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DELTAwater Solutions

Solutions for the Mining Industry

PO Box 507,
Hunter Region MC,
NSW 2310 Australia

DELTAwater solutions technology treats water problems such as corrosion, scale, salinity and iron – all problems that impact on the efficiency and maintenance needs of mine sites.

Case study

Mine type – Zinc
Location – Xstrata McArthur River Mine, Northern Territory
Solution – Solve corrosion problems and reduce maintenance at wheel wash

Installation of a DELTA on groundwater supply rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the wheel wash immediately slashed maintenance hours at this NT mine. The wheel wash is a crucial part of the mine’s operation with all vehicles, from light utes to heavy trucks, needing to go through it before leaving the site. Up to 200 vehicles use the facility a day. Due to corrosion problems, maintenance staff had to change jets fortnightly, or more at certain times of the year. The DELTA conditioner made an immediate difference and paid for itself quickly. The mine now doesn’t have to do maintenance or touch the wheel wash infrastructure for between three to six months.

Solutions for mining equipment

DELTA technology treats the problems that high levels of minerals such as calcium, hardness and magnesium create for mining equipment and increases efficiency at mine sites.

DELTA technology:

  • Stops scale buildup in pipelines – reducing friction loss and decreasing pumping costs
  • Prevents blockage of spray bars on belting systems
  • Stops scale buildup on solenoid values – no more jamming or sticking
  • Stops scale buildup in pumps – no more pump failure
  • Stops scale buildup in motor cooling jackets and cooling towers

Solutions for amenities blocks, laundries and kitchens

The DELTA technology prevents scale buildup in pumps, pipes, hot water systems and water-using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. It also ‘softens’ the water, leading to improved performance of soaps, shampoos, detergents and cleaning products.

Trusted and Australian made solutions

DELTA products have more than 20 years of proven success in solving mining, industry, agriculture and household water-associated problems all over Australia and overseas. All DELTA products are 100% Australian designed and manufactured and can treat unlimited volumes of water. No problem too big or too small.

Want to know more?

Contact DELTAwater solutions toll-free in Australia on 1800 283 600 and speak to Alex or Dianne Panov, founders of this Australian company based in the industrial and manufacturing hub of Newcastle.

Case Study: St Ives Mine Site

This one page PDF document illustrates some of the great results our mining clients are experiencing thanks to DELTA technology.

DeltaWater Pty Ltd

PO Box 507

Hunter Region MC

NSW 2310