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Mobile Equipment and Bulk Material Handling Systems

EMS-TECH Inc has a global reputation for providing world-class solutions while co-operatively working with everyone involved.

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EMS-TECH Inc provides world-class solutions while co-operatively working with everyone involved. The company’s specialists are experts in the engineering, design, manufacturing and management of custom-designed bulk material handling equipment and large engineered systems.

EMS-TECH’s portfolio includes stackers, stacker-reclaimers, reclaimers, shiploaders, receiving systems, vessel self-unloading systems and transshipment systems.

Whether it’s a project that requires full engineering development or mobile equipment design or manufacturer surveillance through commissioning, EMS-TECH is the perfect engineering and management capability source in bulk handling.

A stacker-reclaimer in use at Port Cartier, Québec.
A stacker at Borneo, Indonesia.
A hopper unit operating in a port.
A radial stacker in Nunavik.
EMS-TECH offers equipment such as this nickel concentrate handling unit.
EMS-TECH has patent-pending dust control curtains for large projects that require specialist management.
Older equipment can undergo retrofit, refurbishment and maintenance services to extend their life.
EMS-TECH's innovative feeder gate is an economical replacement for maintenance-intensive belt feeders.
The patented dual linear shiploader increases loading efficiency.

Mines and bulk terminals

EMS-TECH offers a range of mine and bulk terminal equipment, including:

  • Stackers (radial / luffing, pedestal / slewing / luffing and traversing / slewing / luffing)
  • Stacker-reclaimers (traversing / slewing / luffing, bucket wheel and two or four quadrant reclaiming)
  • Reclaimers (traversing / shuttling / luffing, four quadrant reclaiming and bridge reclaimers / blending)
  • Receiving systems
  • Storage systems (totally enclosed and automatic input / output)
  • Hoppers (for receiving or on outhaul systems)
  • Shiploaders (linear, dual linear, quadrant, pedestal and traversing / shuttling / luffing)

Heavy industrial machines for cold weather applications

EMS-TECH has significant experience supplying machines for operations in extremely cold weather environments all year round, such as:

  • Ekati Diamond Mine, Nunavik
  • Voisey’s Bay Mine, Northern Labrador

Challenging material handling solutions

EMS-TECH provides solutions for material handling challenges:

  • Concentrates that self-ignite are handled in Voisey’s Bay
  • Concentrates that can be highly abrasive and sticky are handled at Kinder Morgan Vancouver Terminals
  • Discharge rates of up to 12,000tph

Machine upgrade and retrofit

EMS-TECH offers a maintenance and repair service to give old equipment a new lease on life. Older industrial equipment that appears to be reaching the end of its life may be serviceable, in which case EMS-TECH rejuvenates the equipment, boosting its economic contribution and effectively adding profit to the business’s bottom line.

Innovative engineering technology for mine applications

EMS-TECH’s outstanding success is largely due to its creative engineering. The company encourages its staff to think differently and affords them the liberty of looking at a problem from a new perspective, resulting in new and cost-effective solutions, for example:

  • The ‘C’ loop elevator development keeps EMS-TECH at the forefront of technology
  • The feeder gate acts as a low-cost replacement for belt feeders, eliminating dust
  • Dust control curtains for large projects in sensitive areas
  • Next-generation conveyor transfers to reduce dust, wear and tear, and material degradation

In addition to designing and manufacturing specialist equipment, EMS-TECH also provides the following essential services for the site operations:

  • Project management
  • Structural analysis
  • Equipment / system surveys
  • Field advisory services
  • Fabricator surveillance
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Requirements analysis
  • Construction
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Replacement parts

EMS-TECH’s industry-specific expertise lies within its multi-disciplined team of experts in engineering, design, manufacturing, purchasing and management of custom-designed bulk material handling equipment and industrial systems.

The strength of the company resides in competence, integrity and its depth of customer relationships worldwide. EMS-TECH’s primary objectives are to complete projects on time and within budget, and to continually meet clients’ goals and objectives.

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Products & services

  • Self-Unloaders

    EMS-Tech Inc supplies self-unloaders for industrial clients.

  • Engineering Services

    EMS-Tech Inc specialises in structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, with a team of professional engineers able to perform on-site and in-office visits.

  • Field Services and Spare Parts

    EMS-Tech understands that minimising operational downtime of bulk-handling equipment is critical to the movement of product and business success.

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