epco-ims supplies the most comprehensive range of pipeline products and ancillary items for the worldwide mining industry.

The company specialises in the supply of both plastic and metal systems, including pipes, fittings, flanges, pulled bends, process valves, pipe hanging systems, fastener sets, welding equipment, electrical cables and ancillary items, to all major manufacturing standards.

Typical applications include camp water services, production plants and slurry and tailings lines. Materials available include carbon steel (CS), galvanised carbon steel (GCS), stainless-steel (SS), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), U-PVC, C-PVC and ABS.

Production plant: Bassari Resources alluvial mine, Douta, Senegal.
Corrugated steel culvert: Bassari Resources alluvial mine, Douta, Senegal.
ER buildings, main camp: Terranga Gold, Sabodala, Senegal.
Tailings line production expansion: Terranga Gold, Sabodala, Senegal.
Production plant: Bassari Resources alluvial mine, Douta, Senegal.

Reflective, above-ground pipes with resistance to heat absorption

In addition to standard black PE100 pipes, we also offer white Thermo+ PE100 pipes, which feature a coextruded black inner wall and white outer wall. Ideal for above ground installations, the specially formulated highly reflective white outer skin gives the pipes added resistance to heat absorption, whilst maintaining UV stability.

Other advantages over standard black PE100 pipes include a reduced temperature increase in conveyed fluids, and a reduced ‘snaking’ effect on long pipe runs, resulting in a lower design allowance on long pipe runs.

Helibore pipe and bolted plate corrugated metal culverts

epco-ims manufactures metal culverts in either bolted plate or helibore pipe, with a maximum diameter of 12m and 3.6m respectively. These culverts can be produced with a large selection of profiles, including:

  • Pipe
  • Pipe-arch
  • Arch
  • Ellipse

For smaller culverts, a twin-wall plastic pipe can be used, which is available with up to a 12in diameter.

Electrical cables and cable project management

Whether you are looking for a one-off replacement cable immediately, or require an integrated cable project management package, epco-ims can help. The company supplies a large selection of cables, including:

  • Computer cables
  • Power leads
  • Network cables
  • Electrical cables
  • Cable accessories

Prefabricated buildings for mine sites

epco-ims also supplies a selection of prefabricated buildings, including modular shops, prefabricated offices, construction site cabins, etc.

Due to cost and time savings, prefabricated buildings are becoming increasingly popular in the mining industry. Our steel-framed buildings are as strong and durable as a built-in-situ structure, and can be stacked or joined to create the ideal layout for your site.

As part of this service, customers are guided through the process to ensure the perfect structure is provided quickly and efficiently.

FG Wilson diesel generators

The company is also a supplier of FG Wilson diesel generating sets, as well as a range of generator services. These generators are available from 9kVA up to 2,500kVA, and can be either housed in weatherproof acoustic enclosures, ideal for compliance with EU noise directives, or delivered as open skid-mounted sets.

Our generator sales team will be able to work with you to find your ideal generating solution.

Online purchase of tools and hardware for mining

epco-ims’ online store stocks over 60,000 tools and hardware for use in mining production and maintenance. With manufacturing facilities based in the UK and Europe, we offer the fastest available deliveries to Africa.

Purchases can be made through our website, by phone, or through our enquiry form. For more information, please use the contact details or form below.