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Fuel Treatment Based on Natural Enzymes

XBEE is the most efficient natural fuel treatment. Based on natural enzymes extracted from tree leaves, XBEE has been commercialized worldwide for more than twenty years to improve mining operation costs. XBEE is safe in all engines and fuels, and pays for itself right away.

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XBEE is the most efficient natural fuel treatment. Based on natural enzymes extracted from tree leaves, XBEE has been commercialized worldwide for more than twenty years to improve mining operation costs. Enzymes eliminate contaminants in fuels, clean up tanks and fuel filters, remove carbon deposits in the engines, and reduce both fuel consumption and gas emissions, such as CO2, NOx, particles. XBEE is safe in all engines and fuels, and pays for itself right away.

Eliminating naturally all organic contaminants

XBEE enzymes are powerful surfactants, and have the ability to disperse micro particles such as water droplets and organic fuel-derived contaminants, cleaning up fuel tanks, and reducing consumption of fuel filters.

Whether vehicles are working in cold conditions and have to face problems related to fuel solidification, or in the middle of a desert where condensation and bacterial growth can become a problem, XBEE enzymes have the capacity to remove water from fuel, helping to solve both issues after a couple of treatments.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is compatible with all kinds of machinery: bulldozers, excavators, heavy mining trucks, road hauling lorries, diesel and HFO generators, etc.
XBEE natural fuel treatment helps excavation and mining companies to improve their operations, by reducing both fuel consumption and toxic gas emissions.
Diesel generators, just like regular engines, can benefit XBEE enzymes that disperse all contaminants and clean up fuel systems.
XBEE is a unique technology to treat all engines: trucks, buses, tractors, excavators, gensets...
XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is tested, certified, and guaranteed in all fuels and engines.

Reducing maintenance costs

Besides cleaning fuel tanks and filters, our natural fuel treatment also removes carbon deposits in engines, substantially improving fuel combustion parameters. Burning a cleaner fuel in a clean engine also helps reducing lube oil consumption.

Many customers also happily experienced the possibility to increase intervals between engines inspections, and reduce both immobilization time of the vehicles, and maintenance costs.

Reducing fuel consumption

Hyper-oxygenating fuel by restructuring hydrocarbon molecules, XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology remarkably improves fuel combustion. One of the most noticeable consequence, besides the reduction of combustion by-products such as soot and smoke, is the reduction of fuel consumption by 5 to 10% depending on the intensity of the operations.

XBEE pays for itself after only a few weeks of treatment!

Improving working conditions

By improving fuel combustion, XBEE enzymes also significantly reduce polluting gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particles. Both our environment, and workers can benefit from a cleaner air. This is especially true in underground mines, where air quality is of utmost importance.

Mining operations have become even more essential to our environment, as we need more ores to manufacture the necessary equipment that will help to achieve substantial reductions of CO2 emissions.

Easy to use and affordable technology

No need to change anything in your organization, no need to modify your vehicles and engines. XBEE is a unique fuel technology compatible with all kinds of fuels, from diesel to mazout to heavy fuel oil. It is compatible with all engines, from bulldozers to excavators heavy duty mining trucks to generators.

Only one product to clean up fuel systems, to reduce operating costs, and to reduce your environmental footprint!

White Papers

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with XBEE

    XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology reduces greenhouse gas and toxic air contaminants from fossil fuels and biofuels, using naturally occurring enzymes in parts per billion (ppb).

  • Report: UC Berkeley Combustion Laboratory

    On March 28, 2006 the company Biodiesel Industries Inc. located in California, USA shared their conclusions regarding an extensive study covering biodiesels and their gas emissions.

  • Eliminating Particles in Fuels

    On August 22, 2016, Intertek Hamilton in Ontario, Canada tested XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to measure the impact of its unique enzyme formula on reducing the harmful small particles in aged diesel fuel that are monitored under the ISO-4406 fuel cleanliness standard.

  • Operating Mode: Enzyme Catalysis in Fuels

    Combustion testing in all grades of diesel fuel, biodiesel, gasoline and E-10, as well as bunker fuel, demonstrate that XBEE improves combustion in all fuels. Several tests have shown that the enzymes in XBEE target aromatics.

  • Solving Fuel Compatibility Problems

    Fuel instability often occurs when the aromatic solvency of the fuel is disturbed, typically by paraffinic solvents used as cutter stocks, or fuels based on paraffinic crudes.

  • Extending the Service Life of Engines

    Following the demonstration made by XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology of its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in late 2006 and early 2007, Brittany Ferries continued to treat the heavy fuel oil 380 of their ship Mont Saint-Michel in order to observe the technical impact.

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