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Konstruktieweg 7, 6045 JD Roermond,Other, Netherlands

Founded in 2000, Jason’s Tyres has become an industry leader in the mining tyre field, specialising in the earthmover and truck tyre areas. The company is based in Wessen, the Netherlands, with offices in Belgium and Germany.

The company operates closely with Stracke Reifen Technik. Its collaboration with this well-established company allows it to benefit from their experience in the market, and pass it on to customers through quality service and an affordable range of mining tyres.

Loader and wheel loader tyres

Jason’s Tyres sells tyres for a broad range of mining vehicle applications, including loaders, wheel loaders, scrapers, graders, mining dump trucks, and rigged and articulated dump trucks tyres. The company stores large supplies of practically all sizes of earthmover tyres, meaning it is likely to have the specific size and model of tyre to suit each customer’s need.

Remoulded tyres

The company offers a broad range of mining tyres, including Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Belshina mining tyres, available in almost all sizes. Chinese tyres are sold on request, allowing the company to meet the specific requirements of customers. Remoulded tyres are also available in sizes up to 57in. Rims are also available for delivery out of stock. Jason’s Tyres can deliver types that are not in stock within ten days.

On-site tyre fitting

Jason’s Tyres guarantees a speedy response to most sites for delivery and fitting of tyres, and has the capacity to deliver mining tyres to any location in Europe. Tyres can also be shipped to anywhere in the world. The company’s success is largely due to a skilled and flexible team that has the proven ability to meet the specific mining tyre requirements of it customers.

Jason’s Tyres is well-established in the industry as a specialist in mining and earthmover tyres. The company’s cost-efficient service has gained it a solid reputation throughout the Netherlands. Jason’s industry advantage is that they offer a wide range of OTR tyres, for many mining applications.

Tyre skeleton renewal

The company has the capacity to renew customer’s mining tyre skeletons, a cost-efficient service for vehicle owners. All tyres receive a full warranty upon renewal by Jason’s Tyres, with a 70% warranty term.

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Konstruktieweg 7

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