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Tiger Bay Buggy Whips

Safety Flags for Mining Sites


Tiger Bay Buggy Whips manufactures custom buggy whips, also known as safety flags and safety whips, for the mining industry. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing safety flags, Tiger Bay Buggy Whips produces premium-quality flags that are designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Importance of safety flags in mining

Safety flags are used to increase the visibility of conventional vehicles for drivers of larger vehicles. At a mining site, where typically there are numerous large industrial vehicles, cars are easy for drivers to miss, potentially causing serious damage or injury.

By increasing the visibility of cars for industrial vehicle drivers, our flags help you comply with occupational health and safety guidelines and requirements, and ensure smaller vehicles can gain access to mining sites.

Tiger Bay Buggy Whips’ safety flags are designed to be fixed to the bonnet of a car and rise above the roof so they are visible to drivers in trucks, dozers and similar. This ensures that even if a car cannot be seen, industrial vehicle drivers are aware of its presence.

Hard-wearing, customisable safety flags

All our safety flags are made from durable material designed to withstand environmental exposure and weather damage. We also supply aluminium tubing to increase the strength of the flagpole, which we highly recommend for industrial applications.

Tiger Bay Buggy Whips can make flags to any length required, and we have a choice of flag type, lights, base and spring, all of which are designed to meet varying requirements. If you are interested in ordering our custom safety flags but are unsure what components to specify, we can provide advice and recommendations.

If you are looking to supply a large number of vehicles, we offer a wholesale service that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Reflective safety flags

Tiger Bay Buggy Whips’ safety flags are available in two shapes: a pennant flag and a square flag. These can be ordered with or without reflective fabric, which is available either as a strip on the pennant flag or a cross on the square flag. Reflective fabric is a good way of adding additional visibility on sites with low light.

We also provide the option of lights for our safety flags. These are ideal for sites with limited light, or where work is done after dark. Tiger Bay Buggy Whips has two types of light: a rope light and an LED globe.

Our rope light is fixed to the top of the flagpole, allowing a string of light to shine continuously above the flag. A static bulb is available in 12V or 24V, while a flashing option is 12V.

Alternatively, if you need a more attention-grabbing light source, our LED globe light sits on the top of the flagpole flashing on and off. This increases the noticeability of the flag, and ensures it is easily seen by other drivers.

Flagpole base options

Tiger Bay Buggy Whips’ range includes fixed, spring and quick-release bases. Spring bases enable the flags to be bent and knocked without taking damage, and we offer small, medium and large size springs to suit all requirements.

Our quick-release bases, made in stainless steel, come with or without a spring and are designed to make removing the flag quick and easy; perfect for drivers who need to regularly attach or remove the flag from their vehicle.

We also sell our own Aerial Knockdown, an invention by Tiger Bay Buggy Whips. It is designed to allow the flag to be securely tied down without removing it from the vehicle.

Tiger Bay Buggy Whips customer service

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable service and will be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution to your safety flag needs.

If you would like to know more about our products, or are interested in placing an order, please visit our website or contact us using the details below.