evergreen seeding

Evergreen Power Seeding offers environmental erosion control and revegetation services with the ability to access all types of terrain, even intensively worked grounds.

The company’s mission statement is to sustain a modern approach to the environmental future. As landscaping consultants and designers who cater to large industry environmental concerns, Evergreen Power Seeding is equipped to manage the most challenging soil erosion and revegetation situations, utilising the industry’s most advanced agronomic technologies.

Environmental erosion management and hydro-mulching

Evergreen has the expertise and equipment to undertake medium to large-sized projects, offering a broad range of services, including:

Evergreen Power Seeding specialises in helping customers achieve the most economical way to keep soil on-site and establish sustainable vegetation quickly.
The hydro-mulching process provides almost immediate fertilisation and re-seeding benefits.
A mulch, seed and fertiliser mixture is applied using a cannon mounted to the hydroseeder, with a reach of up to 40m. The mix is dyed green.
Straw-mulching protects germinating seeds, allowing the ground to revegetate more easily.
Straw-mulching involves applying and securing straw to seeded ground, enabling it to better withstand rain and winds.
Wood fibre-mulch is suitable for unstable areas of anticipated erosion, which can take a basic wood fibre-mulch or a mulch with an emulsion or covering for added protection.
Wood fibre-mulching can be combined with straw-mulching and applied hydraulically for more effective and long-lasting protection.
Flex terra hydro-mulch system is a cost-effective method designed for steep batter stabilisation and revegetation.
Evergreen Power Seeding has the expertise and equipment to undertake medium to large-sized projects and all types of terrain.
  • Environmental erosion and revegetation management
  • Hydro-mulching; wood fibre and flex terra
  • Native flora revegetation
  • Hydro-seeding
  • Dust suppressants
  • Straw-mulching

Hydro-mulching is the hydraulic application of a slurry of seed, fibre, binders, fertiliser and water to the surface of the ground. Within a short time of application, hydro-mulch provides a stable protection against erosion.

Evergreen Power Seeding uses the most modern and reliable machinery available that is capable of handling all types of terrain.

Evergreen Power Seeding provides soil erosion management as its core service offering, but the company also offers a range of complementary services that are integral to successful environmental management, such as:

  • Assessment of soil condition
  • Implementing necessary improvements
  • Selection of plants suitable for the terrain and landscape design, with a preference for using native re-vegetation

Hydro-seeding and re-fertilising

Hydro-seeding and re-fertilising involves the application of seed and fertiliser via a liquid mix that is sprayed at pressure with a 100m handheld high-pressure hose, with a liquid reach of up to 40m. This process can also be used for the guar-based tackifier, hydro-mulch.

Mulch is used to enhance germination and prevent loss of seed due to climatic conditions on slopes; it also has a green dye to enhance its appearance.

Straw-mulching to protect seed germination

Straw-mulching involves the machine application of straw onto seeded areas, together with an emulsion or binder to secure it in place. This enhances and protects the germinating factors of the seeded areas and greatly increases its ability to withstand rain damage.

Wood fibre-mulch for unstable ground erosion

Wood fibre-mulch is applied hydraulically to unstable areas of anticipated erosion, which can be used as a basic treatment of wood fibre-mulch and binder, or combined with seed, fertiliser, emulsion or straw-mulch to obtain grass cover.

The conwed fibre 2000 process is particularly effective on sheer slopes, steep batters and other unstable areas.

Revegetation of all types of seed mixtures

The flex terra hydro-mulch system is designed for steep batter stabilisation and revegetation. Flex terra is a cost-effective method for solving erosion problems. It increases germination and retains moisture, while minimising erosion and helping reduce soil loss and water run-off.

All types of seeding mixtures can be used with the flex terra process.

About Evergreen Power Seeding

Evergreen Power Seeding is a 100% family owned and operated business established in 1983. Together with on-site expertise and dedicated support, the company specialises in helping customers achieve the most economical way to keep soil on-site and to establish sustainable vegetation quickly. The company prides itself on offering a professional and friendly service and upholding the utmost respect for quality.

The company is proud of its long-term contribution to the protection of the environment, and works in accordance with the codes of practice required by government.

Evergreen Power Seeding is National Code ISO9001 compliant.