Micromine Pty Ltd designs and develops exploration and mining technology solutions. The company’s Micromine Nexus, a web-based platform offers a workplace with a single, secure, and streamlined data storage solution; and Pitram, a mine productivity solution to record, manage and process mine site data. Its Geobank platform enables geological and geoscientific information management; and Micromine Origin provides informed strategic and data-driven geoscience decisions. Micromine’s service offerings comprise exploration program design and management, due diligence consulting services, resource and reserve estimation, mine design, surveying services, scheduling and mine haulage services, training and support.

Pitram, MICROMINE’s fleet management and mine control solution, collects accurate real-time data to provide the control room with the mine’s current status. Mine supervisors can make informed decisions across the operation thanks to real-time and accurate data, which helps to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve site safety.

It provides specialised FMS based on the environment. Pitram mobile devices installed in equipment cabins use a built-in GPS+GLONASS card to collect location data for surface mines. The data is transferred to the Pitram server when the vehicle is in range of a wireless network. In underground mines, people and equipment are tracked using a third-party tracking system that sends real-time position updates to the Pitram server via one of several Pitram connectors. When a tracked object’s position or status changes, the Pitram server notifies the module, alerting the control room.