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Helical Antennas for Mining Environments

TACO Antenna is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of engineered solutions for antenna-based communication in the world.

Our commitment to safety, quality, knowledge and customer service ensures a relevant, ever-changing product line expertly manufactured and proudly sold by a well-trained, empowered staff.

We have the experience and technical expertise to continually advance with our partners the innovation necessary to meet the existing and future demands of the world market. This is most evident in the success of our helical in solving one the medium’s most fundamental transmission problems: Multipath Interference.

BDH2024-ASP bi-directional 2.4 GHz helical antenna with anti-static paint. Available in both right and left turn polarization.
H1024-ASP 2.4 GHz right-hand polarized 13.8 dBic helical antenna with anti-static paint.
H2024-ASP 2.4 GHz high gain 17.4 dBic helical antenna with anti-static paint. Available in both right and left turn polarization.
H2058-ASP 5.8 GHz right-hand polarized 15 dBic helical antenna with anti-static paint.
Our helical antennas are the ideal solution for industrial IOT and mining applications.

Remove linear transmission clutter with TACO helical antennas

Complicated and expensive multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) radio solutions use linear polarised omni-antennas, which cast energy in every direction.

This linear polarised radio frequency (RF) energy then reflects off of all surrounding surfaces and objects creating an echo of signals moving in every direction. These signals arrive in and out of phase at the receiving MIMO radio, which attempts to take all of these echoes and assemble only the intended transmission using complicated software algorithms.

The more cluttered and reflective the environment is, the less effective this solution becomes resulting in lowered transmission fidelity and dramatic reductions in effective transmission distance.

Experience helical antenna circular polarisation

TACO Helical Antennas utilise a type of transmission method we have long perfected for ground-to-space applications called circular polarisation.

Rather than a constant linear transmission, our helical antennas cause RF energy to rotate in a corkscrew fashion through the air.

This rotation can be either right-hand or left-hand circular polarised based on the antenna model selected, and the direction must be the same for both helical antennas for them to hear each other clearly.

Benefits of helical antenna technology

When a circular polarised wave hits a reflective surface or objects the reflected signal rotation flips direction becoming the opposite polarisation to the receiving antenna.  These reflections travel right past the intended receiving antenna unseen leaving your radio with only the clean line of site signal to process.

A cleaner signal allows for higher-order QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) constellations, more data throughput and an order of magnitude increase in transmission distance.

Users now also have the ability to implement high-performance networks in restrictive environments such as mine shafts, elevator shafts, train tunnels, cluttered factories and ventilation shafts.

Traditional linear polarised signals can drop up to 20dB when antennas are not held in the same orientation as each other.  Our helical antennas still have the ability to communicate with linear polarised systems such as handhelds, remaining effective regardless of their antenna orientation.

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  • TACO Helical Antennas

    You need underground wireless coverage, but severe reflection makes connectivity difficult. TACO Helical antennas are the solution. The reflected signal of our circularly polarized helical simply reverses polarization, resulting in less interference and superior multi-path rejection than with conventional linearly polarized antennas. No matter what your mining operation, TACO’s helicals offer reliability and consistency, even under the most difficult conditions.