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Wilden Pump & Engineering

Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps for the Mining Industry

Wilden® Pump & Engineering is a global leader and innovator of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology for use in a number of utilitarian pumping applications, many of which are prevalent in mining operations.

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Wilden® Pump & Engineering is a global leader and innovator of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology for use in a number of utilitarian pumping applications, many of which are prevalent in mining operations.

As the market leader in AODD pumps, we are deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, research and development and market knowledge. Our world-class facilities, distribution network and product quality provide us with the tools needed to solve the challenges of your mining application today.

Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps for mining

Since 1955, Wilden has been the global leader in AODD pumps for use in a wide range of industries that rely on reliable, efficient, leak-free fluid- and small-solids-handling, including those found in the rapidly growing global mining industry.

After more than 50 years in the field, Wilden’s first AODD pump design, the Original™ Series, continues to set the standard in reliability in rugged operating conditions. These clamped pumps provide reliability without sacrificing ease of maintenance. Available in either metal (aluminum, stainless steel or ductile iron), plastic (polypropylene, PTFE) or PFA materials of construction, the Original Series metal pumps are offered in five sizes, from the 13mm (1/2in) PX1 to the 102mm (4in) PX20 models. All of these models can handle pressures up to 8.6 bar (125 psi), while they feature flow rates ranging from the PX1’s 62.8 lpm (16.6 gpm) to 1,211 lpm (320 gpm) for the PX20.

AODD bolted pumps

Wilden’s Advanced™ Series reigns as the global leader in AODD bolted pumps. Offered in a choice of aluminum, stainless steel, alloy-C, polypropylene, PVDF and PFA, Advanced Series metal and plastic pumps are specifically designed to deliver maximum performance, efficiency and containment.

The bolted configuration ensures total product containment, while the innovative liquid path reduces internal friction to maximize output and efficiency. Wilden Advanced Series metal pumps are available in five sizes from 6 mm to 76 mm (1/4in to 3in). Advanced Series Metal pumps feature flow rates to 1,021 lpm (270 gpm).

Pumps for transferring solid-laden slurries

Wilden’s Stallion® Series AODD pumps, a version of the Original Series, are designed to transfer solid-laden slurries safely and effectively. The pumps feature a large internal clearance and flow-through design that effectively keeps the pump from clogging. Wilden’s Stallion pumps are available in three sizes: PX4, 38mm (1-1/2in), PX8, 51mm (2in) and PX15, 76mm (3in). All are available in either aluminum or ductile iron materials of construction, are submersible, intrinsically safe, lube-free, can run dry, have superior anti-freezing properties and can handle pressures of up to 125 psi. Depending on the model, flow rates range from 305 Ipm to 776 lpm (81 gpm to 205 gpm).

Wilden’s Brahma Series AODD pumps, a version of the Advanced Series, are designed to transfer large solids typical found in mining operations. The PX810 and PX1510 Brahma pumps include the Pro-Flo X™ ADS and are available in 51mm (2in) and 76mm (3in) center-ported styles. Brahma pumps offer DIN or ANSI connections, top inlet and bottom discharge and maximum operating pressures of up to 8.6 bar (125 psig).

AODD air-distribution systems for mining operations

The Original, Advanced and Stallion AODD pumps all feature a version of Wilden’s patented Pro-Flo X™ air distribution system (ADS), which gives the user unprecedented operational flexibility. The Pro-Flo X features a patented efficiency management system (EMS™) that allows the user to easily optimize the ADS for any pump-size and to meet many application demands. For more information visit the company’s website, as listed in the contact details below.

The Pro-Flo X has an integrated control dial that permits users to select the flow rate that best suits the application. The result is greater pump performance, lower operational costs and performance flexibility that goes far beyond previous industry standards. The Pro-Flo X is also guaranteed to operate without fail even in the harshest mining conditions.

Wilden: Innovation Through Necessity

An off-the-cuff remark was the inspiration for the Wilden® air-operated double-diaphragm pump, which to this day remains the industry standard for numerous applications.

Wilden® Pump & Engineering Company

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