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Complete Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Mining Industry

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Telestack has a range of mobile bulk material handling solutions that offer the customer a complete pit-to-port solution. Our equipment is used by many blue chip customers around the world, to quickly and efficiently move their coal, iron ore, aggregates, etc. from the pit face right through the logistics chain and onto their vessels. Clients include: Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, XStrata, Anglo American, London Mining Company and Norilsk Nickel.

Pit-based mobile link conveyors

Telestack’s mobile links are designed to reduce / eliminate haulage distance and decrease overall operational costs. The mobile links can operate at up to 3,000t per hour (1.6t/m³).

The crawler-tracked mobile links offered by Telestack feature a ‘mining specification’ heavy-duty lattice frame design and pit-based diesel engine / electric-driven conveyors to reduce operational and per-tonne costs. The wheeled grasshopper-type conveyors are also offered by Telestack as an alternative to fully driven mobile crawler-tracked links.

Seven mobile link conveyors feeding an overland conveyor.
Radial stacker stockpiling from mobile link conveyors.
Tracked hopper reclaiming aggregate to overland conveyor.
Tracked mobile truck unloader, loading rail wagons directly from trucks.
Radial hopper feeder loading a barge.
Tracked Hopper Feeder feeding Radial Telescopic stockpiling coal.
Radial telescopic stockpiling coal.
3D layout showing a custom design mobile truck unloading, stockpiling, reclaiming and barge loading facility in Sierra Leone.
All-travel mobile shiploader: in-line, parallel and radial-driven.
Two mobile hopper feeders and two radial telescopic shiploaders loading vessel at up to 1,500t per hour.

Mobile stacking systems for pit operations

Telestack’s mobile stacking systems for pit operations can operate at up to 3,000t per hour (1.6t/m³) with volumes up to 127,644m³ from one position. They allow for full integration into the conveyor system via Ethernet / profibus control ports to ensure ‘seamless’ continuity with the current system. The units can also stockpile ‘automatically’ within a pre-defined area.

The telescopic stockpiling operation gives a 30% increase in material volume compared to conventional conical stockpiling on the same footprint. The mobility and flexibility of the equipment allows for the integration of tracks for easy site movement, depending on an operator’s production requirements, as well as dust containment / suppression and electrical upgrades.

Open pit reclaiming

The mobile reclaiming of pit material allows it to be easily transferred into the primary / secondary / auxiliary process systems, eliminating double handling of the material. Telestack mobile reclaiming systems within the pit ensure the operator can pick-up the material at many different points and transfer it to auxiliary process systems. The mobility options of the Telestack units (tracks / wheels / skid mounted) ensure the operator can utilise this equipment in any area within the pit to feed any of the process conveyor lines.

Rail, truck and barge loading systems

The Telestack range of equipment facilitates a safer loading process, eliminating / reducing the use of wheel loaders, removing reliance on the skill of the operator during the loading process and reducing the potential for damage to the rail wagon or wheel loader.

The Telestack units allow the operator to load rail wagons easily from a fixed position, eliminating the need to move the wagons for the loading process.

Telestack mobile barge-loading systems allow the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the operator. The mobility and flexibility of the equipment allows the same equipment used in stacking, reclaiming and rail / truck loading in the pit to be used for barge loading. This makes the system multi-functional, which greatly reduces capital investment costs

Unloading at inland terminals or sea ports from rail, truck and barge

The unloaders can handle trucks up to 70t at rates up to 1,000t per hour (depending on truck cycles times). These include heavy-duty apron chain belt feeders to handle the surge of material, and options for radial boom conveyors.

Port stacking / reclaiming

Telestack mobile systems offer a cost efficient alternative to or supporting option for stacker / reclaimer systems. For those upgrading their current system from an older stacker / reclaiming system to a new design, the robust design of the Telestack equipment ensures that the operator can maintain their current tonnage per annum. For those developing new greenfield sites, the Telestack equipment is perfect for the initial start-up phase of the project.

The lower capital costs and no civil requirements / limited planning permission are the main advantages of the equipment in comparison to fixed stacker / reclaiming systems.

Barge and vessel loading equipment

Telestack’s range of barge loading equipment reduces / eliminates the need for a mobile harbour crane. The tracked / wheeled mobility of the barge-loading units allows the equipment to operate in harsh or weight-restricted ground conditions. The equipment does not require an established jetty for the loading process, unlike many harbour cranes.

The range of units can be fed directly from trucks, wheel loaders or fixed conveyor systems to the barge.

For larger sea ports, Telestack equipment can load a complete range of vessel sizes, from Coaster vessels up to Baby Capesize vessels, with handling tonnages up to 2,500t per hour from one single system. Using the radial and telescopic technology, the operator has the ultimate flexibility when trimming the hatch, typically loading three hatches from one single feed in-point of a typical Handysize / Handymax vessel.

As with all the Telestack port equipment, dust containment, suppression and spillage are of key consideration, with measures such as dust extraction, telescopic free-fall or cascade chutes available as required.


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