the number of fire incidents, putting operators at risk and usually destroying or seriously damaging the machines. This resulted in increased operational costs and lost time, and always had the potential for a fatality.

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