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Delivering Impossible to Reach Data with Autonomous Aerial Robots

2118 Washington Ave Suite 1000,
Philadelphia, PA 19146,
United States of America

Exyn Technologies is a pioneering tech company based in Philadelphia, US, specializing in autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Founded in 2014, the company has been at the forefront of developing ground-breaking solutions that enable robots and drones to navigate and collect data in complex, GPS-denied environments.

The company’s full-stack solution enables flexible deployment of single or multi-robots swarms that can intelligently navigate and dynamically adapt to complex environments in real-time. This enables industries like mining, industrial inspection, and construction to benefit from a single, integrated solution that can capture high fidelity data sets in a safer and more efficient way.

Our autonomous, industrial-grade robots can easily navigate complex environments, using onboard sensors and AI to accomplish the mission without a pilot, GPS, or a prior map.
The ExynPak, a portable 3D SLAM mapping product capable of capturing a colorized, high fidelity point cloud of large areas in a fraction of the time.
Powered by Autonomy Level 4, Exyn's robots are capable of autonomously exploring complex environments beyond visual line of sight without a pilot in the loop.
Exyn's robots can quickly and efficiently map large underground cavities in minutes and produce a survey-grade point cloud for volumetric analysis.
The ExynPak comes equipped with two fisheye cameras which can colorize point clouds in real time and produce realistic 3d models for as-built construction models or AR/VR environments.
The ExynAero ships in a ruggedized case and can be ready to fly an autonomous mission in minutes.
Exyn's autonomous robots can intelligently navigate feature-rich indoor and outdoor environments, scanning buildings for situational awareness without requiring the cognitive load of a pilot.
Without the need for an expert pilot, survey teams can autonomously map and inspect critical infrastructure with more frequency.
Mounted to the front of a vehicle, the ExynPak can accurately map large tunnels or drifts underground for a complete look at mining operational efficiency and infrastructure.

Cutting-edge AI solutions to boost efficiency, productivity and safety in mining operations

Exyn’s mission is to revolutionize industries through autonomous solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. The company’s team of engineers, roboticists, and AI specialists are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of autonomous flight.

Powered by ExynAI, their robots – the ExynAero and ExynPak – can autonomously explore dynamic, complex environments beyond visual line of sight without the need for prior maps, GPS, or any wireless infrastructure.

The proprietary SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm can intelligently navigate through changing environments while displaying a high-fidelity 3D point cloud to the operator when communications are available. Once an autonomous mission is complete, survey teams can then quickly process high-fidelity 3D point clouds for further analysis.

LiDAR-based SLAM is an innovative technology that combines two important capabilities: mapping an unknown environment and navigating within that environment in real-time. The technology involves the use of a LiDAR sensor, which emits laser pulses to detect and measure the distance to surrounding objects.

Exyn’s multi-sensor data fusion autonomy engine enables drones to navigate and adapt to complex, dangerous environments in real-time — all without GPS or a human pilot. Custom sensor integrations are available to overlay a variety of readings, such as radiation, gas monitor, IR, heat maps, chemical detection, convergence monitoring, and more.

Exyn’s robots are currently being used worldwide, performing surveys and inspections across a variety of industries including mining, construction, and inspection. Exyn’s AI is platform agnostic, meaning it can be deployed onto almost any robotic platform including aerial, ground-based or other modalities. They’ve successfully deployed to over a dozen airframes with more in development.

Autonomous aerial robots for dangerous data collection

Autonomous robots are a powerful tool that can be used to both resurrect old mines while pushing the mining industry forward with safe, more efficient surveying tools.

Equipped with advanced sensors and AI, these robots can navigate hazardous environments, collect data, and create comprehensive 3D maps faster and more accurately than human surveyors. Not only do they mitigate the risk of human exposure to potentially dangerous conditions, but they also streamline the exploration process, paving the way for a new era in the mining industry.

Exyn is committed to creating a future where autonomous systems can safely and efficiently perform tasks in any environment. By harnessing the power of AI and robotics, Exyn is transforming the way industries operate and shaping the future of autonomous flight.

Exyn Technologies has been recognized for its innovative contributions to the field of robotics and AI. The70+ person team is comprised of experts in the core areas of autonomy including control, perception, motion planning, state estimation, multi-sensor data fusion, and simultaneous localization and mapping, and includes former members of the Navy and Air Force, dozens of advanced degrees, and DARPA veterans with a combined 150+ years of autonomy experience.

Equipped with an autonomous drone, survey teams can stand safely away from dangerous areas while capturing a complete map of ongoing mining operations. In even more dangerous scenarios, search and rescue teams can send the ExynAero into unknown areas in search of survivors or possible entry and exit points to give them maximum situational awareness.

3D SLAM mapping for reality capture

The ExynPak is the perfect tool for capturing feature rich, high-fidelity, colorized 3D point clouds that can be used as digital twins for synthetic training environments and other AR/VR applications. A portable SLAM capture device can produce these digital twins in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional total station.

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