Furukawa Rockdrill (FRD) Europe is responsible for the sale and support of hydraulic and pneumatic surface crawler drills, hydraulic breakers and attachments for the construction and mining industries.

FRD Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Furukawa Rockdrill Japan.

Hydraulic drilling and demolition equipment for the mining sector

FRD’s premium products are designed to address the tough demands of customers worldwide.

The company is dedicated to high-quality, long-life and ultra-reliable hydraulic drilling and demolition equipment, primarily breakers, crawler drills and attachments, are used in over a hundred countries.

FRD crawler drills are reliable, robust, cost-effective and easy to operate.
FRD drills are equipped with durable, high-performance drifters. Combined with intelligent control of drilling parameters, they contribute to low operating costs on consumable and wear items.
FRD breakers come in a variety of sizes and applications.
FRD demolition tools are versatile and subsequently offer its users many benefits.
The FRD's warehouse inventory supports all products operating in the territory.
Technical support is provided by the FRD dealer network who is kept up to date with the current FRD offering through in-house training programmes.
Customer satisfaction rates high on our agenda, which is why more than 87% of customers buy FRD products again.
A rich, long history that started in 1832 means that in rockdrilling and breaking very few other companies have the knowledge and experience found in FRD.
Sales and aftermarket are covered by regional subsidiaries and an extensive dealer network.
FRD also offers a range of drilling tools for supporting customers’ drilling business.

FRD’s network of distributors is supported by top-quality hardware, constant training, and high-quality customer service. The philosophy of the company is built upon creating long-term relationships that are in turn supported and nurtured by providing clients with what they need in all ways and at all times.

Tophammer and down-the-hole drilling machines

FRD surface crawler drills are available in tophammer and down-the-hole configurations.

Tophammer machines are designed for holes ranging from 64mm up to 140mm, at hole depths of up to 33m. Drifter power ranges from 14.2kW to 28kW.

Down-the-hole drilling is available for hole sizes from 89mm to 165mm, and hole depths of up to 40m.

Options are available for a variety of drilling and environmental conditions, as well as accuracy of drilling and data acquisition needs. All machines are designed to comply with safety, environmental and health requirements.

Hydraulic impact breakers and demolition tools

Hydraulic impact breakers start from an operating weight of 69kg, all the way up to 6,500kg, suitable for excavators starting from as small as 0.5t, up to 100t. This includes the FXj series, which has mono-block cylinders that improve reliability and reduce running costs.

Various configurations are available for all excavators, including backhoe loaders. They also come with various types of frames for different needs, such as standard, silent and extra-silent frames.

FRD offers a large range of demolitions tools for construction applications, including primary cutters / crushers, secondary crushers, multi-purpose crushers, rail cutters and scrap shears. The company also supplies a series of sorting grabs and compactors for various applications.

About Furukawa Rockdrill Europe

FRD ensures a top level of performance, durability and reliability in its products. Through years of experience, the company’s designers have developed products that deliver a consistently high level of performance, even after several years of service.

The company’s head office is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and includes offices, a warehouse and an assembly workshop.

All FRD crawler drills come completely manufactured and assembled from one of three FRD factories in Japan.

Hydraulic breakers are partially assembled in Netherlands and hydraulic attachments are sourced from a European partner.