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Dust Control for Mining Operations

Here at ABCDust, we cover dust control in all aspects of the mining process. Whether you have a copper, gold, nickel, or coal mine, we’ve got you covered.

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ABCDust, a company based in Chile and Canada, has emerged as an undisputed leader in the dust control industry. Their success story is a testament to innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to air quality and public health. We will explore ABC Dust’s trajectory and its pivotal role in transforming dust control globally.

ABCDust’s story began in two distinct places, Chile and Canada, with a bold vision to address air pollution and dust control issues. In Chile, the company was founded in 2015, while in Canada, the company was founded in 2017.

Both locations encountered teething challenges that were inherent to a developing industry. However, perseverance and focus on innovation allowed them to overcome these initial obstacles, marking the beginning of a journey in the dust control industry.

Since its inception, ABCDust has always had a clear vision to improve air quality around the world and, in doing so, improve workers; and nearby communities; public health. ABCDust’s mission is to provide effective and sustainable solutions for worldwide dust control and soil stabilization.

We have constantly invested in research and development of advanced technology for dust control. Through collaborations with academic institutions and industry experts, ABCDust has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, with a patent portfolio and innovative product and solutions line to solve the most challenging dust control problems in the mining industry, from blasting to tailings, we got them covered, and we are working on it.

Samuel Toledo, founder and CEO of ABCDust, says: ” We control and monitor mine sites dust emission from mine blasting, loading, hauling, crushing, transporting, grinding, piling, and till your tailings. We help mines achieve up to 95-99% dust suppression while minimizing water usage and C02 emissions by 80%.

To achieve this, we use environmentally friendly additives, dry fog systems, dust collectors, wind panels, and real-time monitoring solutions that tailor our solutions to your needs. Sensors to monitor and analyze the whole process in real-time and to implement preventive dust control measures.

Our MICA project strengthens our testing and lab capacities, combined with a clear roadmap and project follow-up, which help us move forward with our continuous innovations and give our client’s sites the best performance, safety, and sustainability today and tomorrow.

ABCDust’s most notable strength is our capacity to provide customized solutions to meet each client’s needs. The ability to adapt to different industries and environments has led to a diverse
portfolio of successful projects and taking learned lessons from one site to another.

Satisfied customers over the years have highlighted the effectiveness of ABCDust’s solutions. The success of ABCDust Chile and Canada served as a platform for our international expansion.

We offer solutions in Canada, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Africa, and the USA and have our offer available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. This expansion reflects our ability to adapt to different needs and regulations in other regions.

We at ABCDust have emphasized the importance of integrating different cultures and skills with advanced instrumentation and science in dust control. Our state-of-the-art devices and technology have been instrumental in achieving effective and sustainable dust control.

We continue to invest in partnerships with entities like CEMI and research centers to improve our instrumentation and products to be at the forefront of technology with well-grounded and easy-to-adopt solutions.

ABCDust track record snapshot:

1. Sales increase of 25X in five years, validating its solutions in world-class mining companies and mine sites,
2. 5 invention patents applied for.
3. Sales in Chile, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Africa, and Ukraine.
4. Over ten new products and a healthy R&D pipeline,
5. DMS-ONE Management platform and operational mobile application operative,
6. Offer in four languages with offices in Chile, Canada, and Peru.
7. Launch of factory, lab, and pilot plant in Canada.
8. Technical presentations presented at CIM, Expomin and Exposibram
9. Raised over 1.5 million dollars in applied R&D funds
10. Established collaborative projects with R&D and innovation entities in Canada and Chile.

The solutions offered by ABCDust help our clients to implement effective dust control measures and processes, with key and objective dust control tools and measurement instruments to manage dust control programs with input-output performance data, which facilitate reaching excellence, developing and measuring best practices for the different dust emissions sources.

ABCDust document and promote these best practices among our clients to meet our Zero Dust mining industry challenge. We have impacted our customers’ operational efficiency and contributed to the reduction of dust emissions and ultimately improved air quality, which has directly affected
public health and the environment, making us an agent of positive change.

ABCDust has received recognition for excellence in dust control and is leading the discussion of clean tech and dust control solutions in the mining field, collaborating with different initiatives and clients. These recognitions highlight the quality of our products and services and our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

In the future, as ABCDust, we are committed to continuing to be a beacon of innovation and sustainability in dust control and soil stabilization and to transfer our tools to other industries and applications such as construction, forestry, and agriculture.

Today, we are expanding our passion for saving lives and water through better air quality using water-saving technologies into new areas and markets, maintaining our commitment to improving air quality worldwide.

At ABCDust, we have transformed how we approach dust control and soil stabilization and contributed significantly to improving air quality, public health, water consumption, and C02 emissions. With an eye on the future, we at ABCDust are destined to continue to lead the way in the industry and leave a lasting impact on the world.

White Papers

  • Monitoring and Mitigation Systems for Extreme Dust Concentrations

    ABCDust, a comprehensive offering of solutions and systems for dust control and monitoring in mining. ABCDust delivers effective dust control and soil stabilization additives, supported by application, monitoring and control systems, together with production indicators analysis for an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly industrial operation.

Products & services

  • Chem-Stab®

    Chem-Stab® is a sulfonated (ionic) chemical-based soil stabilizer formulated with ionizing complexes associated with ion exchanger elements.


    EZISS PRO® is a natural liquid enzyme, which improves the properties of native/local soils. EZISS PRO® enhance higher compaction densities and increase soil strength, stability and resistance, together with lower permeability to rain and now.


    SOILCELLS are high density polyethylene panels used for soil containment. The three-dimensional structure of the cells allows to confine the granular material and thus avoid any displacement caused by erosion or dynamic loads.

  • DMS-DS® 80

    DMS-DS 80® is our ultra-low chloride, environmentally friendly, low-cost dust suppression, soil stabilization, and ice control polymer. Compatible with all types of soils, but with better performance for silty soils with low water retention.

  • DMS-DS 90

    DMS-90® is a highly effective dust suppressant, based on a mixture of flow polymers, water, and surfactants, designed to suppress dust and stabilize roads in extreme climates. DMS-90 can be applied as a soil stabilizer (mix-ins) and as a dust suppressant (topical application).

  • DMS-DS

    DMS-DS® is a highly effective dust suppressant designed for high mountain mining roads and high tonnage (600 TON) loading in loamy soils and loose fine material. DMS-DS is composed of a proprietary blend of surfactants, 0.25 micron nano-polymers and alcohols.

  • DMS-ALB®

    DMS-ALB® is specially designed for soil stabilization and dust control of solar farms, preventing the accumulation of dust on the solar panels, and providing an ideal albedo factor for bi-facial solar farms. DMS-ALB offers a long-lasting duration after an initial application.

  • DMS-DS® 100

    DMS-DS® 100 is specially designed for soil stabilization and dust control of industrial roads, haul road, and well-compacted surfaces, improving its comprehensive strength and road materials agglutination.


    DMS-TSF® is a unique engineered dust suppressant nano polymer with hydrophilic UV and extreme cold resistant properties for non-trafficked areas, such as tailings, stockpiles, and berms. DMS-TSF® is a water-soluble, crust forming, UV, rain, and extreme cold resistant polymer formulation.


    DMS-TDS® is a non-ionic dust suppressant, formulated with surfactants and binders for highly effective and safe dust suppression to downstream mineral recovery processes.

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