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Drilling Fluid Products and Services

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Tiger Fluids

Tiger Fluids supplies drilling fluid products and engineering services to the mining, water well, coalbed methane and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industries.

We offer a complete range of high-quality products that improves productivity and achieve target-depth completion in a trouble-free manner with a degree of flexibility on our operations.

Tiger Fluids manufactures many of its own products and we are committed to quality. We have a quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) programme in place, which allows us to track each product batch from manufacturing facility to site and ensures consistent product quality and specification.

Tiger Fluids offers a wide range of drilling fluid and related engineering services.
Our research and development department allows us to introduce new products and technologies to the market.
Tiger Fluids’ products are suitable for a variety of industries with drilling applications.
We combine polymers and our bentonite products to create effective drilling fluid systems.
Our products meet the specific requirements of the water well and horizontal directional drilling industries.
Tiger Fluids products at the OK Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea.

We continuously develop new products and introduce new technologies to the market that aim to improve drilling performance.

From a research and development perspective, we are working individually and in partnership with others to bring new technologies to the market that will improve drilling productivity.

Fluid programmes for mining and excavation applications

Tiger Fluids has a team of experienced engineers, who can provide expert advice on usage of our products, as well as solutions to drilling problems such as poor core recovery, low penetration rates, difficult drilling formations and sticky clays.

Fluid programmes can be customised to individual site requirements and customer preferences to provide the most suitable fluid solution.

Tiger Fluids’s products are relevant to all types of exploration drilling, including both reverse circulation (RC) and diamond drilling applications and have been used on a number of the deepest diamond coring projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Polymer-bentonite products

Tiger Fluids offers products that meet the specific requirements of the HDD and water well industries and our team of skilled engineers can handle any drilling problems that our clients may encounter.

Our premium bentonite products are combined with our polymers to formulate effective fluid systems, which enable an efficient rate of penetration and stable boreholes.

About Tiger Fluids

Tiger Fluids was formed in April 2012 from Mud Engineering Company, a company that supplied consultancy services to the drilling fluid industry since 2000. We have since grown into a complete drilling fluid service company with global sales and manufacturing.

Tiger Fluids currently has operations in Indonesia, India, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Australia and Papua New Guinea with our distributors operating in Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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