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Drive Control Systems

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Industrial Drive Service has been in business since 1988. We design variable-speed drive solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Industrial Drive Service is a leading supplier of drive and control equipment and works closely with the SSD Drives Group as part of the automation division of Parker Hannifin.

Located in Canada, we sell our products and services internationally, and have many customer sites and locations throughout North America and South America.

Drive control systems for the mining industry

Our company can supply a wide range of drive control systems and ‘move’ diverse applications in an ever-moving forward direction, while meeting the needs of our customers.

We have serviced many different applications, some being undemanding, others complex, in a wide variety of industries including hoists, with the solution best-suited to our customers’ needs. This can include prototyping and testing, as well as design, manufacturing and programming, final testing and start-up of automated custom drive systems.

Industrial Drive Service provides hoist drive systems for all types of applications, including single drum.
A 1,500hp AC system in Manitoba.
A field regulator developed by IDS in use in the Bulyanhulu gold mine.
We offer 24/7 support and service for drive and control equipment.

Our competitive edge and attention to detail, allows us to cater to clients’ specific needs. With our highly trained staff we work with our clients to determine the best solution for their business applications. We are dedicated to our customers and strongly believe in service and support of the products that we offer, which are well suited to the mining industry.

Hoist drive systems

We have extensive experience in many styles of lifting hoists and their drive controls for all types of applications, including single drum, double drum, friction (Koepe) service or skip hoists, for single or multi-level hoisting and conical drum hoists. These can be among the most technically advanced hoists available to the industry.

We have vast experience in hoist drive control systems, including MG sets, synchronous motor sets, wound rotor motors and controls, solid-state controls with DC motors, DC generators, and DC motors and their control systems.

In addition, we have experience with the latest technology in AC drives paired with matching AFE drives and AC vector motor controls for production hoists and service hoists. We also have experience with retrofits on escape / emergency hoists.

Hoist drive control equipment maintenance services

For our valued customers we offer preventative maintenance programs to assist and establish a means of determining any future and or present issues with their hoist drive control equipment.

Having a preventative maintenance program established allows customers a means of scheduling / planning for downtime as well as a ‘plan ahead’ type of approach for their equipment, in order to keep it in top running order, with very few expensive, unnecessary shut downs and disruptions.

Drive and control equipment support and service

Industrial Drive Service offers clients 24/7 support and service with:

  • AC and DC drive hoist control systems
  • Field expertise / commissioning  for all IDS manufactured systems
  • Inventory of spare parts in stock at IDS
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Service and support for all systems / products offered
  • Training seminars tailored to customer needs
  • Driven and proficient staff members

Press Releases

  • IDS Awarded Drive Package Contract for Kirkland Lake Gold Service Hoist

    Industrial Drive Service (IDS) has been awarded a contract to supply a drive package for the new service hoist at Kirkland Lake Gold, located at Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. The hoist is 12ft and single drum. The package includes a 2,000hp, 690V AC motor, a 2,000hp AC drive with act

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